Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) wins 1st national Limoges with a grandson of Jordy!

Limoges, the first national long distance race of the season, was quite a challenging one. It was a tough but honest race, thanks to the bright summer weather and a strong headwind.

This was not a race for the faint hearted but rather for powerful pigeons. The first nominated of Wilson Dekens was able to pull off an impressive performance, taking the win against 18,407 old birds. The national winner was clocked at 17:34’33”, after completing 626.130km with a velocity of 1118.99 m/min. This gave Wilson the national victory, with the big favourite Rudi Desaer having to settle for second. Hubert Debaene finished in third.

Wilson Dekens; a great winner

Last weekend’s race was another great success for the long standing pigeon breed of Wilson Dekens in the Heulestraat in Zingem, which is home to not one but two nationally acclaimed pigeon lofts. As you know, the pigeon family of the successful Vandenheede brothers is located in the Heulestraat as well. Both lofts are battling for the win every weekend.

The pigeon breed of Wilson and his wife Lydie has been in the spotlight for quite a few seasons now. Their New Ace won the title of First National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2012 and their pigeon Monti won two first provincial prizes from Montélimar and Souillac last year. Both these races took place in tough racing conditions, with speeds of 1200 m/min or less, and this shows that the pigeons of Wilson Dekens are indeed powerful racing birds with great strength. These pigeons are capable of winning top prizes at a regular basis.

Wilson and Lydie have won several important prizes in recent seasons but they are both very modest about their achievements and they are very kind people as well. They work hard to make every race a success, because they know that their efforts will eventually pay off. They did not become successful fanciers overnight; this is the result of strict selection, a clear vision and honest hard work. We would like to refer to a report that was published two years ago, in which we discussed the ins and outs of the Wilson Dekens pigeon family (you can find the report here - in Dutch). Wilson is still fond of his approach so there was no need to change things around. Never change a winning team.

Besides his national win, he achieved a great overall result from Limoges as well, which means that his long distance team is all ready to make the next few weeks a great success. However, they will have to do without team leader Jordy Limoges, who is no longer part of the racing team after his national win.

Limoges Club    269 olds: 1-11-13-20-21-32-39-41-49-74-76 (11/19)
        Prov  4,267 olds: 1-57… (top 100-to be confirmed)
        Nat  18,407 olds: 1… (probably 12 prize with 13/19)

Another descendant of the Jordy bloodline

The national winner has now been renamed Jordy Limoges, and for good reason: he is another direct descendant of the increasingly valuable Jordy bloodline, being a grandson of the amazing breeder Jordy. Jordy was not only a magnificent racing pigeon; he proved an invaluable addition to the breeding loft as well. He demonstrated his breeding potential in recent seasons, by breeding a number of true top class pigeons for Wilson Dekens, which are among Belgium’s very best long distance racing birds. As a racing bird, Jordy won the title of 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008. His grandson New Ace did even better, winning the title of First Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2012. His grandson Jordy Limoges took the national win from Limoges last weekend. It is thanks to these achievements that the Jordy bloodline is gradually gaining an international reputation!

-Jordy Limoges BE12-4191454

’14 Limoges    Nat  18,407 p. 1
’14 Vierzon    Club    668 p. 40
’13 Libourne   Nat   6,134 p. 20
’13 Narbonne I.Nat   7,859 p. 382
’13 Poitiers   Club    491 p. 62
               Nat  13,135 p. 1120

Sire: Son Jordy BE10-4030339
A direct son of Jordy, and a half brother of the dam of New Ace. jordy was sold on PIPA a while ago. Shortly before the auction, Wilson had bred another round of descendants, including this Son Jordy.

Dam: Blauw Bafort BE11-4225314
A direct Luc Bafort from Temse. She is a daughter of Rode Barcelona BE02-4185847 (winner of a 103rd Nat. Barcelona in ‘04) x Kathy BE07-4361036, a direct Chris Hebberecht and a daughter of Pokemon (1st Prov. 3,433 p., and 12th Nat. Brive 22,026 p.).
Click here for the full pedigree

This pigeon is particularly suited for the more demanding races. Wilson does not really spare his one year olds but rather expects them to show their potential at an early age. His national winner Jordy Limoges was basketed for a hot and tough race from Libourne as a yearling, before being basketed for Narbonne three weeks later as well. This shows that the pigeons of Wilson Dekens can take a beating and they can clearly cope with their training regime as well.

It goes without saying that Wilson and Lydie are one of the rising stars in recent years and this magnificent national win might finally give them the international recognition they deserve. Many congratulations!


Beste Wilson en Lydie

Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie nationale overwinning.
Geniet van deze nieuwe prachtprestatie!!!

John en Kathleen Meurysse - Stam

Geweldige prestatie, gefeliciteerd, jammer dat de stamboom zo slecht te lezen is op Pipa,

Proficiat !

Wilson & Lydie - bedanken de vele mensen met de felicitaties die we gekregen hebben!!!

Ad, je kunt met het "+"teken het beeld vergroten!

Wilson en Lydie

Van harte proficiat met deze prestatie. Met dit weer nationaal zegevieren is enkele gegeven aan de allerbesten! Geniet ervan en nog veel succes op de komende fondvlchten!

Sportieve groeten

De Vroe - Van Gaver - Vandeputte pigeons
Johan, Tom en Rudi

Félicitations Mr Wilson

Félicitations Wilson et Lydie

et bonne saison 2014.

Salutations Colombophiles.


Wilson Dekens a great winner