The History of the Belgium Racing Pigeon : Ernest Duray - Eaussines, established first Belgian record !

On the 3rd of December 1933, Ernest DURAY, an industrialist from Ecaussines, and the greatest racing pigeon champion of them all since the 1914-18 war, sold all of his pigeons (65) at the South Palace, on Maurice Lemonierlaan in Brussels.

3 times 1st prize National PAU - 1930 - 1931 - 1933
2 times 1st prize NATIONAL DAX - 1925 - 1926 - 2nd in 1929

They brought 124,142 Belgian Francs, all costs included. For that amount in those days, one could buy ten houses or at least five manor houses in Brussels with three floors. (In today's money somewhere in the vicinity of $ 1,000,000 !) It was the highest amount ever paid up until 1933.
The biggest successes were achieved after DURAY met Dr. BRICOUX. In the clubhouse "UNION ET PROGRES", the latter told DURAY over a bottle of beer, why and how hè obtained his success. The next day all DURAY's pigeons were on widowhood.

The creation of DURAY's pigeons
Before and after the war of 1914-18, DURAY was owner of high class pigeons.
When Dr. Bricoux slipped in almost unseen and suprised everyone, DURAY went to Jolimont immediately and bought a number of young birds. At that time hè just bought pigeons; Dr. Bricoux never mentioned his system.
After Dr. Bricoux hè went to Paul Sion, the great French champion, where hè obtained pure Arthur Marchal, Liège and Nestor Tremmery, Oudenburg pigeons.
At that time Sion was crossing with pigeons from Charles Vander Espt, Oostende, but DURAY dit not get any of these.
DURAY created his own strain from the following :
A. DURAY pigeons from before 1914.
D. NESTOR TREMMERY (Vande Velde X Bricoux X Caramin).
The glorieus page of ERNEST DURAY - after 1920
1925 DAX National, 1575 birds: 1st and 3rd etc.
1926 LIMOGES National Derby, 3000 birds : 1st.
DAX National, 1302 birds : 1st - 6th - lOth etc.
1929 DAX National, 502 birds : 2nd etc.
1930 PAU National, 1082 birds : 4th etc.
1931 PAU National, 1196 birds : 1st - 17th etc.
BARCELONA National, 5000 birds : 5th - 22nd etc.
1932 PAU National, 2995 birds : 19th - 25th etc.
PAU National, 3341 birds : 1st - 15th - 20th - 28th etc.
1933 BORDEAUX National, 2336 birds : 1st etc.
Between 1925 and 1933 DURAY entered 105 pigeons in long distance races and won 82 prizes including :
3 times 1st National Pau;
1st National Limoges;
1st National Bordeaux.
At the summit of his fame, Ernest DURAY sold all his cracks, as mentioned earlier.