Casaert-Sénéchal (Russeignies, BE) - 1st National Ace Bird Heavy Middle Distance KBDB '11 with 'Amalia' !

It's been a few weeks since the national championships from the KBDB were made known. One of the most attempted competitions is the championship of the National Ace Bird heavy middle distance. This year, it was the strong colony of Casaert-Sénéchal from Russeignies that won the first place with the exceptionnal 'Palme d'Or', now re-christened 'Amalia'. A half surprise...

The least we can say, is that the suspense was at his fullest. It was like one of the biggest hollywood films ! This title, Sébastien Casaert had to chase it until the end! It was a constant struggle between the best flyers of our country but, in the end, we can say that the first place is trully deserved. Because obtaining this national title with a pigeon basketted from the first until the last week of the national competition, it's like an exploit that only a few fanciers are able to make. You can also add the 1st Interprovincial obtained from Vierzon against 6.641 pigeons on the 21th of May, so during the first 'rendez-vous' of the Belgian heavy middle distance calendar, and you will understand that this kind of performance has been rarely seen in the annals of the pigeon sport! Because you need guts if you want to continue to set a program like this for a pigeon that has already won a first interprovincial right from the beginning of the season! A lot of fanciers would have said 'stop' in order to put this exceptionnal pigeon into the breeding loft while others wouldn't have resisted against the offers coming from the Far East. But Sébastien is not that kind of man. That's why his favourite was basketted for races so as Châteauroux, Argenton, Bourges, La Souterraine, etc.

Father & son introducing you to the 1st Nat Ace HMD & the 2nd Nat Ace MD.

If the determination and the spite of Sébastien were without any doubt neccesary to win this kind of title, I think that it's really important to pay a tribute to this small piece of feather whose character and will dazzled the people that were following the evolution of her results, week after week. You needed to be special if you wanted to beat the pigeon of Luc Christiaens from Ooigem, already considered as favourite Nr 1 for the final victory. But... an exceptionnal pigeon decided to forestall the plans of this flemish fancier. We expected 'Palme d'Or' (Golden palm) in the middle of the ranking but she will definately enter into the legend during the national race of La Souterraine the sunday 28th of august around 15h when her owner realized that she would be at the top of the national result after being clocked from the same race 45 min before... early enough to improve her coefficient and so beating her closest opponent in the last race taken into account for this championship.

Chronology of the events
This feathered phenomenon hit hard when the serious work began : the 21th of May, she won the interprovincial victory from Vierzon in the yearling category against 6.659 pigeons (0,0150%) and this with the highest speed of 17.706 pigeons.

Less than one month later, she was at the top of the zonal result in the national race from La Châtre where she won the 10th prize against 7.487 pigeons (0,1336%). At national level, impossible for her to be a part of the top due to the geographic position of her loft and the flying conditions that day (more than 1.700 m/min). At this moment, she is top candidate for the national title of the Ace bird, with the condition that she continues to fly like this.
Two weeks later, hot weather and head wind for the national race from Argenton where she won the 27th national prize against 19.782 pigeons. However, another result from the same race was much better than the national result for her coefficient : she won the... palm on the 'Derby Hainaut' result against 1.289 pigeons (0,0779%).
The next week, she was entered for Toury where she won a prize. Sébastien decided not to basket her for Limoges and gave her three weeks rest with a coupling.
Finally, almost two months later, when she had her last chance to improve her coefficient, she did the exploit with the 2nd zonal place from La Souterraine against 868 pigeons (0,2304%), good for a total coefficient of 0,4569%.
In short, a modern pigeon able to win a head prize with massive liberation races at 1.100 to 1.600 m/min. There is no doubt about this, it was the strongest pigeon of our land that will climb on the highest rung of the podium in Ostend!

Amalia, new purchase of the Pipa Elite Center.

