Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel – NL) shined with 1st-6th-9th-13rd-15th NPO Bourges

‘As usual’ miracle loft Jan Hooymans showed what they were worth in the NPO Bourges by winning and nestling 5 pigeons in the top 15 against 7.356 pigeons… a renewed triumph march for perhaps teh best breeding couple in Holland at the moment; ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’.

Without doubt one of the greatest sensations in the NPO classics over the last few years is Jan Hooymans … or better said, Jan and Piet (Brothers), a golden duo which seems unstoppable since Piet made his entrance at the beginning of 2009. “I knew there was quality here,” says Jan, “but with my own company I had little time to prepare my pigeons properly for the races. In addition I also have more passion – and probably ‘feeling’ – for breeding and then even the best pigeons in the races are not capable of performing miracles.” With a track record like that of Jan and Piet the miracles don’t even sound miraculous any more… the result in the NPO Bourges (563 km) in province 7 with 7.356 pigeons has an exceptional character :

     1st-6th-9th-13rd-15th-59th-61st-etc .

The winning hen is NL07-2007850 ‘Femke’, a blue diamond out the crossing Vandenabeele x Zoontjens. The classy widow hen had already raced together an impressive honours list with a.o .

    1st NPO Bourges     7.299 pigeons
    17th NPO Sens       8.443 pigeons
    49th NPO Salbris    5.989 pigeons
    61st NPO Salbris    5.008 pigeons
    69th NPO Salbris    6.971 pigeons 

Up until now ‘Femke’ was basketted every week, as opposed to the cocks, which ‘rested’ last week. “We do this every year,” says Piet, who is entirely responsible for the care of the racing team. “Before the start of the season we take them away to train them ourselves and then race everything every week up to the first extreme middle distance race. From then on the cocks are given a week’s  rest – hens are basketted every week.” When, just after 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, the 11th of June, Piet and Jan saw their ‘Femke’ fly down from a group of about twenty pigeons, they did not expect her to be a very early pigeon. “Especially since the first four pigeons were all hens and over the last few weeks they fell short to the well trained team of cocks. In the evening teletext showed that ‘Femke’ has exploited her potential fully!” 

Rightly a top hen this ‘Femke’ …but it has more than been proven over the last few seaons that there are super pigeons in Kerkdriel. Wonder cock ‘Harry’ in particular put the name Jan Hooymans, and in more explicitly wonder couple ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’ on the map. Bourges on the 11th of June once again proved the enormous mark this blood line has had on the Hooymans colony over the last few years!! 

- 6th NPO Bourges 7.356 pigeons  - NL10-1864494 ‘Spikkeltje 494’
Bred out ‘Son Loverboy’ (Gaby Vandenabeele) x ‘Elfje’ (daughter ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’) ‘Elfje’ further bred winners of 

    14th NPO Blois      4.829 pigeons
    40e NPO Blois       4.829 pigeons
    66th NPO Salbris    5.008 pigeons
    66th NPO Orleans    3.399 pigeons
    83rd NPO Orleans    4.514 pigeons 

- 9th NPO Bourges 7.356 pigeons - NL10-1864538 ‘Jantine’
Bred out ‘James Bond’ (son ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’) x ‘Tineke’ (daughter ‘Conimex’ Wal Zoontjens). With this  ‘Jantine’ is a full sister of ‘Hind’ and ‘Klein Tineke’ 

‘Hind’          4th NPO Blois                7.415 pigeons
                8th NPO Salbris              6.550 pigeons
                42nd NPO Salbris             7.599 pigeons
                81st NPO Montlucon           4.190 pigeons
‘Klein Tineke’  15th NPO Chateauroux         5.496 pigeons
                16th NPO Salbris             7.599 pigeons
                20e Nat. Mantes la Jolie    14.495 pigeons
                66th NPO Blois               7.415 pigeons
                81st NPO Salbris             5.333 pigeons  
                82nd NPO Montlucon           4.190 pigeons
                93rd NPO Salbris             5.008 pigeons
                97th NPO Orleans             3.399 pigeons 

- 13th NPO Bourges 7.356 pigeons - NL10-1864445 ‘Marieke’
Bred out ‘Dagan’ (brother ‘Daydream’ Koopman) x ‘Lucy’ (daughter ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’) 

- 15th NPO Bourges 7.356 pigeons – NL07-2007797 ‘Ome Sjaak’
‘Ome Sjaak’ is a son of ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’. He is also winner of 

    23rd Breuil le Vert   20.797 pigeons
    50th NPO Salbris       7.573 pigeons
    86th NPO Salbris       5.333 pigeons 

