Jan Hooymans (Kerdriel, NL) wins 1st NPO Bourges and obtains top class hen Yolanthe in much debated weekend

The unsurpassed Harry bloodline of Jan Hooymans has been victorious in the NPO race from Bourges against 4,814 pigeons: the one year old racing cock Baron Harry claimed victory and was almost victorious in the Northern Union as well against 14,322 pigeons. The pigeon that beat him was Yolanthe, winner of two first prizes. She was promptly transferred to the Hooymans breeding lofts.

Team Hooymans has been really successful recently, and it appears that the team has been in peak for the most important races of the season. The celebrated Harry pigeon family, which continues to win top prizes on a weekly basis across the globe, is responsible for numerous top results here in Kerkdiel in recent weeks:

      8th–21st–49th–152nd-251st–264th              Prov. PS Max      8,527 p. (17 June)
      3rd-28th-47th-49th-81st-83rd-86th-87th       NPO Bourges       4,118 p. (24 June)
      1st-2nd-15th-36th-39th-40th-59th-70th-74th   Prov. Asse Zellik 4,544 p. (2 July)
      1st-14th-24th-29th-40th-42nd-62nd-64th-81st  NPO Bourges       4,814 p. (8 July)

Baron Harry

It is no surprise that the winner of the 1st NPO Bourges Baron Harry is genetically closely related to Harry. His dam Incredible Lady is a direct daughter of the acclaimed breeder paired to his full sister Alexia, winner of a 1st NPO Chateauroux and a successful racing hen herself. Click here for an overview of the results of the Harry bloodline in 2017.
The sire of Baron Harry is Blue Baron, a renowned sprint and middle distance racing bird. He is the winner of no less than 7 first prizes and he comes straight from the successful Colijn & Fox combination. The bloodlines of this champion relate back to the prestigious lines of Schaerlaeckens and the Janssen brothers. Click here for the pedigree of Baron Harry.

Baron Harry soon distinguished himself as the best yearling for team Hooymans well before Bourges, even though he was not quite as successful as a young bird. Jan Hooymans explains: "It took him two months to get back home from his first race as a young bird (Oudenaarde, 160km), eventually returning in October. Still, it was a fine looking bird and we decided to keep him anyway." Earlier in 2017 the talented racing bird suddenly managed to win 4 top 10 prizes at club level, and Jan knew he had made the right choice. Bourges was the first one day long distance race for him and for the other one year old cocks, and it was an instant success!

The man who determines the strategy behind Team Hooymans is of course Jan Hooymans. His assistants Mario Bambacht and Evert Steenis look after the racing birds, while Christian Van De Wetering is responsible not only for the breeding birds but also for the commercial side of things. The racing team focuses mainly on the one day long distance. "We think this is the discipline in which the strength of your pigeons is the number one determining factor. The ZLU races will be a goal one day as well but we are still working on that."

Racing hen Yolanthe goes to Hooymans

It was a close call: Baron Harry was 0.5 metres per minute too slow to claim a first prize in the Northern Union against 14,322 pigeons. He was beaten by a phenomenal one year old hen in the Northern Provinces Entente: the NL16-1342102 of Hans Hak from Maurik. She is a great looking hen with an even better palmares, which includes:

      27 May:  1st NPO Gien     8,339 p. (31 mpm lead)
      8 July:  1st NU Bourges  14,322 p.

Jan Hooymans was quite impressed with the results of this super class pigeon, and he negotiated a transfer to Kerkdriel, where she is now called Yolanthe. This wonderful looking bird is closely related to the bloodlines of Braad-De Joode. Click here for the full pedigree.

Team GPS and Colijn & Fox in strong form thanks to Hooymans pigeons

The Hooymans bloodlines showed eager to perform in the first weekend of young birds' racing. Both Team GPS and Peter Colijn (Colijn & Fox) had some great results in their first young birds' races. Team GPS features quite often in the long list of references of Hooymans pigeons, and the ambitious duo Lex De Jong and Ype Hemstra obtained no less than 11 direct youngsters of Harry, along with several other Hooymans descendants. Both of these teams boded well with these pigeons, since many of their best results have been won by these Harry descendants. The results of the young birds' race from Asse-Zellik on 9th of July clearly illustrates the role of the Hooymans pigeons within team GPS:

      1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-11th-12th-13th-14th-15th-16th-17th against 1,818 p.
1st prize winner: bred froma son of Beauty Harry. Click here for the pedigree
2nd prize winner: Kleinkind van Harry. Click here for the pedigree
4th prize winner: Kleinkind van Beauty Harry. Click here for the pedigree

The Colijn & Fox combination on the other hand did great in Asse-Zellik in Province 2 Brabant 2000 Rayon de Baronie against 3,987 young birds, mainly thanks to their Hooymans descendants. Peter Colijn had a team of young birds in excellent form, and won a 2nd-3rd-5th-6th-7th-8th-9th-10th-14th with 20 pigeons in the top 100! Many of his best results come from Hooymans descendants:

3rd  against 3,987 p. (from daughter Beauty Boy, brother Harry)
5th  against 3,987 p. (from son Special One - son Harry)
6th  against 3,987 p. (from Special One - son Harry)
8th  against 3,987 p. (from daughter Harry)
10th against 3,987 p. (from daughter Harry)

And let's not forget the role that the Harry descendants famously played in the 1st and 5th Nat. Agen YLs for team Batenburg-Van De Merwe. Click here to reread our report on this impressive achievement.