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Ad Fortuin (Strijen, NL) secures his 5th National victory with the 1st National Pau (also 1st International), all within a span of 6 years

After securing the 1. Nat. Agen in '18 and the 1. Nat. St. Vincent in '19. Ad clinched both the 1. Nat. Perpignan and the 1. Nat. SII Narbonne consecutively in '22. Now in '23, he's done it again with the 1. Nat. Pau, bringing his tally to 5 Nat. victories in a span of 6 years.

When Ad decided to fully focus on marathon flights in 2012, success quickly followed with achievements such as 8th National Narbonne '13, 9th National Perpignan '13, 4th National St. Vincent SII '15, and 8th National Agen SII '15. Much of these early successes were due to the influence of his good friend and international top fancier, Hugo Batenburg. 80% of Ad's pigeons are bred at the breeding loft of Batenburg-Van de Merwe. Additionally, Ad himself maintains a small breeding loft measuring 2.5 by 1 meter, housing 6 breeding pairs. These 12 pigeons all originate from 1st International and/or National winners, with most descending from Willeke (1st Int. St. Vincent '19 10,597 birds) and Miss New Laureaat (1st Nat. Agen '98 4,776 birds). Particularly when paired with several top cocks from Hugo, the offspring of Willeke and Miss New Laureaat produced a whole series of top pigeons such as Maradona, Ad, Faas, Fleur, Venus, Isha, Talent, Louw Little Mamba, Raiman, etc., all top flyers born in 2020, 2021, and 2022. As mentioned, over the last 6 years, alongside a series of top results, an impressive 5 National victories were achieved, which you can see listed below:

Nat. Agen '18 911 km 4.776 yl.: 1-17-32-41-55-102-146-169-189-201 etc.
(also fastest out of 10,530 p)
Nat. St. Vincent '19 999 km 2.696 p.: 1-37-101-etc.
(also 1st Int. 10.597 p)
Nat. Perpignan '22 1.021 km 3.805 p.: 1-3-12-17-29-59-61-91-112-212-etc.
(also 2nd Int. 12.094 p)
Nat. Narbonne SII '22 962 km 1.908 p.: 1-44-62-etc.
(also 3rd Nat. 6.260 yl and 3rd Int. 12.281 p)
Nat. Pau '23 1.004 km 3.934 d.: 1-49-277-296-437-etc.
(also 1st Int. 12.582 p)

Here is an introduction to some of the top performers from recent years who played a significant role in all these successes:

NL21-1178402 Loyd Laureaat, 1st National Pau '23

Last year, Loyd Laureaat clinched the 1st National Pau (3,993 birds), which also secured the 1st International out of an impressive 12,631 pigeons. In addition to this remarkable 1st National victory, Loyd Laureaat demonstrated exceptional top-class performance as a yearling:

1st Nat. Pau '23 3.993 p. (also 1e Int. 12.631 p)
3rd Nat. Bergerac SII '22 5.655 p. (also 27th Nat. 25.618 p)
159th Nat. Agen yl '22 6.174 p.

Loyd Laureaat is a grandson of Loyd (1st International Barcelona '18, 15,707 birds) x Dena (daughter of Sumerain Fighter, 1st International Barcelona '17) on the paternal side. Loyd Laureaat's mother is a daughter of New Laureaat (1st International Barcelona '12).

NL21-1178424 Yfke, 1st National SII Narbonne '22

Looking at the pedigree of Yfke, it's no surprise that she wins the 1st National SII Narbonne '22 as she has a pedigree to die for. Yfke's father is Son Special One. Special One won the 1st National Barcelona among 19,083 pigeons. Moreover, Special One is also the father of, among others, the 2nd International Narbonne '17, 3rd National Barcelona '19, 12th National Barcelona '20, and 25th National Perpignan '18. Yfke's mother is Daughter of New Laureaat, and New Laureaat won the 1st International Barcelona '12. New Laureaat is also the (grand)father of, among others, the 1st National Agen '18, 3rd National Perpignan '16, 2nd National Perpignan '17, 8th National Narbonne '16, 15th National Agen '16, and 17th National Agen '17. Yfke herself achieved the following in just 2 years:

1st Nat. SII Narbonne '22 1.908 p.
3st Nat. Narbonne '22 6.260 p.
3rd Int. YL Narbonne '22
49th Nat. Pau '23 3.934 p.
52nd Int. h Pau '23

NL20-1481150 Faas, 13th Nat. Marseille '22

On the Marseille race, which was a tough edition, Faas won the 13th National in '22. Faas arrived, after a release at 07:00 AM, with a speed of 1,072 meters per minute on the same day at 09:52:00 PM at the lofts in Strijen. Only 37 pigeons managed to reach the threshold of 1,000 meters per minute. In the same year '22, Faas also played the 738th National against 4,891 pigeons. Last year, he was once again at the top with the 287th National Barcelona out of 4,832 pigeons. Faas is a full brother of Ad (NL20-1481285) who won the 1st National (also 2nd International) Perpignan in '22, but also of Fleur (74th National Marseille '22).

