Remy Vantorre (Virelles, BE) wins 1st national Brive against 8,673 old birds!

His national winner was also the quickest of 17,722 pigeons basketed for Brive. It is the second national victory for this fancier after his victory from Tarbes in 2011.

Rémy and his national winner.

After he had seen the speeds reached in the national race from Châteauroux a few hours before, Rémy knew from experience that the speed of the first pigeons from Brive would be between 1.300 and 1.400 m/min as the warm temperatures and the cumulation of the flying hours would delay the first arrivals. Being outside to check a potential arrival, he wasn't caught unprepared when his national winner arrived home, which also proved to be the first pigeon announced in Belgium. He then had to wait a long time before his victory was confirmed, as Rémy's pigeons have one of the shortest distances to cover. This means it was still possible that a loft with a longer distance would beat him. Still, it was his dark chequered cock that eventually took home the national victory. Clocked at 16h17''08 after a trip of 582 kilometers, the winner achieved an average speed of 1.318 m/min. At national level, he beat a pigeon of his neighbour Marcel Dujardin (Petigny - 1.307 m/min), as well as a pigeon from Cédric Delbushaye (Petit-Rechain - 1.300 m/min).

Second national victory

Rémy (75 years) already tasted the joy of a national victory in 2011. He is now enjoying his second national win with a lot of calm and serenity. Born and raised in the flemish area of Kortrijk, he decided 15 years ago to move to the area of Chimay, in the south of the French speaking part of Belgium. After he got retired, his wife and him decided to come and live in this beautiful area. His loft was built together with his house, to make sure he could continue keeping pigeons. In addition to his two national victories, both won in his new house from Virelles, Rémy also won the Euro Diamond Pigeons in 2011, the title of the best pigeon from the Rhône Valley 2009-2010 as well as several national top 100 positions won in the long distance race, the competition he is specialised in. He also won the cup of the king in 1999 when he was still living in the flemish area. The pigeon that won this prestigious title, 'Piet de Koning', eventually became the stock pigeon of his current pigeon breed, and the two national winners he bred are both coming from this line. Rémy is not a beginner and his second national victory is the proof that he is running an excellent long distance loft.

The preparation for the team of widowers is really classic at Rémy Vantorre. They are coupled on boxing day and they can raise a youngster. They are separated before the hen can lay a second round of eggs. They are then coupled again in March and they can brood for a few days before they are separated once again. The season starts shortly afterwards. The old cocks are basketed for a sprint race in April before being basketed for one or two small middle distance races. Then they fly the interprovincial race from Chalons and they are ready for their first long distance national race. This year, the season begun with Valence, then Montélimar and Montauban on the schedule. Rémy always goes to the club with a very small basket. The yearlings got a lighter program: they compete in several middle distance races before being basketed for Limoges or Jarnac. Narbonne is also an option. Once the season is finished, Rémy make a hard selection, taking into account their shape after their arrival, their overall resistance and of course the results. A simple method that allowed him to book two national victories! 

The Brive (BE11-9009838)

1.  Brive nat      8.673 p. '15
1.  Nanteuil         106 p. '12
1.  Lorris            41 p. '12
17. Nanteuil         224 p. '14
21. Montluçon        239 p. '14
26. Châteauroux      245 p. '13
35. Libourne iprov 1.183 p. '14
    136. National  4.589 p.
71. Montluçon        222 p. '15
528. Brive iprov   2.376 p. '13

The winner on top of his plate, which has probably motivated him.

Father: 'Barcelona' (BE04-9073984) - 4x Barcelona & 94th nat Barcelona 11.484 p.
GF: BE03-3053170 - direct Georges Bolle
GM: BE03-3053173 - directe Georges Bolle
Mother: BE05-9062468
GF: 'Piet de Koning' (BE96-4433950), basic pigeon from the Vantorre loft, he won the Cup of the King in 1999 on Limoges. He is also grandfather of the 'Tarbes', 1st nat Tarbes 4.877 p. '11 (2nd international 10.695 p.)
GM: BE04-9053986 - direct Georges Bolle

Rémy, Rosa, congratulations for this new national victory and good luck for Marseille!