61.300 EURO for 13 pigeons from Jelle Jellema.

The auction weekend ended on June 7 with one auction, the auction of Jelle Jellema (NL).

Jelle Jellema (NL) - 13 pigeons – 4.715 EURO / pigeon

On the first Sunday where the weather is changeable, Jelle may have remembered the Barcelona edition of July 5, 2019. Even then we were dealing with rain and a Jellema who did it solo. On that day his Romy won 3rd National and braved the rain curtain that hung for Nijverdal, among others.

Today the auction also ended with 13 pigeons from the class pigeons of Jelle. Young pigeons from, among others, Romy, Jill & Silke. The latter is a daughter of MG430 and was paired to a son of MG430. Silke already won a 3rd International Narbonne herself. Her daughter was today sold as the most expensive pigeon in this auction for 8.400 EURO. Her new owner is from Belgium.

The other 12 pigeons were sold to the following countries: the Netherlands (5), Belgium (4), Great Britain (2) and Japan (1). The pigeons raised a total of 61.300 EURO. A wonderful result!