Video: Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal) - More than 60,000 pigeons have being released!

More than 60,000 pigeons have being released in Vila Nova de Gaia, from Oporto district Portugal.

The Oporto Association released more than 60,000 pigeons on 03.20.2011 (Day of the Association) in Silves - ALGOZ - Algarve. Every year at this time the greatest and biggest release of racing pigeons in the world takes place, in which thousands of pigeons are participating. More than 60,000 athletes in the air flying to the District of Oporto. This was a race that integrates the Official Calendar of Sports Campaign 2011.


was a drop that went very well.
congratulations to the organization of the Associação Columbófila do Porto

This movie reveals the strength of the Portuguese Pigeons Sport and how tuff is our competition over here.
I live 30 km on the north of the Lisbon Province and when I was waiting for my own pigeons of one MD race from Talavera - Spain (370 km) organized by the Lisbon province, I see many of these pigeons passing over here, precisely on the middle of their race.

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congratulations is a real show with all these pigeons

un vero spettacolo!

Felecitations pour Mon president José Braga .