Stock breeder Nick adds spice to the season of Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) with several provincial ace pigeons

Chris Debacker and Nick are two names that have been closely related to each other in recent years. Stock breeder Nick features numerous times in the pedigrees of several provincial ace pigeons and even that of a national winner this season.

Chris Debacker wins quite a few provincial ace pigeons in West Flanders this season

Nick, the key to success for many seasons

Many fanciers spend their entire career looking for that one breeder that can get a pigeon breed to the next level. Chris Debacker was able to put an end to his search some years ago with the discovery of stock breeder Nick, a great-grandchild of super class pigeon Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele. Nick is now the sire, grandfather and great-grandfather of the following provincial ace pigeons and first prize winners in major races:

BE09-3088279 Staf:  3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon
BE06-3145176 Prof: 10th Provincial Ace Pigeon

BE13-3074374 Warre:     1st Provincial Châteauroux 3,274 p.
BE10-3029550 Tilly:     2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon
BE10-3029547 Trollie:   2nd and 13th Provincial Ace Pigeon
BE11-3073269 Ultra Boy: 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon 
                        (with a 1st Zone Poitiers 3,122 p. (2nd Nat. 13,813 p.))
BE12-3098401 Valentina: 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon

BE12-3098345 Vilano:  1st Zone Tulle 2,209 p. (22e Nat. 6,972 p.)
BE11-3073264 Ursinus: 1st Zone La Souterraine 1,971 p. (4e Nat. 9,548 p.)

Click here for an overview of all the top class pigeons that Nick and his descendants bred over the years.

A giant in the breeding loft: Chris of Chris Debacker

Nick's descendants in 2016 in Beveren-Leie: provincial ace pigeons and prize winners

Breeding bird Nick showed yet again why he is the undisputed stock breeder of the pigeon family from Beveren-Leie. Besides two provincial ace pigeon titles with Belinda and Bernard, his descendants won a number of provicial top prizes as well.

Belinda, 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YBs

You can tell from her full palmares that BE16-3041216 Belinda had a great 2016 season. The highlight of the season was without doubt the title of 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young Birds, which she won with a 10.83 coefficient and the following prizes:

16/07/2016  Blois              Provincial  194th  5,364 p.
13/08/2016  Argenton II        Provincial   61st  4,595 p.
03/09/2016  La Souterraine II  Provincial  226th  3,876 p.
10/09/2016  Châteauroux III    Zone          3rd  5,090 p.

Belinda's sire is Valbert, winner of four first and six second prizes. He was bred from Ubert x Teefje. Ubert is four-time first prize winner, and he is the sire of Vasco (1st Prov. Chateaudun). Teefje is a granddaughter of stock pair Nick x Natacha. The dam of Belinda is Angelina, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, and her parents are Goliath x Prima Donna. Goliath had already bred Fyther (1st Nat. Agen), and he is a full brother of a 2nd prize winner in the final of the Million Dollar Pigeon Race, as well as a half brother of a 1st Prov. Tours. Prima Donna is in turn a full sister of New Bliksem (1st Nat. Tulle). As you can tell, Belinda originates from the Vandenabeele bloodlines through both her parents, as Nick is also related to Vandenabeele's Bliksem. The full pedigree of Belinda can be found here.

Bernard, 8th Prov. Ace Pigeon Allround YBs

Chris's second provincial ace pigeon this season is the chequered cock BE16-3041115 Bernard - click here for his full palmares of 2016. These are his most prominent results:

26/06/2016  Clermont  Club  4th  597 p.
23/07/2016  Clermont  Club  8th  184 p.
27/08/2016  Pontoise  Club  8th  334 p.
03/09/2016  Brionne   Club  3rd  269 p.

Bernard originates from a grandson of Nick x Miranda (Rino Verheye) from his father's side. Miranda is a full sister of Falcao, 10th Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle distance 2015. The dam of Bernard is Zerpe, a direct R&J Vervaeke. Her dam is a sister of a 2nd Nat. Chateauroux of 25,263 pigeons, and their sire is in turn BE06-3016298, a nest brother of a 1st Nat. Guéret. In other words, she has quite a number of renowned pigeons in her palmares. Click here for the full pedigree of Bernard.

Provincial prize winners Babette, Barby and Alexia

Racing hen BE16-3041176 Babette got herself noticed when she was still a young bird. Her best results of 2016 are a 10th Provincial Bourges 3,957 p. and a 12th Provincial Argenton 4,595 p. She is related to nothing but talented racing birds from her father's side: her sire Ulban is a full brother of Christa (4th Nat. Ace Pigeon), her grandfather Stijn is a son of Netje (1st Prov. Ace Pigeon), and her grandmother Olympia (a direct Rik Cools from the line of Vandenabeele's Bliksem) is a daughter of Darling (1st Nat. Bourges & 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon 2004). The dam of Babette is Una, which is a grandchild of stock pair Nick x Natacha from her father's side. The dam of Una is a sister of Netje (1st Prov. Ace Pigeon), which we mentioned earlier on. The full pedigree can be found here.

BE16-3041215 Barby is a youngster of Staf, 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon and a son of stock breeder Nick. She won several top prizes at club level but her most important result is a 3rd Prov. Pontoise against 17,902 pigeons.

Another successful racing bird is BE15-3123680 Alexia. She had a solid 2015 season with a 20th Nat. Issoudun and a 60th Nat. La Souterraine, and she continued to deliver in 2015 with a few top results at club level and a 19th Prov. Tours 4,939 p.

Nick's descendants in other lofts in 2016: ace pigeons and (near) national winner(s)

Nick's descendants managed to achieve brilliant results in several races and ace pigeon championships in other lofts as well:

Great-grandchild Nick: Sero Sero, 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance 2015 and 1st Nat. Argenton '16

Ace Pigeon titles with other bloodlines as well

The Nick bloodline has given an exceptional number of references. A few other bloodlines of team Debacker have managed to manifest themselves as well:

Jip, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings 2016 from the line of Apollo Rik of Chris Debacker

Ace Pigeons falling from the sky

The pigeons of Debacker have won an impressive number of top results over the years, mainly in Belgium for now. It is stock breeder Nick who is mainly responsible for the many top results, and for an impressive number of ace pigeons. It almost looks as if every egg that he fertilizes will develop into a provincial ace pigeon one day. We would not be surprised to see many of stock breeder Nick's descendants win races and ace pigeon titles again in 2017.

On the right we have the young birds' loft, home to several provincial ace pigeon titles every season

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