2014 was another great season for Bert Van den Berghe (Wortegem, BE)

Bert Van den Berghe had his national breakthrough in 2013, winning the title of 2nd nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance with Gloria and claiming a national victory from Agen with Fyther. Bert sold his old birds after this impressive season but that did not keep him from having an equally brilliant 2014 season, with his Prinses Gloria taking a national first prize from Guéret!

It appears the Van den Berghe pigeon family is set for the future, as Prinses Gloria managed to add another national victory to his palmares after an already outstanding 2013 season. We can tell that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this loft: Prinses Gloria is a daughter of Gloria, 2nd nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance 2013. Click here to reread the story behind his national victory from Guéret in 2014.

A Gaby Vandenabeele fan

It is no secret that Bert Van den Berghe is quite a Vandenabeele enthusiast. You can tell from his best yearlings of 2014 that he has no reason to doubt the value of the Vandenabeele breed. Bert combines his direct Vandenabeele birds with some of the best of F&J Vandenheede, Rudi De Saer, Geert Vanrenterghem, Etienne Meirlaen, Jan Hooymans, Team Freddy De Jaeger, Johan & Gaby Demeulemeester, etc.

BE13-4186032 - 7th Nat. Limoges

The '032' is a grandson of Vandenabeele’s Bliksem. The sire of the ‘032’ is 'Returned Bliksem', a top class breeder and grandfather of Baert-Debusschere’s 1st nat. Tulle 2014. He is also related to the line of Lucky 85 (1st nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance 2006) from his mother’s side. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-4186032.

The 032 has won several more prizes in 2014:

Limoges Nat    7 - 6,907 yearlings
Bourges Nat  418 - 24,019 yearlings
Poitiers Nat 516 - 14.049 yearlings
Arras Club     6 - 119 yearlings
Clermont Club 12 - 191 yearlings

BE13-4186067 - 82 Nat. Limoges

The sire of '067' is De Verdwaalden, in turn a grandson of Bliksem. He is also related to Bliksem from his mother’s side, combined with the Zorro line of Norman. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-4186067.


Both the sire and the dam of '043' are grandchildren of Bliksem. You can tell from his pedigree that the 043 is an inbred pigeon both to Bliksem and Wittenbuik, two of Vandenabeele's world class breeding birds. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-4186043.

This is the palmares of the 043:

Poitiers Nat    77 - 14,094 yearlings
Brive NatZ      43 - 1,660 yearlings
Vierzon Prov   139 - 3,848 yearlings
Angerville Club 14 - 320 yearlings
Fontenay Club    5 - 109 yearlings

Click here for an overview of 2014.

National top results of 2012-2014

 1st National Guéret 9,815 yearlings
 1st National Agen 5,507 old birds
 2nd National Libourne 6,658 old birds
 3rd National Libourne 7,957 yearlings
 3rd National Poitiers 13,135 yearlings
 4th National Libourne 7,957 yearlings
 4th National Limoges 14,271 old birds
 7th National Limoges 6,907 yearlings
 8th National Châteauroux 15,902 yearlings
 8th National Limoges 14,271 old birds
11th National Limoges 6,907 yearlings
14th National Châteauroux 15,902 old birds
15th National Bourges 31,719 young birds

Click here for a complete list of achievements from 2012 to now.

Bert Van den Berghe and his loft manager Wim Dewitte have managed to create a nationally renowned pigeon loft in a short period of time. We think they will be able to stay at the top for quite some time, given the level of quality in this pigeon loft!