Roger Pierre (Pecrot, BE) has one of the best all-round colonies of Belgium

Numerous first prizes, numerous titles in provincial championships and dozens of national top 100 prizes: it has become a habit for Roger & David Pierre.

Roger, David, his son & Patrick Draye...

This colony consists of Roger (62) & David (38) and it has existed for almost 35 years. Back then it was of course Roger who was the pigeon fancier; his son joined him later on to strenghten the team, as he is mostly taking care of the administrative tasks. The sprint competition was the main objective for this kind fancier who works in the heating industry.

It was at a time when thousands of pigeons were flying around in the Belgian skies each weekend. Nowadays, things have changed and it is almost 15 years ago when this colony became successful in the longer distances to become actually one of the best all round lofts of Belgium, covering distances from 100 to 1,000 kilometres, from April to September. The loft from Pecrot is composed of some specific compartments depending on the distances. There is for example a special compartment for the sprint races with ten widowers, another special loft for the hens that are raced on nest position from Barcelona (around twenty), while the rest of the team is housed per team for the middle distance, the long distance & the extreme long distance. The loft consists of 55 widowers (all distances), 20 hens raced in classic widowhood and 30 breeding pairs (with 22 of them housed in individual boxes) that breed almost 200 youngsters on a yearly basis. The youngsters are separated as follows: 60 from the first round are darkened and raced on the national races, almost fourty from the second round are raced without a system for the sprint races and the third and fourth round are only trained (no fixed number). 

A strong reinforcement

Roger particularly wants to emphasize the efforts made by Patrick Draye in the general caretaking of the pigeons. After his total auction back in 2009 Patrick, who lived only five minutes away from Pecrot at that time, quickly came by to assist Roger and to help him manage his colony. Patrick brought his view, his drive and his experience to the loft and the pigeons were taken to a higher level in no time. Patrick has been living in Liedekerke (Flemish Brabant) since last year and that is why he has been less involved. However, he is still passing by regularly to couple the breeding pairs and he still knows every pigeon of the family, whether a racer or a breeder. Roger wanted to thank him in this article.

An exceptional 2012 season!

It's the least we can say about this loft when we take a look at the impressive list of achievements this year. Week after week the racers from the loft have been achieving some excellent performances, leaving their opponents behind. At interprovincial level the results are even more impressive. Judge for yourself:

1st Argenton       - 3,104 yearlings
1st Bourges        - 1,379 olds     
1st Châteauroux    - 3,022 yearlings
1st Guéret         - 1,411 youngsters              
1st Bourges        - 1,969 youngsters
1st Orléans        -   754 yearlings  
1st Limoges        - 1,374 olds
1st Toury          -   703 yearlings       
1st Cahors         -   899 olds
1st La Souterraine -   718 youngsters

A total of no less than 10 first interprovincial prizes were won on distances from 360 to 750 kilometres in all racing categories (olds, yearlings & youngsters). This should give you a better idea of the quality and the 'All Round' character of this loft. The attentive reader has probably noticed that the combination from Pecrot has won the victory at interprovincial level on 3 out of 4 national races in the young birds' category: Bourges, La Souterraine and Guéret. In fact two of the three victories were won by the same hen, which is an extraordinary flying machine that will also be raced in 2013!

- 'Lukéa' (BE12-1500073)

01/07 Trelou              -    218 p. : 40
04/07 Macquenoise         -    240 p. : 15
08/07 Nanteuil            -    119 p. : 9
22/07 Trelou              -    107 p. : 1
25/07 Laon                -    389 p. : 8
29/07 Nanteuil            -    375 p. : 47
01/08 Soissons            -    247 p. : 58
04/08 Toury               -    467 p. : 6
11/08 Argenton Iprov      -  2.041 p. : 16
      National Zone       -  6.630 p. : 83
18/08 Toury               -  1.368 p. : 7
25/08 La Souterraine prov -   718  p. : 1
      National            - 19.155 p. : 282 
01/09 Melun               -    606 p. : 6
08/09 Guéret Iprov        -  1.411 p. : 1
      National            - 16.988 p. : 58

Click here if you want to check the performance list of 'Lukéa'.

