Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin, BE) push back his boundaries with references at the national level

His pigeon ''Divock'' (BE13-9010240) is the flag-bearer of his loft. He was himself 4. National Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB and is already grandfather of a 2. National Ace bird GMD KBDB.

Since a few years, Adrien's strategy is built on the idea to sent several youngsters bred from his best breeders in various lofts in Belgium and in The Netherlands with the ambition to get as much references as possible. These young birds are then put roughly to the test in various locations. And Adrien has been lucky enough several consistent references in a very short period of time. The main ones are for example 2. Nat. Acebird GMD KBDB 2019 won by 'Fighter' at André Allemeersch. His mother is a hen born in Adrien's loft. This year, the combination Buck-De Kruijf (NL) won recently the title of 1. Ace bird WHZB young birds 2020 with their 720-20. The father of this pigeon was also bred by Adrien.



- ‘Divock’ (BE13-9010240)

4. National Acebird Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2014
1. Gien Iprov 1.325 p.
3. Gien Iprov 727 p. (after 2 loftmates)
5. Gien Iprov 1.399 p.
12. Gien Iprov 1.383 p.

‘Divock’ is currently the base pigeon of Mirabelle. If you want to get to know better this topper, we have to bring you back to the season 2014. With his nestbrother Zodiac, he booked an exceptional season in the middle distance races. With the help of another top pigeon (Cartouche, who became also a super breeder) they won the title of 1. Nat. Champion Middle Distance Yls KBDB (1+2 nominated) with a very small coefficient.


In the ace bird competition of the KBDB, these 3 birds did also a fantastic job: 1st (‘Zodiac’)-4th (‘Divock’) & 10th (‘Cartouche’). Another important fact is that these 3 pigeons are all grandchildren of the basic hen from Adrien Mirabelle, the super breeding hen ‘Last Hope Smiss’ (BE05-9092078) who is also grandmother of ’Blue Haze’ (about who we will also talk about later in this report).

At the end of the year, only ‘Zodiac’ left his home but his 2 teammates were moved to the breeding loft, a decision that will have a huge impact on the career of their manager. Before he left, Zodiac bred a few late bred and 2 of them actually became 2 proven breeders.

- ‘Shelby’ (BE17-1042101)

50. Issoudun Nat 8.248 p. ‘19
59. Montluçon Nat 9.857 p. ‘19
68. Argenton Nat 8.818 p. ‘18

‘Shelby’ is probably the best children of ‘Divock’ ever bred till now. She managed to win 3x top 70 national in the great middle distance races despite a difficult geographic situation. Her mother is an original Thibaut-Boons here who proved her worth in the breeding loft as well. She is ao. grandmother of ‘Skam’ (14. Limoges nat 15.783 p. & 38. Limoges nat 9.162 p., etc) and of ‘Shogun’ (2x 8. National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB in 2016 & 2017).

- ‘Son Divock 611/13’ (BE13-9097611)
This pigeon is the first child ever bred from ‘Divock’ x his regular hen and is a late bred from 2014 (ringed with an old ring). He saw the light just after his father achieved a wonderful racing season and it seems he was in the form of his life at the time as this ‘Son Divock 611/13’ became also a gifted pigeon. He was sold as a hatched to Kevin Saudoyez where he quickly managed to become a proven breeder, becoming father of ao.:

1. Châteauroux Iprov 2.337 p. ’17 (‘685/16’)
64. Nat. Zone 8.584 p.
232. National 26.695 p.
1. Argenton Iprov 2.022 p. ’18 (‘Magic 449’)
52. Nat. Zone 6.640 p.
179. National 19.859 p.
1. Châteauroux Prov 981 p. ’19 (‘660/18’)
62. Nat. Zone 7.985 p.
169. National 24.617 p.
19. Vierzon Nat. Zone 6.153 p. ’19 (‘Magic 449’)
78. National 20.956 p.
2. Pont regional 987 p. (‘Magic 449’)
3. Pont regional 1.177 p. (‘Magic 449’)

- ‘Daughter Divock 629’ (BE14-1000629)

