Yelena has proved an invaluable breeding dam for Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle, BE)

Breeding hen Yelena has proved to be a truly invaluable pigeon in Etienne Meirlaen's breeding loft, and she played a key role in his recent successes. She is the dam and grandmother of national and international first prize winners, national ace pigeons KBDB, and winners of (inter)national top 100 prizes!

A successful career in pigeon racing does not come out of the blue. It takes a solid foundation to achieve great results in national and international races season after season - a foundation of highly talented or very successful pigeons. A good quality long distance pigeon has few weaknesses. Supple and slender muscles and a solid and fat plumage (soft plumes) are essential characteristics. A pigeon that combines these features with a strong character is likely to be a top quality bird.

We found several of these pigeons in the loft of long distance champion Etienne Meirlaen. His pigeon loft has been highly successful over the past ten years, even though he sold his entire collection of three years old pigeons and older in late 2012, including first national ace pigeons KBDB, national winners, as well as their parents. The auction did not really appear to influence his level of performance, which proves that his breed has a solid basis. This is a pigeon breed that brings consistent performance and that continues to get stronger and stronger. This is once again confirmed by their impressive results in the 2014 racing season.

An overwhelming 2014 season

2014 was without doubt a splendid season for Etienne Meirlaen: he won a number of prestigious titles both at provincial and national level, including 1st prov. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB and 3rd nat. champion long distance KBDB. He has also claimed a double national victory from Pau and a provincial first prize from Agen (and a 3rd national), and he had three pigeons in the national ace pigeon championship KBDB. 

The pigeon family of Meirlaen has been one of the leading lofts in the international long distance competition for quite some time now. He has managed over the years to create a solid pigeon breed that has helped to bring many other lofts worldwide to a higher level. The renowned Yelena bloodline plays a central role here, not at least in Etienne's own loft. We take a look at the highlights of 2014, a lot of which can be attributed to the line of Yelena:

1st + 2nd National Pau 2014
1st Provincial + 3rd National Agen yearlings 2014 (daughter Montali, granddaughter Yelena)
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB East Fl. 2014

3rd National champion long distance old birds KBDB 2014
4th Provincial champion long distance KBDB East Fl. with 1st and 2nd nom

4th National Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB 2014
6th National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance yearlings KBDB 2014 (daughter Yelena)
9th National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance yearlings KBDB 2014 (daughter Monar, granddaughter Yelena)

These results were achieved in 2014 only, and only in Etienne's own loft. Descendants of direct Meirlaen pigeons have won several more top results in other lofts worldwide.

Breeding hen Yelena plays a central role

It would be difficult to understate the influence of the invaluable Yelena and her descendants on the successful 2010-2014 period.

She is currently one of the best, if not the best breeding hen in the long distance and the extreme long distance worldwide! This bloodline provides most of today's champions for Etienne Meirlaen. This is a dominant bloodline that has been bringing equally dominant prize winners in the long and extreme long distance, both at national and international level.

We would like to present you our brochure that goes into detail about the exceptonal Yelena and her renowned descendants.

Click here for the brochure: Yelena and her renowned descendants