Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) claims two victories with his yearlings from Agen

The outstanding pigeon breed from Wevelgem had another great weekend, winning both a 1st and 2nd national prize Agen yearlings, as well as a 1st prov. and 1st Zone A Montélimar yearlings.

The international race from Agen was postponed by two days and eventually took off on Sunday 26th of June at 6:50 am. There was heavy rain and low and thick clouds on Friday, which prevented the organizers from releasing the pigeons. The situation improved on Sunday, with fairly good weather and a north-easterly wind, shifting to a westerly wind over the course of the day. Rain started to fall in Belgium and the north of France already in the morning but it stayed relatively dry in the afternoon, with the exception of a few showers in the late afternoon.

With the wind blowing from west to northwest it was not really a surprise that the earliest arrivals were spotted in Germany and in the east of Dutch Limburg. Remarkably enough, the 1st and 2nd national prize from Agen yearlings was actually won by a loft from the westernmost part of Belgium: the loft of Gino Clicque. It makes the achievement of Gino’s two prize winners all the more impressive. What a performance this was!

The pigeons of Gino Clicque achieved the impossible in the race from Agen

The two pigeons finished in 9th and 16th place provincial, right in between the pigeons from Germany and Dutch Limburg. The six yearlings basketed for Agen have performed as follows:

Agen Prov.  642 yearlings: 1-2-68-146 (4/6)
     Nat. 3,149 yearlings: 1-2-… (an expected national top 10 prize)

It makes us wonder if the pigeons of Gino Clicque are simply stronger than most other pigeon breeds out there. We were particularly impressed with this pigeon family when we saw the map with the national top 10s from Montélimar, where Gino wins a 1st Prov., a 1st Zone A, and an 8th Nat. yearlings, despite a disadvantageous wind, weather and flying route (see map below the article). A pigeon breed in top form can do great things.
Gino had an impressive start to the 2016 season, winning several prestigious victories at provincial and national level:

1st and 2nd Nat. Agen 3,149 YL
1st Prov. Tours       4,939 olds
1st Prov. Tours       1,759 YL
1st Prov. and 1st Zone A Montélimar YL (8th Nat. 1,849 YL)

Gabriëlla and Lucia win a 1st and 2nd National Agen

The racing hens that won a 1st and 2nd Nat. Agen also won a national top prize from Châteauroux two weeks ago (10th of June), which was their final training flight for Agen. Gino clocked his two prize winners within 10 minutes, at 17:25’44” and 17:35’28” respectively. They were also the two fastest two pigeons in Belgium with a velocity of 1197.7145 and 1179.6535 m/min.

-Gabriëlla BE15-3050570

  1st Nat.  Agen       3,149 YL ’16
 58th Zone  Bourges I  2,227 p. ’16
247th Zone  Bourges II 5,855 p. ’15
296th Prov. Tours      6,083 p.

Sire: Gaby 892 BE12-3162892
A 100% Gaby Vandenabeele. He is a son of Ebbo Bliksem BE03-3240765 (from the iconic breeder Bliksem-Vandenabeele x Claudia, the dam of Tyson - 1st Prov. Cahors) paired to Tessa BE10-30470084 (a daughter of Neptunus 708/99 x Sister Tsunami 881/04, a daughter of Bliksem).

Dam: Kleindochter Piraat BE13-3031941
Winner of a 70th Prov. Tours 3,831 p. and a nest sister of 5th Nat. Libourne 5,024 pigeons. She is a daughter of Piraat 754 BE12-3162754 (from stock breeder Piraat, 1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2008 x Nest sister Super Prins 901/08) x Daughter Bijter 960 BE08-3172960 (from the renowned line of Robert).
Click here for the full pedigree of Gabriëlla.

-Lucia BE15-3050609

  2nd Nat. Agen         3,149 YL ’16
 63rd Zone Bourges      2,227 p. ’16
102nd Prov. Argenton II 2,264 p. ’15

Sire: Young Lucien BE09-3128071
A top class racing bird and winner of a 28th Zone Limoges 6,810 p., a 68th Nat. Libourne 6,658 p., a 72nd Nat. Cahors 8,348 p., a 118th Nat. Limoges 14,211 p. and a 194th Nat. Brive 11,130 p. He is a nest brother of the 19th Nat. La Souterraine 17,814 p. and a son of Lucien BE06-3100789 (a son of Supercrack 533/97, which won the Flanders National Golden Award Cup in 2000 and 2001) x Granddaughter Figo BE08-3172998.

Moeder: Dochter Yvan BE11-3008197
A sister of the sire of a 1st Zone Châteauroux 5,997 p. and a full sister of Yvano, winner of a 2nd Zone Limoges 6,810 YL and a 33rd Nat. Limoges 14,211 YL. She is a daughter of Yvan BE99-3238784 (sire of 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’06, from the line of long distance pigeon Figo of Noël Lippens) x Daughter of 1st Nat. Argenton BE05-5201279 (from Alina, 1st Nat. Argenton 20,358 p. and the fastest of 27,440 p.).
Click here for the full pedigree of Lucia.

The racing cock that won a provincial and zonal first prize (Zone A) from Montélimar is now called Hazard, since the race from Montélimar took place on the same day as the football game Belgium against Hungary, in which Eden Hazard put in a brilliant performance:

-Hazard BE15-3050560

 1st Prov. Montélimar
 1st Zone A Montélimar
 8th Nat. Montélimar    1,849 YL ’16
78th Prov. Argenton II  2,264 p. ’15

Sire: Super Wilfried BE13-3032899
Comes from Wilfried Vandemaele from Heule, and he is a son of Julius BE12-3053754 (1st Prov. Brive 1,235 p. and 6th Nat. Brive 6,842 p.) x Lana BE07-3197889

Dam: Aelbrecht Princess 043 BE12-3050043
A daughter of Aelbrecht 981 BE09-4114981. He is an inbred pairing of grandson x granddaughter of Marcel Aelbrecht's super class pair Marseille x Fijn Blauw. Her dam is Belgium Princess BE11-3008432, which is bred from the best two pigeons of Belgium in 2010 (from Super Prince BE08-3172902 x Miss Belgium BE10-2007035).
Click here for the full pedigree of Hazard.

Gino had already won a 1st Nat. Montluçon in 2014 and a 1st Nat. Limoges YL in 2015, and he has now won a national first prize for the third consecutive season, claiming a double national win from Agen. We wonder what the pigeons of Gino Clicque are capable of this season; we assume they are keen on winning a few more top results in the coming few weeks. Many congratulations to Gino, Jasper and the entire team.

Gino Clicque's Hazard is the only pigeon from the westernmost part of Belgium
to finish in the national top 10 from Montélimar. He finished in 8th place.