‘Divock’ was in a real state of grace in 2014 and this ‘Daughter Divock 629’ is another proof to this fact. Right after the season, he was paired up with another hen, this time ‘Last Daughter Xena’ (original Bart Geerinckx). The two babies born from this pair were sold to André Allemeersch who didn’t knew at the time he just put his hands on a fantastic breeding hen. Right from her real breeding season in the lofts of Allemeersch, she became mother of the ‘210/16’ who became 3. Provincial Ace Bird Great Middle Distance YBs KBDB with ao. 71. La Souterraine nat zone 6.702 p. & 106. Argenton nat zone 7.081 p., quickly followed by the ‘813/18’, winner of ao. 33. Montluçon nat 14.104 p. & 52. Argenton nat 22.826 p. but it was nothing in comparison to what was going to happen with one of her son, ‘The Fighter’:

- ‘The Fighter’ (BE16-1008569)

2. National Ace bird Great Middle Distance old birds KBDB 2019
1. Argenton Nat. Zone 5.067 p. ‘19
5. National 15.237 p.
2. Bourges Nat. Zone 1.002 p. ‘18
4. Issoudun Nat. Zone 2.091 p. ‘19
159. National 8.248 p.
26. Vierzon Nat. Zone 7.179 p. ‘19
52. National 20.956 p.
60. Argenton Nat. Zone 3.068 p. ‘17
99. Argenton Nat. 11.823 p. ‘18

Winner of the 2. National Ace Great Middle Distance ob KBDB 2019, this ‘Fighter’ was a 50% Mirabelle pigeon and a grandson of ‘Divock’. For Adrien, this was a huge reference that made him very proud. And it didn’t last so long before another massive reference was added to his name. This time, it came from The Netherlands thanks to the combination Buck-De Kruijf from Woerden who recently managed to win the title of 1. Ace Bird young birds WHZB with the ‘Special Seven Twenty’ whose father is an original Mirabelle pigeon.

- ‘Special Seven Twenty’ (NL20-1525720)

This ‘Special Seven Twenty’ is another proof that ‘good friends makes good pigeons, a quote that was first said by Tom Van Gaver, also successful with the pigeons of Adrien Mirabelle.
Martijn De Kruijf & Adrien Mirabelle met for the first time in Algarve in 2017 when they both attempted to the OLR finals along with Bart Geerinckx, Tom Van Gaver, Bart Gillis, etc. Since then, Algarve has become a yearly trip for those guys. In 2018, Adrien & Martijn agreed that some Belgian pigeons will be raced in Woerden for 2019. A few months later, 4 Mirabelle pigeons moved to The Netherlands and among them was the ‘849/19’ who directly became the best young birds from the dutch combination in 2019 and ended as 31. Best ybs from The Netherlands with 3 prizes in the middle distance (PIPA Ranking). The first child ever born from this ‘849/19’ when paired to an original Verkerk hen is the ‘Special Seven Twenty’, the super pigeon that recently won the title of 1. Ace Bird young birds WHZB with the following results:

3. Acebird Youngsters Afd. 5
13. Quiévrain 3.253 p.
19. Royes 20.199 p.
83. Pont 23.426 p.
149. Péronne 28.284 p.
227. Fontenay 15.396 p.

The mother of the ‘849/19’ is ‘Fluence’, a super breeding hen and direct daughter of ‘Mata Leone’, herself being the best daughter of ‘Blue Haze’, an important breeding hen of the Mirabelle loft who also allowed him to gain some top references in two other top lofts, namely Kevin Saudoyez & Tom Van Gaver. A super racer in the loft of Saudoyez was ‘Hope’ (BE16-1066730) who is an original Mirabelle pigeon (received as an egg) being a grandson of ‘Blue Haze’. He flew at a high level during several seasons winning ao. :

1. Provincial Acebird GMD KBDB 2019
1. Montluçon Iprov 3.196 p. ‘17
4. Bourges Nat. Zone 6.176 p. ‘18
37. National 20.284 p.
5. Vierzon Nat. Zone 6.153 p. ‘19
20. National 20.956 p.
71. Bourges National 7.254 p. ‘19
79. Bourges Nat. Zone 7.364 p. ‘17

Tom Van Gaver

In the winter 2017, Tom Van Gaver received the ‘441/16’ as a gift from Adrien, a direct daughter of ‘Blue Haze’. Both men are good friends and have been successful with pigeons from each other. In 2020, Tom managed to book an entire collection of national ace birds KBDB including two pigeons being 50% Mirabelle pigeons: ‘Adrien’ & ‘Adriana’… there can’t be any doubts with such names.