Raced in classic widowhood during the begining of the season (and so with a stay at home partner), 'Amalia' was coupled for the first time at the end of November-begining of December and she was able to raise a couple of youngsters coming from the breeders. After two hard months of flying, she enjoyed three weeks rest at the begining of July (she flew her last race the 9th of July) after which she was coupled to be raced with a nest position for the national classics at the end of the season. She was basketted for Bourges with eggs aged one week and she won the 571th national against 12.607 pigeons. For Argenton, she was at the end of her brooding, for Blois, she had a youngster of 4,5 days, a perfect position but the flying conditions were not so good for the shortest distance. Anyway, she ended in 1st place locally. For La Souterraine, she was basketted with a youngster of 10 days, something that definitely played a role in her performance.
'Amalia' is really special. When she was brooding, she went onto the floor to eat when I was in her loft. If i didnt come, she was simply didn't eat.' explained Sébastien. A strong character for a superior racing pigeon.
Let's say that in 2010, she already won a first price from Bourges while she was aged only 4 months. Splendid!

Father : 'Geert' (BE 06-2178778), bought at the total auction of E. Limbourg, a mix of the old glory lines of the wonderboy from Brussegem with the 'Dubbele' and the 'Nieuwe As', pigeons that made the Limbourg loft famous around the world.
Mother : 'Kwinby' (BE 09-6111726), bought directly from the loft of the new Belgian heavy middle distance specialist, Gaston Van de Wouver from Berlaar. She is a half-sister of the mother of the 1st national La Souterraine against 17.005 pigeons in '10 via her father, while her mother is nothing but a grand daughter of the 'Kaasboer', the N°1 breeder from Van de Wouver, one of the biggest breeding sensations of the pigeon sport actually with a few national victories per year from his offsprings, and now a national title of Heavy Middle Distance ! Simply exceptionnal !

It's also usefull to specify that one of her sisters born in 2011 (the '260/11') won the 95th national Bourges against 31.719 youngsters.

From 'Parlme d'Or' to 'Amalia'
As with any 'National Ace Pigeon', a lot of people coming from the over the entire world have showed interest in 'Palme d'Or'. You had to be tough enough if you wanted to buy her. In the end the Pipa Elite Center (PEC) won this little game and our brand new 'National Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance '11', now christened 'Amalia' in tribute to the daughter of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, will probably be coupled to another superior crack pigeon in the 'New Freddy', National Ace Pigeon of the Heavy Middle Distance in 2010 and now the trade mark of the PEC and this by being one of the most famous ambassadors of the De Rauw-Sablon strain. A golden pair already part of the legend that will be the masterpiece of this exceptionnal breeding loft that is the PEC. With her maternal lineage coming from the 'Kaasboer', one of the best breeders in the world actually, the pedigree of 'Amalia' is something that makes you lick your fingers. Her performance just confirmed what her owner thought about her. Will she become legendary for her breeding potential ? The future will bring us an answer.

'La Roche aux faucons' - 2nd National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB '11
With an exceptional coefficient of 0,8688%, she might have been first of this ranking comparing to the previous year. But it was without counting on 'Jack', the crack of Jean-Jacques Baleau (Moignelée) which will end in first place. Anyway! This hen is nothing but a mix of class.
She holds her name in tribute to the best belgian sportman of this last few years, Philippe Gilbert, who won the bicycle classic of Liège-Bastogne-Liège in May 2011 after having showed his mastership in the place called 'La Roche aux faucons'. For a facility matter, her name will stay 'La Roche'.


As her ring number suggests, 'La Roche' was not born in Russeignies. She comes from Joost De Smeyter (Melden). As you may know, over the last few years Joost has focused more and more on the long distance races. The 1st National Ace pigeon National Heavy Long Distance RFCB '11 from the asociation De Clercq-Vervaeren is coming also from Melden... as well as the 1st national Châteauroux '11 from 25.263 yearlings from Dany Dusausoit (Beloeil). In short, a nice harvest for him...

Father : 'Père La Roche' (NL 08-1544145), a direct Willem De Bruijn, son of the 'Apollo 694/01', 4th Ace Pigeon Middle-Distance NPO, coupled with 'Fatima 575/05' (10th Ace Pigeon National All Round), a Heremans-Ceusters hen and grand-daughter of the famous 'Olympiade' (2nd National Ace Pigeon Speed '02)... did you say a family of Ace Pigeons ?!
Mother : 'Bonneke 07' (NL 07-1822423), also a 100% De Bruijn, daughter of the '252/04' and of the '467/01', two extra breeders already parents of a lot of first prize winners so as the '310/04', 1st prize against 22.409 pigeons.


