The success story of Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle, BE) is based on a solid foundation

Etienne Meirlaen had another great season in 2015 with 9 first prizes in the national long distance and a second place in the General Championship Entente Belge and in the Long Distance Championship Cureghem Centre. It was quite a successful racing season indeed.

Etienne Meirlaen is a true champion in the long distance and the extreme long distance. He has been one of the main contenders in the international long distance competition with a pigeon breed that has proven its worth in many other lofts as well.
In 2014 Etienne became 3rd Nat. Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB and he also claimed a double national victory from Pau, a provincial first prize from Agen, and he had three pigeons in the national ace pigeon championships KBDB. 2015 was an equally impressive season, with no less than 28 pigeons in the national or international top 100, including most notably:

3rd Nat St.Vincent 3,037 p.
5th Nat Jarnac Old 3,879 p.
6th Nat Agen       3,524 p.
7th Intnat Agen    6,042 p.
8th Nat Jarnac YL  4,559 p.

He was close to another national first prize quite a few times this season.
Click here for his top results of 2015 in the (inter)national top 150.

Also on his palmares are a 1st Intnat. Narbonne old birds 2011, a 1st Nat. Cahors 2012, a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2008 and 2009, General Champion Belgian Entente 2011. It is safe to say that Etienne Meirlaen is a prominent name in the history of pigeon racing in Belgium. The grandmaster in the national and international competition has really created a super class pigeon breed. His top class breeding hen Yelena (which has the rare LDHA genotype A/A gen) is at the basis of many top results in recent seasons. Many other fanciers have won top prizes at national and international level by introducing the invaluable Meirlaen bloodlines as well.
We take a look at some of the most prominent titles won by the fancier from Deurle:

1st Champion Marathon old birds Long Distance Club Eeklo 2015
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance old birds Long Distance Club Eeklo 2015
2nd General Champion Belgian Entente 2015
2nd Champion Long Distance Cureghem Centre 2015
2nd Steeple Cup 2015
2nd Champion Long Distance AJD Beide Vlaanderen 2015
4th Jan Breydelmarathon 2015
4th Long Distance Old Birds FVOV 2015
5th Criterium der Azen Belgische Verstandhouding 2015
5th Champions League old birds 2015
5th Champion FVOV olds & yearlings 2015
6th All-round Champion Belgian Entente 2015

Top class hen Yelena and her son Montali

DNA tests have shown that this outstanding breed hen carries the highly unique LDHA genotype A/A gen (the A variant has been found in a number of ace pigeons and top class champions worldwide). In other words, her breeding value was demonstrated by science. Some might be hesitant to believe this but she does have exceptional breeding value:

She is the dam of:

 1st Intnat Narbonne 2011 – 12,605 p.
 1st Nat Narbonne    2011 -  6,428 p. 
 4th Nat Montauban   2011 –  9,091 p.
 5th Nat Montauban   2010 –  6,654 p.
 7th Nat Montauban   2014 –  5,935 p.
10th Nat Montauban   2012 –  6,822 p.
11th Nat Narbonne    2010 –  6,330 p.  
12th Nat Montauban   2010 –  6,654 p.
13th Intnat Narbonne 2010 – 13,335 p.  
14th Nat Agen/Bordeaux 2014 – 3,180 YL
46th Intnat Agen/Bord. 2014 – 8,845 YL
52nd Nat Montauban   2011 –  9,091 p.
70th Nat Limoges     2009 –  7,586 YL
73rd Nat Montauban   2011 –  9,091 p.
83rd Nat Cahors      2012 –  8,348 p.
96th Nat Poitiers    2014 – 14,094 YL

She is the grandmother of:

 3rd Nationaal Agen 2014 – 3,180 YL 
11th Intnat Agen    2014 – 8,845 YL
13th Nat Narbonne   2014 – 2,835 YL  
34th Int Narbonne   2014 – 8,360 YL  
81st Nat Narbonne   2014 – 2,835 YL  
92nd Nat Narbonne   2014 – 2,835 YL

It seems like Yelena has found someone to follow in her footsteps with her son Montali.

