Chris & Denise Sutton - Markfield

Our Leicester Federation winner from Fraserbourgh, 347 miles, had
previously shown her true potential by winning two first prizes from
two separate Wakefield club races plus second from Wetherby, as a young
bird. She had also taken federation cards and tenth East Midlands Amalgamation
in the young bird championship race from Berwick. She was then put
into the old bird race team and raced on widowhood this season where
she has scored second club (beaten by loftmate), 12th Coalville Federation
and 14th East Midlands Amalgamation from Scotch Corner in preparation
for the Scottish races.
We have named her “Endowment” because she is a gift of
great benefit from our good friend Frank Bristow of Horbling. She is
bred from a Willy Thas hen paired to the nest mate of Franks 2005 R.P.R.A
East Midlands sprint award winner. Now known as Twinkle, she had won
five first prizes as a yearling including Perth and Berwick and was
bred and gifted to Frank by Micky Betts of Scawsby.
Twinkle is daughter of Little Star and granddaughter of Susie. Susie
is also mother of Prince Willy, winner of the mighty Midlands National
Flying Club and responsible for four R.P.R.A award winners.
We have also been lucky enough to be given another young bird direct
out of Twinkle this season, which shows the true generosity and kindness
of Frank Bristow. They say the best birds you can get are gift birds
and this certainly rings true.