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2020, a season to remember for the colony Depasse-Lardenoye (Wagnelée, BE)

Barcelona & Perpignan are the two races on which you can expect to see this combination doing some magic. The covid season has not been an exception but this combination also achieved something special on a race where they were not expected...

The season 2020 has been stamped by the corona virus, it was short but intense and the pigeons were really put to the test in various situations. The marathon pigeons especially had an uncommon program: their season started late but was directly launched as they had to fill the kilometers gap quickly. Once they could be entered to their main races, whole Europe was hit by tropical weather which led them to struggle with some difficult flying circumstances. When you take a look at a few results, you can notice quickly which lofts have been the most prominent and the Depasse-Lardenoye combination is amongst them. The pigeons of this team seem to be particularly comfortable in such flying conditions, when the speed goes around 1.000 m/min and when the flying hours start to accumulate. If you want to judge it by yourself, just take a look at the performances of this loft in races such as Barcelona, Aurillac and Perpignan, probably the three most difficult races of the 2020 season. On these three races, you could find the first pigeons of this combination ahead of the results on the national level but what is even more remarkable is that they start to clock a whole series of arrivals in Wagnelée while the pigeons kept coming home one by one in most of the others areas of Belgium.

31/07 Barcelona nat (1.060 km) - 6.178 p.:
31-82-96-148-157-297-360-444-446-489-597-... (20/29 per 4 incl 11x per 10)
08/08 Aurillac nat (642 km) - 2.849 old birds:
2-29-74-137-148-153-246-... (10/16 per 4 incl 7x per 10)
08/08 Aurillac nat (642 km) - 3.004 yls:
15-18-... (3/5 per 4 incl 2x per 100)
08/08 Perpignan nat (818 km) - 2.643 p.:
9-13-16-21-24-114-232-... (12/20 per 4 incl 7x per 10)

Our feeling is that the Depasse-Lardenoye pigeons are on top of their game when the temperatures are rising above 30 degrees and when there is a large number of kilometers to fly under such circumstances.
We believe strongly in this statement and it is even confirmed by the performances of various other lofts on these same races thanks to the impulse of the Depasse-Lardenoye pigeons! Indeed, the 2020 season was the perfect occasion for Stéphane, Alex & Jo to obtain some wonderful references:

1st Aurillac national 2.849 p. - the great-grand-father is an original Depasse (Joel Alexandre)
1st Agen ZLU 5.578 p. - bred by Depasse-Lardenoye (Marc Gielen)
2nd Barcelona national 6.178 p. - 100% Depasse-Lardenoye (Patrick L'hoest)
9th Agen ZLU 5.578 p. - bred by Depasse-Lardenoye (Marc Gielen)
13th Barcelona national 6.178 p. - 50% Depasse-Lardenoye (Bastogne-Henry)
32th Perpignan national 2.643 p. - direct Depasse-Lardenoye (Hugo Casaert)
54th Narbonne national P-B - 50% Depasse-Lardenoye (Marc Gielen)
61th Perpignan national P-B - 50% Depasse-Lardenoye (Marc Gielen)
78th Barcelona national 6.178 p. - 50% Depasse-Lardenoye (Bastogne-Henry)

Of course, you don’t start to book such kind of performances from one day to another. One has to know that this combination is probably one of the best performing lofts from Europe on a race such as Barcelona, a race on which the daily management of this team is built upon, which is probably the reason why they were only put out 3 times from the national top 100 since 2005. Only a few lofts can say that... We are dealing with a loft that was built by itself without any help from outside, which is quite remarkable nowadays. Stéphane had enough time to let his pigeon fancier skills talk and he was smart enough to fix the super genes of his strain to reap the rewards. The old strain (with ao. Frazette, Di Stefano, Espoir, Amby, etc) is now represented by the main pigeons of nowadays such as Dark Barca (father ao. 9. Barcelona nat. 7.874 p. & 13. Perpignan nat. 2.643 p.), Françine (7. Barcelona nat. 7.301 p. & 17. International 15.981 p. in 2019), Amby (9. Barcelona nat. 7.874 p. & 40. International 17.026 p. in 2017), Miss Perpignan (4. Perpignan nat. 4.191 p. & 7. International 12.689 p. in 2016) and more recently Luchi (2. Aurillac nat. 2.849 p. in 2020). They took the habit to move the pigeons who flew the top on the national level directly to the breeding loft. Finally, the recipe is quite simple and already made its proof in countless lofts around the world. The Depasse-Lardenoye combination understood it quite a long time ago and they are not going to change their philosophy!

Dark Barca, half-brother 4. & 9. Barcelona national & father 9. Barcelona nat & 13. Perpignan nat