- Montali BE08-4298110

Winner of:

 4th  Nat Montauban 2011 –  9,091 p.
12th  Nat Montauban 2010 –  6,654 p.
314th Nat. Tarbes   2010 –  4,576 p.
331st Nat Libourne  2009 –  8,729 p.
363rd Zone Limoges  2009 –  7,586 p.
846th Nat Limoges   2009 – 16,893 p.

He is the sire of:

 3rd Nat. Agen     2014 -  3,180 yl
11th Intnat Agen   2014 -  8,845 yl
92nd Nat. Narbonne 2014 -  2,835 yl

And grandfather of:

9th Nat Cahors S2  2015 –  5,279 p.

This is an impressive achievement!

A talented new generation

A brand new generation of talented two and three year old pigeons is now ready to achieve great results for Meirlaen in 2016. In 2015 an impressive 9 first prizes were won at club level in the competitive Long Distance Club Eeklo in the national and international races, and these obviously resulted in top prizes at national and international level as well. The stars of this racing team were Marco (1st Nat. Pau 2014) and Cor As (2nd Nat. Pau 2014, 52nd Nat. Pau 2015) and a few other promising young birds, including:

Monar's Pride: 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2014 and a direct daughter of Monar (1st Intnat. Narbonne 2011)

- Monar’s Pride BE13-4077055

10th  Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB 2014
13th  Nat Narbonne  2,802 p. ’14
34th  Int Narbonne  8,360 p. ’14
67th  Nat Montauban 3,990 p. ’15
212th Nat Agen      3,180 p. ’14
429th Int Agen      8,845 p. ’14
418th Nat Cahors    6,576 p. ’15

A direct daughter of Monar (1st Intnat. Narbonne 2011 and a son of Yelena), and granddaughter of Perpignan Lady (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2009). See pedigree.

Next Ace: 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2014

- Next Ace BE13-4257803

 4th  Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB ’14 
13th  Nat Brive       3,850 p. ’14  (1st Club 181 p.)
30th  Nat Limoges II  6,907 p. ’14
94th  Zone Limoges I  6,266 p. ’15
231st Nat Limoges I  15,009 p. ’15

This is a highly talented pigeon with an impressive pedigree. He is a grandson of both ‘612 Brother Marseille’ (sire of ’t Fenomeen: best pigeon of Belgium over 5 national races 2010), and Cor (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB ’08) x Granddaughter Perpignanlady (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB ’09) an Odylon (Best Barcelona pigeon BBC over 3 races from Barcelona - Solange De Cuyper).
See pedigree.

- Son Montauban 151 BE13-4077151

30. Nat Limoges II  8.303 d. ’15 (1. Lok 486 d.)
34. Zone Brive      3.703 d. ’15
136 Nat Brive       8.674 d. ’15
327 Nat Limoges II  6.907 d. ’14
303 Prov Vierzon    6.298 d. ’15
894 Zone Limoges I  6.266 d. ’15

A grandson of two phenomenal stock pigeons of Meirlaen; the ‘Yelena’ and ‘612 Brother Marseille’, crossed with the line of Harry of Jan Hooymans.
Click here for his pedigree.

-Yearling Jarnac BE14-4243981

 8th Nat Jarnac YL    4,559 p. ’15
172nd Zone Bourges I  4,930 p. ’15
524th Nat Argenton I 19,925 p. ’15

Yearling Jarnac is a very promising one year old, and a grandson of ’t Fenomeen, Monar (son Yelena) and Sister Yelena. He is one of the core members of the Etienne Meirlaen breed. 
Click here for his pedigree.

