Ahmad Majid (Assen, NL) ... a star from the east

There is always one star that shines the brightest. They shine harder than all other stars. We introduce to you pigeon fancier Ahmad Majid.

Ahmad Majid on the right, posing with Leo Heremans and his father on the left

Ahmad is a young man who, as a child, moved from Iraq to The Netherlands together with his family. He works as a dentist, and he lives and races pigeons in Assen, in Province 10 in the northeast of The Netherlands. Ahmad quickly developed a passion for racing pigeons, and it showed in his magnificent results: he was the best young birds' fancier in the highly competitive Province 10 in 2016 (as 1st nominated champion and 1st not nominated champion). He has a demanding job, which forces him to keep things simple. He does not use a special diet or supplements, except for redstone, vitaminerals, and food and water. He avoids having to use any medicines. It is due to his demanding job that the young birds are his main priority, with the old birds racing rather sporadically. The location of his loft has always been a considerable disadvantage but that did not keep him from getting fantastic results, with the wind being his only opponent at times. His efforts to try and breed special birds has resulted in a new championship title every single season.

Friendships with renowned fanciers

Ahmad has developed friendships with some renowned players. And they are more than just friends: they have become his mentors and partners. Who would say no to working together with some highly renowned lofts? Among Ahmad's close friends is Leo Heremans; Ahmad has invested in quite a few of Leo's world class breeders. Take for instance BE15-1216121 Double Bolt - click on the link for his pedigree.

NL15-1216121 - super class racing bird inbred to Bolt - 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB young birds Leo Heremans

Ahmad invested in this BE14-6212027 De Vooruit

Ahmad invested for instance in BE14-6212027 De Vooruit, which did really well in Leo Heremans's racing team. This pigeon is a grandchild of Leo's top bird Gilbert. Leo has never made it a secret that De Vooruit has been one of the stronger birds in his loft after he got rid of Bolt. Click here for De Vooruit's pedigree. We were not surprised to see Ahmad being featured in the DVD series "The champions of speed" that was launched earlier this year. Other fanciers that happen to make an appearance on this DVD are the Tienverbond KBDB champions Dirk Van den Bulck, Jos Cools and Gustaaf Boeckmans. Ahmad has in fact collaborated with each of them.

Collaboration with Staff Boeckmans gives top birds to both

Ahmad has been working together with Jos Cools, and the result is that he is now the owner of some super class descendants of Jos's Speedy, as well as a group of youngsters of Che Ami (which were tragically stolen from his loft). Ahmad and Jos continued to collaborate in 2018, to the benefit of both. In addition, Ahmad has been closely working together with Staff Boeckmans last year. Together they came up with four young birds (two birds for each loft), and these gave way to a number of first and second prizes for both teams. They basically combined Staff's KBDB winning bloodlines with the line of Ahmad's renowned racing and breeding bird NL16-1056270. It proved a fantastic combination; this pair bred one of Ahmad's leading racing birds: BE18-6168727 Acy Cruijff. Click here for Acy Cruijff's pedigree.

Ahamd and Staff Boeckmans were involved in a joint breeding, for which Ahmad used his NL16-1056270 Cruijff

BE18-6168727 Acy Cruijff - he is the fantastic result of a collaboration with Staff Boeckmans

Collaboration with Leo Heremans leads to Mother Miracle, a magnificent breeder

BE16-6189205 Moeder Miracle

Ahmad is proud of his collaborations with Jos and Staf, and he is very grateful to them as well. Although his most important collaboration is perhaps the one with Leo Heremans! Together they bred super class breeding hen BE16-6189205 Moeder Miracle. She was born in Leo's loft, and she is a daughter of BE12-6324879 Beste broer Bolt, which was paired to Ahmad Majid's BE14-6055209 Wondergirl. This was a hen that Ahmad had obtained directly from the Stickers/Donkers combination (from BE10-6110932 Wonderboy paired to his own daughter). Leo Heremans has often said that the Stickers/Donkers pigeons are particularly suited for crossbreeding.

Magnificent collaboration with Dirk Van den Bulck, for which Ahmad uses his Moeder Miracle 

Having just bred Moeder Miracle, Ahmad was particularly optimistic about this next joing breeding, which he did with none other than the world famous Dirk van den Bulck. Ahmad had brought his blue coloured hen BE16-6189205 Moeder Miralce to Dirk's breeding loft, and Dirk had picked a very special cock for the occasion: his BE14-6060013. This cock in turn stems from a collaboration between Dirk and his good friend Rudy van Reeth: Dirk had paired his world famous Broer Goede Rode to Rudi's BE10-6126701 Goei Dikke.

The result was a joint effort that involved Ahmad and Leo, Dirk and Rudy and eventually Dirk and Ahmad. And the latter two bred BE17-6216308 The Miracle. Click here for an overview of the breeding strategy that involved all of the above fanciers, and that eventually led to the birth of Miracle. Miracle became 1st Ace Pigeon Tienverbond Quiévrain and Noyon young birds in 2017, as well as 2nd Ace Pigeon Provincial young birds and 7th National Ace Pigeon KBDB. Keep in mind The Miracle was heavily injured after his 1st Open Tienverbond race, which forced him to skip an entire month of racing. Despite not having raced for a full month, he still came in first in the "Tienverbond" competition, which was quite a miracle. His nest brother lives in Ahmad's pigeon loft as well, and he turned out to be quite talented as well: he is 1st co-champion in the club not nominated young birds 2017 and 2nd co-champion club nominated young birds 2017. And he is now quite a successful breeder as well. Click here for the pedigree of Nestbrother Miracle.

BE17-6216307 Nestbrother Miracle, Nest brother of Miracle - 1st Ace Pigeon Tienverbond Quiévrain and Noyon 2017

The BE-17-6216307 Nestbrother Miracle has really stepped up in Ahmad's loft. Here are his best results;

4th Zutphen Rayon 2 North-East The Netherlands 4123 p.
4th Tilburg Rayon 2 North-East The Netherlands  3574 p.
9th Zutphen Rayon 2 North-East The Netherlands  4065 p.

Little Kittel

Pigeons from some of Dirk Van den Bulck's very best bloodlines can be found in Ahmad's lofts today, with for instance four youngsters of BE13-6139803 Kittel, 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2013. One of these youngsters, which Ahmad refers to as his Golden 4, has bred a fantastic bird for Ahmad: NL17-1630077 Little Kittel. Little Kittel took a 7th place in the PIPA Ranking for best young birds sprint in The Netherlands with 4 prizes, based on the following achievements:

1st  Zutphen        95 km of 4123 p.
2nd  Duiven        118 km of 3335 p.
7th  Asse Zellik   280 km of 2539 p.
28th Tilburg       187 km of 3574 p.

NL17-1630077 Little Kittel, 7th PIPA ranking Best young bird sprint in The Netherlands - 4 prizes

A fantastic collection moves to a new location

Ahmad has surrounded himself with a magnificent collection of breeding birds, by working together with some of the world's best fanciers: Dirk Van den Bulck, Staff Boeckmans, Jos Cools and Leo Heremans. These collaborations were founded on TRUST, HONOUR and RESPECT. Ahmad moved to a new loft just a while ago. He has to make fresh start from a new location, and we are curious about this next step in his career. Ahmad has been a prominent name, scoring some great results in province North-East Holland. This in turn led to a number of teletext prizes on a regular basis as well, such as: