Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) and many other (inter)national top lofts reap the benefits from the Harry dynasty

Jan Hooymans has a collection of exceptional breeding pigeons, including not only Harry but also several brothers, sisters, youngsters and grandchildren of Het Fenomeen. The number of prize winners that have been bred from the Harry dynasty continues to grow season after season both at home and abroad, and 2016 was no exception.

Jan Hooymans (l), Christian van de Wetering (m) and Mario Bambacht (r)

Team Hooymans, which consists of Jan Hooymans, Mario Bambacht, Christian van de Wetering and more recently Evert Steenis, can look back on another great season, with many top results for the Harry pigeon breed. The pigeons of Jan Hooymans have won numerous prestigious victories in other lofts this season as well. One of the highlights in their home loft was a first place in the one day long distance championship in Fondclub Utrecht, which they won with the help of an excellent son of Harry, the one year old NL15-1849007 Harry Holland. Click here for the pedigree of Harry Holland. He has already won two teletext prizes in the one day long distance in his early career so far:

 7th NPO Chateauroux 6,634 p.
10th NPO Blois       2,310 p.

Team Hooymans takes great care of their exceptional foundation of breeders; only the very best bloodlines are used to further refine their pigeon family. In fact they will sometimes obtain talented pigeons from other fanciers that originate from their very own breed. For instance, they purchased Beauty Harry, one of the best sons of their own Harry, in May this year. The impressive pedigree of Beauty Harry can be found here.

He was a phenomenal breeder for Team GPS, being the sire of:

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking YBs middle distance  2015
1st Quievrain 3,440 p. (and the fastest of 11,337 p.) 2015
1st Quievrain 3,513 p.                                2016
1st Melun     1,046 p.                                2015
1st Sezanne     740 p. (and 11th NPO)                 2015
1st Niergnies   455 p. (and 2nd 1,302 p.)             2015

A complete overview of results from the descendants of Beauty Harry can be found here. Shortly after Beauty Harry was reintroduced in the Hooymans loft, his son New Harry proved himself to be a talented pigeon as well, winning two first prizes in the entire province. New Harry did exceptionally well both as as young bird and as a yearling, so he was set to join the breeding team of Jan Hooymans as well. Click here for the full pedigree of New Harry. This is the palmares of New Harry:

 1st Niergnies       Province 7 14,838 p.
 1st Pt.-St.-Maxence Province 7 12,894 p.
 1st Melun                       1,046 p.
 9th Troyes                      6,390 p.
38th Blois                       6,613 p.

The pigeons of Hooymans were quite successful in the one loft races as well. In fact one of them managed to win the ace pigeon race of the Belgian Master, which Jan won last year as well. The fourth ace pigeon race in this year's event was won by Sixty Three, which is a youngster of Sister Harry. She claimed victory against 793 competitors.

The list of references for Harry has become even longer thanks to the many top results of his descendants in 2016. A complete overview can be found here.

We would now like to further discuss some other top references.

The impressive accommodation in Kerkdriel

Top performances with direct Hooymans pigeons

John Crehan (UK)

John Crehan and his Jan Hooymans pigeons did really well in Great Britain in 2016, winning many first prizes at club level and achieving great results in the major competitions. Already in April John managed to claim victory in Worcester against 1,015 pigeons: 1-2-3-4-5-8 and 9. His first prize winner was the one year old NL15-1849479, a granddaughter of Harry.

John was particularly successful on the 18th of June, when two nest brothers won a 1st (NL15-1849657) and 2nd (NL15-1849658) from Tewkesbury against 3,224 pigeons. It was not the first top result for the two brothers, the dam of which is a sister of Harry. Click here for the pedigree and the palmares of the winner and the pedigree and the palmares of the number two.

John competed in the prestigious race of the North West Classic Club on 9th of July, a race over 500km across a lot of water. This is a race for the strongest pigeons of the very best fanciers from the northwest of England. The pigeons of Jan Hooymans stood their ground, as John won a 1st prize in the Section (similar to provincial level) and in the Open (similar to national level). He claimed victory against 349 pigeons with NL14-1209352, a cock that was bred from a full brother of Beauty Harry, which means he is a grandson of Harry.

John's young birds were particularly successful in the race from Tewkesbury on 6th of August, winning a 1-2-3-4-5-6-etc. against 789 pigeons. The winning pigeon is a grandchild of Harry and Alexia. One week later another race took place from Tewkesbury and John claimed another first prize against 946 pigeons, winning a 1-2-3-4-5-8-9-10-etc. The dam of his winning pigeon is a daughter of Harry. The young birds continued to show some great form on 27th of August, as they went on to win a 3-4-5 against 3,226 pigeons in the race from Bath. The fastest pigeon in the team was NL1663155, a grandchild of Harry and Cees. The last young birds' race on 11th of September was a major success for John as well: he won a 1-3-4-5 against 113 lofts in the Combine. His fastest pigeon was NL16-1663338, which comes from a half sister of Harry.

Jan and his Beauty Harry

Team member Christian van de Wetering (Wijk and Aalburg, NL)

In 2016 Christian wins the following prizes with direct pigeons of Jan Hooymans in 2016:

 1st Quievrain     425 p.
 1st Issoudun      952 p. (+ teletext)
 1st Niergnies     173 p.
 1st Niergnies     138 p.
 3rd Melun       1,141 p.
 5th Morlincourt 1,555 p.
 5th Melun       1,141 p.
 5th Morlincourt 1,013 p.
10th Tours       1,340 p.

Additionally, Christian wins two first prizes in Province 7 with New Harry, which we talked about earlier.

Racing hen Blue Lily (NL15-1849368) won two first prizes, as well as a teletext prize in the one day long distance race from Issoudun. She also won a 1st Region C in Province 7 as a young bird. Click here for the pedigree of Blue Lily. Christian won a 3rd prize in the Pigeon Championship young birds Region C1 with Lady 3000, the dam of which is a full sister of Harry.

Top results with descendants of Hooymans pigeons (only in 2016)

Tj. & J. Elzinga (Harkema, NL)

THey win a 2-3-5-6 NPO Province 11 against 7,348 pigeons in the national race from Morlincourt. The 3rd and 5th place NPO were won by two youngsters of a son of Harry x Esmee. This shows that the joint breeding of Harry x Esmee (summer 2015) proved a success from day one.

Poelstra & Sons (Utrecht, NL), 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance

Joseph Poelstra and his sons have bred a super class hen from a direct daughter of Harry, NL14-1208717. This hen is called De 300 and she has had a great 2016 season winning the following titles:

1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance NPO
1st Best yearling in The Netherlands (PIPA ranking)
1st Ace Pigeon middle distance/long distance The Netherlands (PIPA ranking)
1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Province 7 (Central Holland)
Number one favourite for WHZB/TBOTB
And several more titles at regional and provincial level

The pedigree of the dam of top class hen NL14-1208717 can be found here.

Leon Dautzenberg (Kerkrade, NL), 1st NPO Limoges

Leon has bred his racing hen Janine from a double grandson of Dirkje (dam of Harry). This hen won a 1st NPO Limoges against 1,326 pigeons. Click here to read more about the pedigree of Janine 460.

Bert Van Den Berghe (Wortegem-Petegem, BE)

Bert put a number of Hooymans pigeons to the test in the nationals of 2016 as well, and these were his best results:

 2nd National Brive 5,929 p. (grandchild Alexia)
11th National Brive 5,929 p. (grandchild Alexia)

Both his prize winners were bred from a son of Alexia, the NL13-1395711, which you can see here. Additionally, Bert won a 7th national zone from Bourges against 5,014 pigeons with NL15-1948228, a racing bird bred from Paultje (Harry x Paulien) x Dollar Lady, a full sister of Harry.

Jan Hooymans with the phenomenal Harry

Jo and Florian Hendriks (Nijswiller, NL)

Jo and Florian did great with descendants of Harry as well:

1st Pigeon Champion one day long distance Province 4 (grandchild Harry)
2nd NPO Montluçon                                    (grandchild Harry)
3rd NPO La Souterraine                               (grandchild Harry)
9th NPO La Souterraine                               (grandchild Harry)

The best pigeon of 2016 in the one day long distance was the one year old NL15-1130889, the pedigree of which can be found here. This racing cock won the title of 2nd Ace Pigeon one day long distance in Province Limburg, and he is currently holding the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon one day long distance NPO. Jo and Florian have also bred a great racing bird for Roelof Coster (Staphorst, NL), the NL15-1130931. Roelof won the following prizes with this pigeon:

 1st NPO Chateauroux 3,102 p.
10th NPO Reims       3,312 p.

The sire of this champion is a direct son of New Herman (a full brother of Harry).

Rien & Irving van Oss (Velddriel, NL)

1-2-3-4 Oudenaarde against 2,399 pigeons. All four prize winners were bred from grandchildren of Harry. This combination has a talented daughter of Harry in its collection as well, the NL12-1784176 (from Harry x sister Dolce Vita). She bred the following prize winners in 2016:

 6th Tours       1,340 p.
 7th Chateauroux   226 p.
10th Troyes        357 p.
10th Niergnies   1,302 p.

And this season she is also the grandmother of:

2nd Oudenaarde  2,399 p.
3rd Oudenaarde  2,399 p.
3rd Motlincourt 1,013 p.
4th Oedenaarde  2,399 p.
7th Morlincourt   211 p.
9th Niergnies   5,232 p.

Patrick Marijnissen (Fijnaart, NL), 1st National Gien Sector 1 (11,848 pigeons)

Patrik Marijnissen from Fijnaart wins a 1st National Gien in Sector 1 against 11,848 pigeons. The sire of Patrick's national winner was bred by Predag Konic and stems from a son of Harry paired to a daughter of Hilde (sister of Harry). He was inbred to stock pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje.

Hans Dekkers (Hedikhuizen, NL), 2nd National Melun Sector 3

Hans wins a 2nd National Melun with Pelié, which originates from two pigeons of Hans Besseling, a good friend of Hans. Pellé is related to Harry both through his sire and his dam. The sire of Pellé is a grandson of Willem and Gebroken Pootje. Willem is a direct son of Harry and Olympic Schannulleke (Willem de Bruijn). Gebroken Pootje is a full sister of Harry. The dam of Pellé is a granddaughter of the top class pair Harry x Last One. This pair has bred the sire of Friendship (1st National Chateauroux against 44,239 pigeons) for Jan and Rik Hermans, and this same pair also bred a 6th NPO Blois against 4,413 pigeons. The pedigree of Pellé can be found here.

Harry, still fond of his hen

Comb. Hoffman-Regtop (Den Helder, NL)

The Hoffman-Regtop combination bred a racing bird from a granddaughter of Harry that is now one of the contenders for an Olympiad Title young birds. Their D'Artagnan (NL16-1418069) ha a great young birds' season indeed:

1st Duffel      2,569 p.
3rd Asse-Zellik 2,394 p.
4th Minderhout  2,697 p.

These are great results from the great-grandson of Harry. Two full brothers of D'Artagnan called Athos and Porthos were in great form as well. The three brothers are now referred to the three musketeers. This is the palmares of Athos and Porthos:

 2nd Asse-Zellik 1,787 p.
 3rd Peronne       589 p.
 7th Minderhout  1,813 p.
11th Minderhout  2,697 p.
11th Minderhout  2,487 p.
12th Quievrain   1,501 p.
13th Minderhout  2,697 p.

Team GPS (Elshout, NL), 5th NPO Gien Province 3

Team GPS from Elshout achieved a great result in the national race from Gien, winning a 5-8-12-13-14-15-42-51-53-54-etc. (40/61) in sector 1B against 5,273 pigeons. Their fastest pigeon was Super 25, which won a 5th NPO Province 3 against 5,273 pigeons. She also won a 16th National against 11,848 pigeons in Sector 1. Super 25 is related to Harry via both her parents: her sire is Inbred Harry (Team GPS) and originates directly from Harry x Doutzen (brother x sister) of Jan Hooymans. The dam of Super 25 is a granddaughter of Harry. You can read more about the pedigree of Super 25 here. M. & M Kramer (Wormer, NL) have been very successful with descendants of a direct Hooymans pigeon of Team GPS as well: their racing bird Golden Sanne won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon young birds Province 6, and she is bred from a grandson of Harry.

Mr. Tamotsu Kayano & Mr. Yoshikasu Higurashi (Japan)

These two top class fanciers from Japan won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance 2016 in Japan with their super class pigeon Kim. The sire is a son of Harry and the dam is a granddaughter of Harry. Click here for the full pedigree of JP15-LB09367.

Batenburg-Van de Merwe (Klaaswaal, NL)

Hugo wins an 8th International Narbonne yearlings ZLU with a grandchild of Hilde (sister Harry). The bloodline of Harry was paired to a number of super class long distance pigeons and this combination has given several prize winners in the extreme long distance. Descendants of the aforementioned Hilde (NL11-1912492) have also won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Japan, 1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance NPO and 1st National Gien young birds in recent seasons.

Thomas Gyselbrecht with New Harry