NL20-1481282 Maradona, 3rd International Ace Pigeon Perpignan 2022-2023

With Maradona, we've reached one of the most remarkable pigeons among the marathon pigeons in the Netherlands. Remarkable because, like Maradona, he had little interest in daily training, and after a hawk attack in April 2023, he hardly ever goes outside. Remarkable also because he possesses extraordinary qualities both as a breeder and as a racing pigeon. Maradona is a son of the two super breeders Mamba x Willeke's Laureaat. Maradona's most notable achievements are:

3rd Int. Ace Pigeon Perpignan 2022-2023
6th Nat. SII St. Vincent '23
18th Nat. St. Vincent '23
29th Nat. Perpignan '22
37th Nat. Tarbes '22
127th Nat. Perpignan '23
333rd Nat. Agen '21
590th Int. Narbonne '21
759th Nat. Barcelona '23

NL21-1178481 Venus, 5th Int. Ace Pigeon yearlings '22

The hen Venus achieved remarkable results as a yearling in '22, winning the 15th National Agen and the 123rd National Narbonne. With these two outstanding performances, she became the 5th International Ace Pigeon among yearlings. Also in '23, she continued her success with the 281st National Perpignan. Venus is a half-sister of the previously mentioned Maradona. Mamba was paired with Little Inbred KJ (Kleine Jade, Jelle Jellema) at that time. Additionally, we see the phenomenon New Laureaat both on the paternal and maternal sides.

NL19-1651295 Mamba x NL19-1651313 Willeke's Laureaat

NL19-1651295 Mamba, father of a.o. Maradona
NL19-1651313 Willeke's Laureaat, Mother of a.o. Maradona

As you've read above, both top breeders Mamba and Willeke's Laureaat are the parents of Maradona. Mamba is a son of two National winners, namely the 1st International Barcelona '18 and the 1st National Agen '18. Willeke's Laureaat also has two International/National winners as parents, namely New Laureaat, 1st International Barcelona '12, and Willeke, 1st International St. Vincent '19. Mamba and Willeke's Laureaat have since become parents of several top pigeons in their own loft, but we also see their offspring achieving top results in One Loft Races (OLR):

Maradona (Mamba x Willeke's Laureaat) with a.o.:
3rd Int. Ace Pigeon Perpignan 2022-2023
6th Nat. SII St. Vincent '23
18th Nat. St. Vincent '23
29th Nat. Perpignan '22
37th Nat. Tarbes '22
127th Nat. Perpignan '23
Venus (Mamba x Little Inbred KJ) with a.o.:
5th Int. Ace Pigeon yl '22
15th National Agen '22
123rd National Narbonne '22
281st National Perpignan '23
Fortune NL22-641 (Mamba x BE20-649 PIPA Breeding):
2nd Hotspot 3.069 p. OLR Victoria Falls
Fortune NL23-104 (Mamba x Willeke's Laureaat):
1st Final 650 km OLR Ribera del Orbigo

Brillaint results in OLR

In addition to the aforementioned top performers Mamba and Willeke's Laureaat, you've already seen two children, both successful in One Loft Races (OLR). However, these are by no means the only achievements attained in this field in recent years. To conclude this report, below you'll find a selection of top rankings (all in 2023) achieved by Ad in OLR:

  • In the OLR Ribera Del Orbigo, NL23-9300998 (Fortune 998) secured the 19th position in the Final race (500 km), finishing as the 2nd Ace Pigeon.
  • In the 3rd Hotspot of Victoria Falls, NL22-8443641, Fortune 641 (half-sister of Maradona), won the 3rd prize against 3,069 pigeons over a distance of 318 km.
  • In the final race (605 km) of the OLR Afrika Pro, NL23-9317702 Fortune 702 won the 15th prize                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • On the OLR Ribera Del Orbigo, NL23-9301104, Fortune 104 (full brother of Maradona), won the 1st prize in the Extra Final race (650 km) on a tough flight
  •  On Monday, February 26th, the NL23-9299071, Fortune 071, secured the 4th place in Hotspot 1 (survival race) between Gran Canaria and Tenerife