At the top of his art in 2011
With the regularity that he showed during the entire season and the 'machine gun' clocking with the olds, the yearlings and the youngsters, the Casaert-Sénéchal colony is actually one of the best of our country. The National Title will just confirm what we said. Sébastien developed his expertise firstly with Maurice, his father, before becoming the 'man behing the scene' of the champion colony of Sylvère Toye from Ottegem. At the begining of the 2000's, he decided to take his independance to race alone under the name Casaert-Sénéchal. He moved to St Léger in the area of Tournai before building a new house in Russeignies. To have a better view on this colony, we should let you know that he has only raced from his current location since 2008, the year when Sébastien installed a whole round of his youngsters into his new loft, without already living there. After 4 seasons and a few modifications to the loft, we can consider this colony as having reached her cruising speed. During a few races, the colony of Russeignies displayed a true demonstration of strength, mostly during hard flying conditions (heavy weather, head wind), weather for the strong. Let's take the nice 10/12 from Limoges the 4th of June (head wind, more than 30°, only 1.000 m/min), 12/20 in Vierzon with 7 pigeons within the top 100 interprovincial, 28/33 in Argenton national the 9th of July (1.100 m/min for the winners) or also the master plan performed from Bourges with the old birds, as well as with the yearlings and the youngsters with 13x top 100 CFW against 9.071 pigeons and 45/62 at national level (only a few pigeons above the 1.100 m/min)...
In short, provincial victories, semi-national & interprovincial victories, a national title (in fact the second after the 1st place at the national championship Speed & Middle Distance yo 2007),... only a national victory is missing to give this palmarès his ultimate consecration and make him complete! Is it the next objective ? It is clear that a colony of this weight can openly look for a victory of this level. Wait & see...

An overview on the beautiful propriety of Russeignies.

A title dedicated to a few people
Sébastien wanted to thank a few people who played an important role during this season. First and foremost Anne, his wife, who takes care of the stress during the nervosity moment. Then Hugo who plays a leading role and who can be a great help when you call him. Let's add the two friends, Joost De Smeyter (without who this national title would have been impossible because he is the man who 'forced' Sébastien to continue to race 'Palme d'Or') and Bruno Degand, ceremony master during the small party organized after the interprovincial victory of Vierzon. Finally, last but not least, Bernard Henry the man behind the scenes who takes care of the administrative work, of the basketting, of the visits to the club. Sébastien wanted particularly to mention him. This has to be clear!

Last word
We already knew it, but there is no more doubt: Maurice Casaert and his wife Julienne did excellent work. In addition to Sébastien, the family has also Grégory who is absolutely no less than his brother. Let's add Maurice Junior who is a 'common pigeon fancier' and you will realize that we had to deal with a true 'fancier family' today. Maurice can stay calm, his work will last because with Hugo, it is already the third generation that is already with the nose at the window. You can be sure of this, we will talk of the Casaert name for a while! Seb, our congratulations!