A wondrous domination by an absolute super couple … with, as cock ‘Jonge Bliksem’, the excellent son of Gaby Vandenabeele’s ‘Bliksem’ which was so successfully coupled with the daughter of Gerard Koopmans wonder couple ‘Kleine Dirk’ x ‘Amoré’ … up to 2010 direct children of this couple shone with a.o.: 

‘Harry’             1st Nat. Ace bird dagfond WHZB 2009
                    1st Nat. Ace bird dagfond Best of the Best 2009
                    1st Ace bird Noordelijke Unie 2009
                    1st NPO Blois            5.553 pigeons
                    1st NPO Chateauroux      5.979 pigeons
                    3rd NPO Chateauroux      8.781 pigeons
                    21st NPO Chateauroux     5.496 pigeons
                    6th Morlincourt          4.418 pigeons
                    15th Strombeek           4.358 pigeons
‘Cees’              2nd NPO Blois            4.829 pigeons
                    5th NPO Chateauroux      5.979 pigeons
                    11st NPO Salbris         7.599 pigeons
                    63rd NPO Salbris         6.971 pigeons
                    97th NPO Blois           7.415 pigeons
‘Roney’             Vader van ‘Rosita’
                    3rd NPO Salbris          7.599 pigeons
                    69th NPO Blois           7.415 pigeons
                    Vader van ‘Salsa’
                    4th Nanteuil            16.500 pigeons
                    7th NPO Salbris          6.550 pigeons
‘Laatje 56’         2nd NPO Salbris          7.599 pigeons
                    12nd NPO Bourges         4.347 pigeons
                    37th NPO Orleans         3.399 pigeons
                    66th Nat. Mantes Jolie  14.945 pigeons
                    80e NPO Blois           3.623 pigeons
‘D. Herman’         3rd NPO Blois            7.417 pigeons
                    24th NPO Chateauroux     5.496 pigeons
                    41st NPO Salbris         7.599 pigeons
‘Sheryl’            10e NPO Chateauroux     5.979 pigeons
                    32nd Epehy               4.518 pigeons
                    48th Nanteuil            3.249 pigeons
‘Blauwe Bink’       Vader van ‘Jim’
                    1st Salbris                285 pigeons
                    1st Nanteuil               282 pigeons
                    3rd Strombeek            3.836 pigeons
                    3rd Peronne                263 pigeons
                    5th Nat. Mantes Jolie   18.405 pigeons
                    Vader van ‘Dennis’
                    1st Peronne                263 pigeons
                    17th Strombeek           3.836 pigeons
                    67th Pommeroeul         15.566 pigeons
‘Offenburg’         uit ‘Jonge Bliksem’
                    6th NPO Offenburg        7.151 pigeons
‘Vooruitvlieger’    uit ‘Jonge Bliksem’
                    Vader van ‘Anky’
                    5th NPO Blois            7.415 pigeons 

Best racing pigeon of 2011 to present – NL09-1375254 ‘Jim’ – is a lat cock which as a yearling won 3rd Strombeek 3.836 pigeons and 5th NPO Mantes la Jolie 18.405 pigeons won – in 2011, prior to Bourges, 8/8 with the 1st prize two weeks in a row (against 285 and 282 pigeons) after winning the 7th-9th-12nd-13rd-16th-22nd from an average of more than 300 pigeons. In greater context it was good for the 9th Salbris 1.792 pigeons … 69th Nanteuil 3.411 pigeons … 81st Strombeek 3.858 pigeons … 82nd Pommeroeul 3.766 pigeons. ‘Jim’ comes out ‘Blauwe Bink’ (son  ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’) x super breeding hen ‘Polleke’. 

In the meantime Jan Hooymans has various children from ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’ in his breeding loft and the fruit is picked almost every week. If something new comes it has to be a youngster out a proven breeding couple, or even a topper. “So as ‘Cavendish’, the 1st National Ace bird sprint WHZB 2009 from Peter Bambacht, which I took over from Pieter Veenstra,” says Jan. “Another descendant from Vandenabeele’s ‘Bliksem’, ‘Wittenbuik’ and ‘Dolores’ and therefore in my eyes an asset to our breeding loft. We expect a lot from this cock. And after his super season we put ‘Harry’ to breed, wherefrom we have fantastic youngsters. We expect a great future with the now yearling cock ‘Beauty Boy’, a direct out the stock couple. Self a beauty from which we have already bred beautiful youngsters … who knows, he may replace ‘Jonge Bliksem’ as absolute star breeder.”