The Family 3D (Ghlin, BE) is one of the best upcoming lofts from Wallonia !

The fanciers who are closely following the national races had probably already heard about the Family 3D. This colony from the area of Mons already showed what it was worth several times.

From left to right: Kevin Druart, Reinald Delaere, Marie-Christine Dewispelaere


This partnership, formed by Reinald Delaere, his wife Marie-Christine Dewispelaere and Kévin Druart, was formed in late 2011 and reborn from the ashes of the previous partnership Delaere-Dewispelaere from Ghlin. In fact, when Kévin, son of Jean-Pierre Druart and former member of the Goossens-Druart partnership, came to live in the house of his parents-in-law, he directly proposed them to form a new partnership. That’s how the actual partnership was born. Talking about the results, this loft is growing fast as the results won in 2013 proves. But since their new beginning, they directly choose the right path as they already knew there was no secret in the pigeon sport. When you visit them for the first time, you are directly impressed by the huge pigeon lofts. The first pigeon loft is longer than 20 meters and even has a fully equiped kitchen inside. In addition, you find a breeding gallery behind it with several breeding boxes. The second loft is equipped with large aviaries in front of it and is reserved for the young birds. It is really a dream for each pigeon fancier to race with such lofts. About the pigeons, it’s not bad at all: Kévin and his parents-in-law made some sacrifices to purchase the cream of the crop of several well established names in the Belgian pigeon sport. The old sort, formed with pigeons from Georges Bolle, Yvan Vanvuchelen and Boutefeu father & son, was strengthened with pigeons from Erik Limbourg, Marc De Cock, Ivan & Willy Baetens. But not with any random pigeons, no! From the loft at Limbourg, they purchased a direct son from Gilbert, while it was a direct son of Eagle Eye they choose from the breeding loft of Marc De Cock, no more no less! They purchased most of the times descendants from the best De Rauw-Sablon lines, so as the Bak 17 pair, Lucky 848, Marseille x Fijne Blauwe, etc. It gives you an idea of the quality housed in their lofts. It is quite logical that they are managing to achieve some super performances now!


Actually, their loft is housing 100 racers (60 cocks, 40 hens) as well as 30 breeding pairs who are coupled at the end of November and who are breeding almost 150 youngsters a year. They are darkened before the season to be raced in the national races for youngsters on nest positions. The racers are coupled back in March and they can brood for 10 days before being separated. They are housed in several lofts with a lot of space. The Family 3D likes to have only a few pigeons in a lot of space. They can play with the territorial instinct of their racers to raise their motivation. During the season, the pigeons receive a lot of attention so that they can achieve top performances. Reinald and Kévin are taking care of the racers (old birds and youngsters) while Marie-Christine is a great help as she take care of the breeders and the widowhood hens. That's how her husband and her son-in-law can focus a lot on the racing side! Everybody knows what to do and the tasks are fairly divided between the different members of this association... this is how it works!

Let's have a look at the best pigeons of this loft:

- Lucky Black

2nd Ace Pigeon Club Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2013
3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2013
1st La Souterraine local -   101 p.
     15th provincial      - 1,123 p.
2th  Guéret provincial    - 1,389 p.
20th Argenton provincial  - 2,168 p.

Father: Harmando, direct Georges Bolle, out of a crossing between the very best lines of the grand master from Kortemark, Super Bol x Generaal.
Mother: Crossing between the Boutefeu x Cobut x Ghion lines.
(Click here to check the pedigree of the Lucky Black)


- The 841

3rd Ace Pigeon Club Longer Middle Distance YB 2013
1st Guéret regional -   670 p.
    32nd Nat Zone   - 2,453 p.
2nd Nevers prov     -   791 p.
    3rd Iprov       - 1,135 p.
92th La Souterraine nat zone - 2,290 p.

Father: 655/12, out of a crossing line Coupe du Roi x hen Bailly... 100% Deneufbourg!
Mother: 349/11, hen coming from Boutefeu Raymond & Claude... 100% Cobut Raymond! His father is the grand-father (mother's side) of Lucky Black! Good blood doesn't lie!
(Click here to check the pedigree of The 841)

We wish a successful 2014 season for the Family 3D. Good luck!


Félicitation au tridem et encore beaucoup de succès pour les années à venir et qui sais un premier national pour 2014. Bonne continuation



Encore merci à Éric et Paul pour vos commentaires et merci à Adrien Mirabelle pour son article merci l'ami

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