-Donker 186 BE12-4278186

 5th  Nat Jarnac    3,879 p. ’15 (2nd Prov 623 p.)
57th  Nat Montauban 5,935 p. ’14
83rd  Nat Souillac  3,641 p. ’13
152nd Int Agen      6,042 p. ’15

This is a cock bred from a grandson x granddaughter of Starlight (1st Prov. and 2nd Intnat. Tarbes), which stock breeders Cor, Perpignan Lady and Marseille are related to as well. This is an impressive pedigree, which can be found here.

As you can see, the national winners, national ace pigeons and top class stock breeders can be found in every pedigree, which illustrates the impressive breeding potential of the modern-day Meirlaen pigeon. If you would like to know more about the Meirlaen pigeon breed, go and take a look on their brand new website, which has been online since late February.

A bright future

The town of Deurle became famous for its talented painters of the Belgian Latemse School movement. Etienne Meirlaen further added to the appeal of this town, as an international champion in pigeon racing. He sold his pigeon collection in the end of 2012, and he is now facing a new challenge, trying to match his results from 2006-2012. His palmares of 2014 and 2015 shows that he is in the right direction; will he reach his goals in 2016?

Results of 2015

13/6 Cahors Club 247 p. 6-13-24-28-36-38-42-50-61-66-79 (11/19)
19/6 Pau    Club 108 p. 10-11-25-26-30-35-39-42 (8/10)
         Nat   1,980 p. 44-52-201-264-300-410-474 (7/10)
20/6 Limoges II  486 p. 1-22-35-55-56-58-65… (16/36)
                 269 YL 11-41-58-59 (4/5)
26/6 Agen         84 p. 1-5-11-15-17 (5/8)
         Nat   3,524 p. 6-56-122-232-235 (5/8)
27/6 Montélimar   23 p. 1-4 (2/2)
         Nat   3,624 p. 120-606 (2/2)
02/7 Barcelona   236 p. 3-7-11-14-15-17-32-35-36-39-40-42-43-44-53-65 (16/24)
         Nat   7,791 p. 33-92-187-226-230-303-826-958-968… (15/24)
05/7 Montauban   124 YL 3-4-5-7-9-15-19-29-30… (16/33)
         Nat   2,124 YL 28-50-51-54-57-106-162-232-233-252-270… (19/33)
09/7 St.Vincent  138 p. 1-8-10-11-19-35-45 (7/12)
         Nat   3,037 p. 3-114-132-139-394-732 (6/12)
11/7 Brive       496 p. 5-7-17-36-45-108-119-134-165 (9/23)
                 429 YL 4-12-19-40-42-51-52-54-56-63… (14/25)
17/7 Jarnac      137 p. 1-18-23-38 (4/6)
         Nat   3,879 p. 5-434-558-882 (4/6)
                 166 YL 1-11-16-31-44-46 (6/13)
         Nat   4,559 YL 8-291-409-680-919-981 (6/13)
24/7 Narbonne     86 p. 1-2-3-6-8-10-13-17-20 (9/14)
         Nat   4,047 p. 183-188-201-246-317-344-370-492-552 (9/14)
                 129 YL 1-3-5-7-8-13-15-17-20-22-23-25-27-28… (20/43)
         Nat   3,366 YL 56-84-109-149-158-227-306-344-388-451-452-498… (17/43)
24/7 Tulle       379 YL 33-35 (2/2)
30/7 Perpignan   158 p. 1-6-7-10-12-14-20-25-39-40-51-52 (12/17)
         Nat   5,254 p. 24-102-105-157-176-187-270-453-836-906 (10/17)
02/8 Libourne    260 p. 18-30-47-50-52-70-81-85-86 (9/16)


Van harte proficiat toegewenst aan het ganse Team Meirlaen!
Dat 2015 een voorgerecht mag wezen en 2016 als een "Grand CRU" jaar mag worden afgevlagd!
Ook bij ons begint de inbreng van de Meirlaen duiven, voor een positieve wending te zorgen wat duidelijk weergeeft dat de vererving ook buiten Deurle van zich laat spreken.

Impressive results Mr Meirlaen, congratulations.

You have a wonderful family foundation that will do well for many generations.

Kind Regards