Sire: 'Romulus' (BE09-2100512), a direct Deno-Herbots, son of 'Clyde' x 'Christianne', two excellents breeders from the Deno-Herbots loft. Both of them have bred excellents breeders with for instance 'Lola', winner of the 1st national Argenton 21.092 p. in '09. Meanwhile 'Christianne' is already grandmother of the 1st national Argenton of 5,883 p.  
It wasn't the first time that 'Romulus' bred a super racing descendant as he was already a confirmed breeder. (see pedigree)
Dam: 'Kleine Léa' (BE08-2059429),  again a direct Deno-Herbots hen, daughter of the couple 'Schone Gaby' x 'Léa'. The 'Schone Gaby' is an inbred pigeon of 'Wittenbuik' as he was bred from a son x granddaughter coupling from the 'Wittenbuik'. 'Léa' is in turn a full daughter of the legendary 'Bliksem'! In fact, the very best of Vandenabeele that was purchased by the duo Deno-Herbots is doing great in other lofts as well... good blood doesn't lie!
Click here if you want to check the pedigree of 'Lukéa'.

A short (painful) story about 'Lukéa': she could have won the title of first National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB! In fact for the national ace pigeon championship middle distance for the youngbirds there is no distinction between the small and the heavy middle distance. There is only one problem: in her district the KBDB did not find it necessary to include the race from Guéret (which is traditionally scheduled during the first weekend of September, while the last race counting for the national championship is scheduled for the last weekend of august). Of course, the Pierre family knew that in advance so they did not make a fuss about it.
By the way, 'Lukéa' achieved a first Interprovincial against 1.411 pigeons from Guéret, which was her fifth prize per 100 in the middle distance that season!

We wanted to focus on that same bloodline so we also give you the performance list of the best yearling in the loft, a supercrack who also managed to win two interprovincial victories this year, twice against more than 3,000 pigeons!

- 'Ulyss' (BE11-1507768)

21/04 Vervins           -    162 p. : 6
29/04 Momignies         -    158 p. : 3
01/05 Macquenoise       -    136 p. : 4
13/05 Nanteuil          -    163 p. : 14
26/05 Toury             -    284 p. : 6
      Interprov         -  1,079 p. : 27
02/06 Toury             -  1,022 p. : 51
09/06 Châteauroux Iprov -  3,002 p. : 1
30/06 Argenton Iprov    -  3,447 p. : 1
      National          - 22,384 p. : 19
15/07 Bourges prov      -  1,358 p. : 84
29/07 Bourges prov      -  1,379 p. : 228

Click here if you want to check the performance list of 'Ulyss'.

Sire: 'Rémus' (BE 10-2121697), a full brother of 'Romulus', the sire of 'Lukéa' (see above).
Dam: 'Telma' (BE 10-2169900), a direct hen from the loft of Hazaert K. and a full daughter of his golden pair formed by the 'Van Avondt' x 'Vierzon I'. They are parents of a lot of superb racers in the Hazaert loft. By the way, 'Vierzon I' was a super racing hen with for instance Vierzon 6/7.296 p., Châteauroux 5/5.457 p., Soissons 1/369 p., Collégien 1/156 & 1/207 p.
Click here if you want to check the pedigree of 'Ulyss'.

From 100 to 1.000 kilometres

We insisted a lot on the following: the Pierre family likes to race every weekend to see their pigeons arrive home throughout the day. It usually begins at 9 o'clock in the morning with the sprint races and the day often ends around 22h00 with the long distance competitions. In 2009 the colony was even crowned as 3rd National Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB as they had won a dozen of first prizes in the sprint races. And a few years earlier 'Giuly' won the 10th national Barcelona against 11,865 pigeons. Since 2009 the loft has been less successful in the long distance competitions. The reason is probably because they have lost three of their best long distance pigeons in the beginning of the 2010 season. Those were the same pigeons that managed to win the third place at the national championship one year earlier. And we all know that it takes time to build a decent long distance racing team. So everybody will understand why they have not been among the best in races of over 800 kilometres races in recent seasons. However, a few pigeons are now near their best level and the owner is confident that all other fanciers will have to keep an eye on his pigeon family in the international races in 2013. We hope for a great 2013!

Prizes won in the championships in previous years

-1st National Ace Pigeon “Gouden Veer” yb 2011 & 2012
-1st General Champion KBDB Brabant Wallon 2003-2005-2009-2010-2011-2012
-1st General Champion Centre – Est (CFW) 2011
-1st General Champion EPR Hainault+Br.Wallon 2012
-1st Ace pigeon middle distance yb LCB 2012
-2nd General Champion Interprovincial Wallon 2012
-2nd General Champion LCB 2012
-3rd General Champion Extrem Long Distance KBDB 2009
-5th National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2010
-5th Belgian Ace Pigeon Olympiad Nitra Cat F 2013
-6th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance yb KBDB 2012
-6th General Champion MSN Duivensport 2012
-11th National Champion Yearlings KBDB Yearlings 2010

Roger, David, Patrick, congratulations for all these years of racing at top level!