Palmarès 2011


17-apr  Noyon 515 p. : 8,9,20,32,33,34,42,45,47,51,66,67,71,… & 27/49
01-may  Ecouen 550 p. : 5,14,20,26,30,33,34,35,39,40,44,46,49,50,51,…. 38/64                           
07-may  Angerville 618 p. : 1,2,6,7,10,11,12,13,16,18,19,20,24,26,27,29,31,34,44,46,49,50
,51,… & 39/55                          
07-may  Angerville GEN. 977 p. : 1,2,9,10,14,15,16,17,20,23,24,27,31,37,39,41,44,49,68,70,71
,72,… & 39/55                          
14-may  Toury 343 p. : 2,5,6,7,10,14,14,16,21,22,38,39,40,…. & 26/43
21-may  Orléans 258 p. : 2,3,11,14,16,17,19,21,22,24,28,30,31,35,37,… & 17/20                          
21-may  Bourges 901 p. : 4,34,52,67,77,80,97,98,…. & 13/16
21-may  Vierzon  INTERPR. 11062 p. : 129,172,196,283,… & 8/8
28-may  Bourges PROV 2330 p. : 10 & 1/3
28-may  Bourges ZONE A 6416 p. : 73 & 1/3
04-jund Orléans 312 p. : 2,5,6,9,12,… & 7/10
04-june Châteauroux 669 p. : 9,23,24,45,48,70,…. & 10/12
04-june Châteauroux PROV 1678 p. : 11,29,31,53,58,109,…. 11/12
04-june Limoges  PROVINCIAL 962 p. : 20,38,112,121,126,130,….10/12
25-june Dourdan 326 p. : 7,8,12,13,… 8/12
25-june Montauban 915 p. :  20,112,…           3/5
25-june Montauban NATIONAL 9091 p. : 368,… 2/5
02-july Argenton DHH 458 p . : 2,9,18,24,31,39,52,… 10/11
02-july Argenton PROV 1017 p. : 2,9,17,23,30,40,54,103,… 10/11
02-july Argenton CFW 3826 p. : 14,76,134,180,237,282,359,… 10/11
02-july Argenton NAT ZONE 4106 p. : 40,186,334,423,… 7/11
02-july Argenton NAT 11001 p. : 73,328,619,1142,1320,… 8/11
09-july Blois INTERPROVINCIAL 1184 p. : 4,50 & 2/5
30-july Bourges L-L 333 p. : 3,12,13,22,31,36,… 10/17
30-july Bourges PROV 1091 p. : 8,29,32,66,78,90,103,113,… 11/17
30-july Bourges CFW 3672 p. : 25,65,70,141,171,196,235,266,360,… 13/17                          
30-july Bourges NATIONAL 9781 p. : 54,197,214,404,500,567,682,779,1059,… 11/17                          
20-augu Blois HAINAUT 115 p. : 1,4 & 2/2
20-augu Blois INTERPROVINCIAL 1165 p. : 21 & 1/2
20-augu Montrichard FVOV 340 p. : 1,28,32,36,…. & 5/9
27-augu La souterraine PROVINCIAL 256 p. : 1 & 1/3
27-augu La souterraine CFW 1354 p. : 6 & 1/3
27-augu La souterraine ZONE A 868 p. : 2 & 1/2
27-augu La souterraine NATIONAL 3562 p. : 15 & 1/3

17/04 Noyon 243 p. : 5,6,11,19,20,21,26,28,31,35,37,39,42,43,44,45,…. & 24/39
01/05 Ecouen 267 p. : 4,11,14,15,17,19,21,22,26,34,37,39,….. 27/45
07/05 Angerville LOC 424 p. : 2,3,6,13,14,15,21,26,27,30,32,33,34,38,43,44,46,
47,48,…. 32/43
07/05 Angerville GEN. 673 p. : 2,3,7,15,16,17,23,28,30,33,35,37,39,43,49,50,51,63
,64,65 & 34/43                                
14/05 Toury LOC. 357 p. : 1,3,4,5,7,11,11,13,21,22,29,30,31,35,38,….. 28/38                                   
21/05 Bourges 416p. : 7,16,38,45,50,68 & 6/8
21/05 Orléans 335 p. : 1,3,3,5,6,11,12,18,20,21,22,26,28,31,32,33,34,36,37,39,… 22/25
21/05 Vierzon L-LESSINES 457 p. : 1,2,8,9,10,15,18,38,39,…. 12/20
21/05 Vierzon D-HAINAUT 1430 p. : 1,4,15,16,17,26,29,86,87,… 12/20
21/05 Vierzon PROVINCIAL 784 p. : 1,3,7,8,9,13,14,40,41,… 13/20
21/05 Vierzon INTERPROV. 6659 p. : 1,6,28,30,32,64,82,342,343,… 12/20                                  
28/05 Bourges L-LESSINES 495 p. : 11,14,30,42,50,…. & 6/9
28/05 Dourdan 506 p. : 2,8,9,14,27,29,37,… 13&/15
04/06 Orléans LOCAL 138 p. : 1,2,3,4,21 & 5/7
04/06 Orléans  320 p. : 1,3,4,5,39 & 5/7
04/06 Châteauroux L-LESSINES 937 p. : 6,34,35,36,39,40,42,44,46,52,55,56,74
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04/06 Châteauroux PROVINCIAL 1566 p. : 12,43,45,46,50,51,52,56,60,67,71,72,94
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04/06 Châteauroux NATIONAL 25263 p. : 80,519,556,561,629,639,659,735,823,895,
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18/06 La Châtre L-LESSINES 612 p. : 2,43,63,…. & 14/20
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25/06 Dourdan 438 p. : 1,7,9,33,50,…  12/16
25/06 Tours 220 p. : 13,28,… & 3/4
02/07 Argenton HAINAUT 629 p. : 1,5,8,9,15,17,18,21,22,23,29,31,37,39,45,45,49,53,
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02/07 Argenton L-LESSINES 639 p. : 1,6,8,9,15,16,17,21,22,24,28,30,36,40,46,48,
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02/07 Argenton DERBY-HAINAUT 1283 p. : 1,8,11,12,22,26,27,33,34,36,47,59,63,74,
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02/07 Argenton NAT ZONE A 8000 p. : 12,55,73,99,226,259,268,334,335,372,523,567,695
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02/07 Argenton NATIONAL 19782 p. : 27,144,174,228,454,512,528,636,639,699,1008,1104
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09/07 Blois INTERPROV. 1448 p. : 1& 1/3
30/07 Bourges PROVINCIAL 1082 p. : 1,5,6,14,15,16,17,22,29,39,43,45,51,53,57,58,59,
63,74,76,80,90,91, & 32/39                                   
30/07 Bourges DERBY-HAINAUT 1086 p. : 1,7,9,17,18,20,23,28,34,42,47,49,56,60,64,66,
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30/07 Bourges CFW 4281p. : 1,7,8,29,31,35,41,51,72,92,103,106,118,123,134,135,136
30/07 Bourges NATIONAL 12607 p. : 8,24,27,94,99,114,124,156,213,274,317,322,362,374
13/08 Argenton L-LESSINES 120 p. : 2,3,5,7,8,… & 8/13
13/08 Argenton PROVINCIAL 385 p. : 4,5,10,13,14,40, & 8/13
13/08 Argenton NAT ZONE 932 p. : 17,23,41,58,60,… & 8/13
13/08 Argenton NATIONAL 4126 p. : 89,113,210,278,…. & 8/13