- ‘Adrien’ (BE18-4070821)

11. National Acebird GMD KBDB 2020
1. Issoudun Nat. Zone 2.860 p. ‘20
(highest speed from 7.487 pigeons in zone A2)
5. Bourges Nat. 5.294 p. ‘20
15. Argenton Nat. 22.826 p. ‘19
114. Vierzon Nat. 11.574 p. ‘19

- ‘Adriana’ (BE20-4037301)

10. National Acebird All-Round Young birds KBDB 2020
5. Vierzon Prov. 6.566 p. ‘20
3. Sermaise Iprov 883 p. ‘20
4. Sermaise Iprov 1.339 p. ‘20
108. Châteauroux II Nat. Zone 7.117 p. ‘20

Indeed, ‘good friends makes good pigeons’.

Moreover, the nestsister of 'Blue Haze' became great-grandmother this year of the 2. Bourges II national against 8.424 yearlings (2. highest speed from 13.718 pigeons) for Christophe Nottebaert.

Jelle Roziers

Last but not least, let’s talk about the references obtained at Jelle Roziers, in the province of Antwerp, often considered as the cradle of the Belgian pigeon sport.

Let’s start with the topper of 2020 at Roziers-Xiang, ‘Lucky Seven’ whose mother is a direct hen from Adrien Mirabelle.

Before he got lost on the tropical Bourges II from 2020, another topper at Roziers-Xiang was ‘Romain 001/19’, a pigeon bred by Adrien and given to Jelle as a young bird for being tested and the least we can say is that he accomplished his mission by winning ao.:

Co-winner 2. National Champion GMD Youngsters KBDB 2019 (2nd nom.)
25. Best young bird from Belgium with 2 prizes on the national races 2019 (PIPA Ranking)
19. Argenton Nat. Zone 4.796 p. ‘19
219. National 23.258 p.
37. Bourges Nat. Zone 7.67 p. ‘19
93. National 28.446 p.
79. Argenton Nat. 26.085 p. ‘20

The father of ‘Romain’ is ‘Legacy’, another super breeder for Mirabelle and nephew of ‘Calvin’ (himself 3. Nat Ace MD KBDB 2016, father ‘849/19’ & grandfather ‘Special Seven Twenty’ for Buck-De Kruijf).

The combination Roziers-Xiang booked a super performance on the last national race from the calendar, Châteauroux III. Against 15.322 youngsters, they won 8-9-28-33-41-…

The first pigeon clocked in Itegem is another pigeon bred by Adrien Mirabelle, the ‘933/20’ and winner of the 8. Châteauroux national from 15.322 pigeons.

This ‘933/20’ is a daughter of ‘Lewis’ (himself 5. Nat Ace MD KBDB 2016 & nestmate ‘Calvin’, grandfather 1. Ace Bird WHZB 2020) when paired to ‘Daughter Zodiac 314’, ‘Zodiac’ being no less than the nestmate of ‘Divock’.

Important to mention as well that ‘Lewis’ & ‘Calvin’ are two great grandsons of the basic hen ‘Last Hope Smiss’, also grandmother of ‘Zodiac’ & ‘Divock’.

Partnership with Big Andy

In 2021, Adrien will race in partnership with Andy Larentzakis (Big Andy). Adrien got to know Andy through his trips to the USA with Jelle Roziers. He crashed several times at Andy's place in Florida and both men became good friends. Andy was seeking a partner in Belgium, that's why the collaboration between the two friends became a logical decision. In the close future, Andy and Adrien will proceed to several crossings with their own best material. Moreover, they will try to send more and more pigeons to several one loft races over the world.

Ambitions for the future

Adrien would like to race more and more the whole national calendar, including a few international races. And of course, he would like to approach as much as possible the 1st place of the national level. Despite his very good results and his top references in various other lofts, Adrien never did better than a 10th national. Well actually, he should have won it but his pigeons was only controlled 17 minutes after his arrival and he went out of the national top 10.

In 2019, Adrien ended as 19th in the General National Championship of the KBDB without having raced the whole calendar: he didn't enter his birds to several great middle distance races and his youngsters were only entered to 2 national races, so the half of the races scheduled on the calendar. His ambition for the future is also to shine on this championship.

Of course, Adrien also wants to keep on working in partnership with several other lofts. He always thought that it's when your birds are achieving top results in other lofts that you can be sure you are working with a top breeding team. He is always very satisfied when he receives the news that his friends achieved good results with his strain. Then, he can really enjoy his passion.