Luc De Roeck (Manage, BE) - Undisputed leader in Zone C !

It's been a while since the colony of Manage became a famous name in the Belgian pigeon sport. After two months of racing, the 2012 season is already very successful!

After having worked for many years as a butcher in a commercial business, Luc is now retired and he can spend all his time on his favourite hobby: the pigeon sport.

Luc in front of his most prestigious trophees

It has been more or less twenty years since he set his sights on the national races but he still loves to enter his birds for the middle distance races and even in the sprint races. He is now managing a powerful loft whose pigeons are able to win top prizes from all distances, from 100 to 1,000 kilometers. Even better, as a smart pigeon fancier, he is now developing his own breed of pigeons, constituted from the birds he has selected during his pigeon career. It's been a long time since he purchased any pigeons to strengthen his loft and despite this, the level of his results is still improving. His breeding pairs are drawn from the descendants of his stock couple formed by Le Daems x La Vanenoo. This breeding pair bred produced Kiley (1st national Montélimar), L'As du Rhône (Ace of the Rhône Line CFW + 4th national Marseille) but the most important successes were mainly won by their descendants in the second, third and even fourth generations! Crossed with his older pigeons (mainly built with the birds of the late Raymond Cobut and the Van Neste) and on superb pigeons like his old Cahors, this line has improved year on year, like a good old bottle of Bordeaux wine!

Thanks to the descendants of these pigeons, Luc can now claim that he has one of the most prestigious loft of the East Zone (Zone C). But since he's too modest to say so, we will take care of it for him. This is for good reason as after 8 national races in 2012 (this report was written on the 25th of june), here is the list of prizes won in Manage at the national & regional level:

26/05 Bourges - 6.289 olds : 4, 7, 77, 161, 181, 203, ... 11/14
02/06 Châteauroux : 1, .... (confirmed by the classificator)
02/06 Limoges - 3.838 olds : 1, 13, 15, 138, ... 7/10
09/06 Montélimar - 4.092 olds : 2, 107, 348, 369, ... 5/12 
09/06 Montélimar - 6.718 olds : 4, 163, 563, 592, ... 5/10
23/06 Pau - 1.989 olds : 4 & 1/2
23/06 Pau - 8.395 olds : 11 & 1/2

Luc had a sensational Saturday during the first weekend of June 2012, as he won two regional victories within a few hours! Last year at the same time his race results were quite similar. This is absolute proof of the constancy with which he has raced in the last few years! If you want to check the previous report written last year, click here
Luc has now an enviable prize list, probably unequaled until now. Judge by yourself:

1st Bourges     3.613 yearlings '01
1st Bourges     5.774 olds '08
1st Bourges     3.522 yearlings '08
1st Souillac    3.663 olds '06
1st Orange      2.506 olds '10
1st Châteauroux 5.564 yearlings '11
1st Limoges     3.838 olds '12
1st Montélimar olds '04
1st Châteauroux yearlings '12
2nd Châteauroux 4.690 yearlings '10
2nd Limoges     2.183 yearlings '10
2nd Montauban   3.007 olds '11
2nd Bourges     5.774 olds '08
2nd Bourges     4.831 olds '04
2nd Montélimar  4.092 olds '12
2nd Brive olds '11
3rd Bourges     5.774 olds '08
3rd Montauban   2.551 olds '09
3rd Limoges     2.809 yearlings '05

And 28 x into the regional top 10 during the last 10 years (only based on the results found back on PIPA). You have to understand that the loft of Luc is dedicated to the short distances of this region and that he races against all the extreme middle distance specialists from the province of Limburg and Brabant... no mean feat! 

An unbelievable month of June
As already explained above, Luc enjoyed an extraordinary month in June with his widowhood pigeons! Everything came together during the first weekend of June and especially the first Saturday of this month when he won two important victories from Châteauroux with a yearling and then from Limoges, two races where the east wind made pigeon racing very difficult, but which propelled the best loft of Flanders to the top of the national result. This gives even more credit to the results of his two pigeons who had to fly against the prevailing wind and the majority of the other pigeons competing. 

02/06 Châteauroux Interprovincial - 1.731 yearlings : 1, 73, ...
(1st zonal and 52th national 15.902 p.)
02/06 Limoges Interprovincial - 2.533 olds : 1, 15, 17, ... (80th national 17.781 p.)

It was the 102/11 who made the success complete on Châteauroux, a pigeon who already showed his potential and who comes from a super racer...

- 102/11 (BE 11-9013102)

29/04 18th  Vervins   323 p.
19/05 246th Orléans 1.376 p.
26/05 1st   Nanteuil  340 p. 
      1st   Nanteuil  394 p.
02/06 1st   Châteauroux zonal
      1st   Châteauroux Union Brabançonne 1.580 p.
      1st   Châteauroux Interprovincial   1.731 p.

Sire: The incredible Bleu Plomb 056/01 or L'Olympiade, a super racer who flew a.o. 1st regional from Souillac 3,663 p. but also 8 times into the top 40 of more than 3,200 pigeons. He was already introduced in a previous report because we found him in the pedigree of the 3 best racers of the loft during the 2011 season, as the 2nd national Brive 10,082 p. '11 (great grand-father), the 225/05 who raced himself twice into the national top 120 national from Barcelona (grand-father) and finally the 771/10 who won the 1st Châteauroux regional 5,564 yearlings & 8th national of 25,263 p. (great grand-father). The proof that at the age of 10, he is still able to breed a pigeon who won another 1st price at the zonal level!
Dam: 114/07 (BE 07-9082114), sister of the 1st national Orange 4,466 p. '10, she won herself 1st Nanteuil 382 p. as well as the 19th Bourges Zonal 3,522 p. Her father was a super racer who won 13th Brive Zonal 6,535 p. & 63th Jarnac 4,508 p. and her dam is a daughter of the super couple Le Daems x La Vanenoo, she is also a sister of the 1st national Montélimar as well as the L'As du Rhône. The same hen (114/07) is also mother of the :

- 815/09 (BE 09-9040815)

12/05 14th Orléans club      447 p.
      43th Orléans Centre  1.868 p.
19/05 13th Orléans club      533 p.
      61th Orléans Centre  2.342 p.
09/06  1st Montélimar DH     703 p.
       2nd Montélimar CFW  3.466 p.
       2nd Montélimar Zone 4.092 p.
       4th Montélimar Nat  6.718 p.

Sire: Brother Kiley (BE 04-9082114), brother of the 1st national Montélimar 8,595 p., brother of the L'As du Rhône and son of the couple Le Daems x La Vanenoo. Good blood doesn't lie!
Dam: The 114/07 introduced above...

Nanteuil   27/518 p.
Orléans     9/100 p.
Bourges  74/2.501 p.
Châteauroux 1/207 p.
      CFW 6/5.077 p.
    Zonal 2/4.690 p.
Argenton    1/205 p.
 Interpro 6/2.254 p.
Bourges    15/194 p.
Soissons   52/594 p.
La Ferté   10/718 p.
Orléans     2/420 p.
  Centre 13/2.800 p.
Orléans    20/268 p.
Bourges    11/663 p.
Interpro 75/2.151 p.
La Châtre  38/453 p.
Interpro 80/1.241 p.
Orange     19/436 p.
  Zonal 121/2.926 p.

Luc, there is still to month to go before the end of the season... maybe you will end it with a national victory?