19-june Pont 265 p. : 5,23 & 2/3
25-june Dourdan 517 p. : 1,2,5,7,12,16,21,24,29,33,41,43,46,54,55,58,60,… & 27/44                          
09-july Toury 277 p. : 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,21,22,26,27,31,34,… & 47/75                         
16-july Toury 276 p. : 1,3,4,5,7,7,9,10,11,11,13,14,15,16,22,26,28,29,30,31,32,34,
34,… & 50/78                           
30-july Bourges L-LESSINES 674 p. : 2,3,8,10,11,14,15,22,23,25,27,28,29,31,36,40,41,
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30-july Bourges PROV 2237 p. : 3,5,12,15,16,19,22,28,30,31,32,33,37,45,52,58,59,61,
64,69,76,74,75,85,87,94,106,… 48/62
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30-july Bourges  ZONE A 9480 p. : 16,36,59,63,66,104,132,214,216,218,220,229,265,
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30-july Bourges NATIONAL 31719 p. : 25,56,95,105,108,180,233,369,372,375,382,397,
453,… & 45/62
13-augu Argenton L-LESSINES 411 p. : 3,5,6,9,10,12,27,28,33,40,41,48,49,50,… 25/39                          
13-augu Argenton ZONE A 6979 p. : 37,39,93,112,114,149,383,384,460,689,690,
854,… & 21/39
20-augu Blois PROV 434 p. : 3,7,25,32,… & 7/15
20-augu Toury 195 p. : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,19,20,21,22,23,… & 30/40
27-augu La souterraine PROVINCIAL 928 p. : 11,15,16,30,31,34,35,41,43,48,
68,81,92,… & 23/31                          
27-augu La souterraine ZONE A 6010 p. : 17,36,37,117,121,126,128,150,174,
192,207,259,300,… 17/31                           
10-sept Guéret PROVINCIAL 741p. : 1,11,17,84,126,… 9/10



Félicitations à tous



Greetz Diego Wouters

Félicitation à Sébastien et Hugo !!!

Victoire bien mérité

Maurice et Julienne Doivent etre fier de Vous



Very Happy Rolling Eyes Smile

Quelle victoire! Quels champions! Nos félicitations PIPAsiennes...
Et surtout, on te souhaite le même pour l'année prochaine et des victoires nationales...
Victor, Vanessa et Bruno.

congratulations on great results from first class pigeons.

Continue comme ça p'tit frère.