2020 - the season in which Albert and Francine Derwa-Luxem exceed their own expectations

“Incredible.” That is how Albert Derwa summarised his 2019 season. We are now in the early 2020 season and Albert is still trying to compute the achievements of his racing birds last year. He reckoned it would be impossible to do better in 2020.

But it seems like history proves otherwise. Here are a few headlines from earlier articles about Albert and Francine's successful combination over the last decade:

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It goes to show that the team from Herent is racing at a very high level season after season. And what they did in 2020 is something no one thought possible: they raised the bar even higher.They made the impossible possible. The lead roles in this success story go to two superstars: Davinia and Robby, mentored by Albert Derwa.

Davinia (BE18-2093024)

Davinia is one of Belgium's strongest longer middle distance racing birds of her generation. She is holding a first place in the national championships today, and with good reason, thanks to the following results:

  • 58th nat. Bourges 23,195 p.
  • 66th nat. Chateauroux 20,800 p.
  • 6th nat. Issoudun 10,603 p.
  • 4th nat. La Souterraine 9,469 p.
Davinia, currently in pole position to be crowned 1st ace pigeon

Davinia was basketed six times this season, resulting in five prizes per 100 and a prize per 20. In addition to the aforementioned achievements, she also claimed a 3rd Melun of 9009 p. and a 603rd Nat. Argenton of 16,762 p. She was National Ace Pigeon De Hoop-De Gouden Veer Rummen in 2019, with the lowest coefficient across all categories. You can tell that this is an extremely talented bird. She is a granddaughter of De Geeloger of Koen Minderhout and Harry of Jan Hooymans.

Robby (BE18-2088799)

The second pacemaker for team Derwa-Luxm is the equally talented Robby. He was not bred in-house, he comes from a voucher of Soetewye & son from Tremelo. Robby needs a bit of time to get warmed up but he is impossible to hold back. He won an impressive 8 prizes per 100 in 2019. He has been basketed for three national races so far this season, in which he did quite well:

  • 15th nat. Argenton 16,762 p.
  • 63rd nat. Issoudun 10,603 p.
  • 2nd nat. La Souterraine 9,469 p.
Could Robby claim another national victory for Albert and Francine?

As a one year old, Robby claimed a title of 1st Ace Pigeon All-Round KBDB Flemish Brabant. And he finished in second place in the Gouden Veer Rummen ace pigeon competition, right behind the inevitable Davinia.

Albert and Francine can look back on a particularly successful first part of the season, scoring five national top results. Davinia is currently in the lead in the national championship longer middle distance, with a 0.6663 coefficient. And Robby has two more races to go to write history. The combination holds a comfortable lead in the championship 1+2 Longer Middle Distance, with a 2.5432 coefficient. In Formula 1 terms, they would have a lead of several seconds over the second in the startgrid.

We ended one of our previous reports about Derwa-Luxem with a proverb: "All roads lead to Rome, but Albert and Francine always seem to find the shortest route." Their 2020 season not only leads to Rome, it also leads to Flanders Expo in the Belgian city of Ghent, where the National Days take place on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of November.