PiPa renewed !

To serve you "bigger and better" with news from the pigeon sports, we gave PiPa a new look !

How it all started ...

The name PiPa, as it is commonly known, has started to lead its own life as an abbreviation of Pigeon Paradise… or the actual real name of the website that Nikolaas Gyselbrecht started in 1999. Initially  it was just a ‘portal website’, where everybody could link their own website… first and foremost with the intention of putting pigeon fanciers from over the whole world in contact with each other and with each others pigeons via their own websites. An ideal way of seeing how the pigeon sport is organized and experienced on the other side of the world… but also to bring the pigeon fanciers from all over the world in contact with each other, and in this way exchange ideas about the pigeon sport.

Nikolaas soon discovered that this was a  ‘gap’ in the market, because it seemed that there was a need for a medium that gathered and distributed news about the pigeon sport via internet. Within the shortest space of time PiPa fulfilled this role. Here and there a feature was added or altered, a question of creating order in the looming chaos caused by the wide range of news from the pigeon sport world that was streaming in day after day. No-one, wherever in the world , could have suspected that PiPa could grow to be the most powerful medium in pigeon land in such a short time. A few years ago a test balloon was launched with the offer of a few pigeons for sale on the PiPa-website. It began with 2 pigeons being offered… they were sold within the shortest space of time. It all started on rather a small-scale, but grew and grew…  inconceivably quickly actually, and… to answer the demand of the great number of interested buyers, a module was introduced, whereby everybody was given an equal and honest chance of bidding for these pigeons during a pre-set period, by means of bidding. It went like a bomb, with a noticeable factor… more and more foreign buyers applying and/or managing to obtain the pigeons offered, and so finding the road to PiPa. There was obviously an enormous potential  of possibilities here, with a clear possibility of growth… that’s why this method of selling pigeons via the internet was constructed and optimised. Briefly summarized, it means the following… a strict selection is made by PiPa of the pigeons that are offered for sale via various channels… we make a professional photo of these pigeons… which together with the pedigree and other useful information is placed on our PiPa-website, so that our clients can bid for a pigeon up to a pre-determined date. Once the pigeon is sold and paid for, the buyer can collect the pigeon, or it is transported via our services to the country of the buyer. In this way, not only an enormous trust and collaboration between buyer, seller and PiPa, but an international network developed with local agents representing their PiPa-clients in various countries.

PiPa developed itself this way in just 10 years time, from initially being a ‘simple portal website’… to the absolute ‘number 1’  as ‘world player’ in pigeon auctions, both via the internet as ‘public pigeon auctions’ which in the meantime have also been added to the services offered… this of course, next to the collecting and distributing of the daily online pigeon news! The PiPa-team, these days consisting of 10 permanent workers, take care of the daily working of the website, and the service towards the clients. PiPa not only grew to be a ‘conception’ in the pigeon world, but also a ‘brand name’ that stands for…

honesty, top quality and trust!

A new look
Cooking costs time and money as the saying goes… and because the lay-out of the current website was still based on the original concept with which it was started 10 years ago… the belief grew within the PiPa-team that the website was not only becoming complex, but moreover, unstructed… that’s why it was time for a change. As the ‘biggest pigeon website’ in the world we also owed it to our status… and wanted to evolve with the ‘new possibilities’ and applications that the rapidly evolving  data  processing world had to offer. We certainly didn’t skate on thin ice, quite the contrary… we thought long and hard, weighed up the pros and cons or… ‘brainstormed’, as they now call it… on the one hand, how do we make the website more accessible for the visitors, how they could easily get the hang of it… but on the other side also making it user friendly for ourselves and our workers for the future. To give you an example: starting with the new auction season (that starts in august 2009), the bidding system on our ‘online auctions’ will be automated, whereby the fanciers can place their bids themselves via a ‘log-in’ and ‘password’… with which we will take the pressure off our current ‘telephone centre’ … although the  possibility of bidding per telephone and e-mail will remain. This… along with other changes and improvements had now to be made concrete.

In the end we contacted one of the biggest internet companies in Belgium (which has also built the website of ‘De Redactie’, the news website from tv channel 1) to put our ‘innovative ideas’ into programming language. Admittedly a big job, on which a number of people worked in order to get everything in the ‘correct form’. We think and hope that the ‘end result’ is something to look at! The kick-off is planned for Monday 20th April ’09…

To make it easier for everyone to get used to the new structure with the corresponding new lay-out , the visitor will be greeted for the first few days in the language of his country, whereby we will try to  ‘guide’ him or her in the new concept of the PiPa website.
Later our ‘brainchild’ will have a new look, we are not only proud to communicate this to you, but invite you to become acquainted with our new site at

For all your questions, findings and comments you can always contact us at the following e-mail address: epifi@.
We hope that you like our new PiPa-website, and wish you reading, looking and surfing pleasure for the future.

For you, and thanks to you…
PiPa nr 1 in ‘pigeon world’!


arbeid adelt!
proficiat mannen!

Simply the best, better than all the rest .... Wink

Is nog beteke 'gewoon worden' maar ziet er in elk geval schitterend uit.
Zoals 'de Freddy' zegt...Simply the best (topduif bij Jef vanwinkel trouwens Laughing )

Heel goed, de vorige was me ietsje te somber qua kleur. Nu luchtig.
Wel een beetje spijtig dat seizoen 2009 ergens in het midden hangt. Dit zou toch helemaal van boven kunnen?

Welkom beste bezoeker op de nieuwe site !!

Welcome on the new site !!

Chinees kan ik ni Wink

Er zijn nog zaken die niet op punt staan, maar zoals jullie weten is een website en continu proces en zullen die kleine details ook opgelost worden de komende dagen, weken, maanden...

Ik vind het een enorme verbetering, en de kleine accefietjes zullen wel opgelost raken he Laughing

Mooi werk Mr. Green

hi, i think this new look is better than the older Smile

now i'am kinda having some familliarization towards the location of some favorite site..yeah its cool to have change.. Razz


mooie site, meer up to date ,prima !
vorige werd wel wat somber ,proficiat mannen.
victorie. Wink

A new era of PIPA,
wishing you the best of times, the best of friends, specail moment to remember always !

This is a very good step towards change to a better way of communication between fanciers allover the world, professional and beginners alike. Congratulations!.... I wish the management of PIPA the best of luck!!! Happy Flying to all!!!

proficiat mannen . Doe zo verder. Het ziet er heel goed uit.

waar vind ik de uitslagen terug?

Et si on te demande dis-leur
D'oublier de m'attendre,
Je regarde le ciel,
Je vais à l'essentiel,
Car ici c'est ailleurs,
Ailleurs Land
Very Happy

Beste Pipa-ers ,
Ziet er HEEl mooi uit !
Proficiat !
Wel is het nog een beetje wennen, maar algemene indruk is : geweldig.
Inzet en volharding is hier duidelijk beloond.

Ivan en familie

hoe kun je clubuitslagen plaatsen of je eigenuitslagen op deze vernieuwde site? ik geraak er niet mee?

one of the best pigeon site,s going keep up the good work Razz Razz Razz Razz better lay out

Waar kan ik de Topuitslagen van de liefhebbers uit Frankrijk.Duitsland.Belgie en Nederland vinden???

@ Megens = Topuitslagen van individuele liefhebbers vind je terug onder 'Vluchtseizoen' en vervolgens 'Individuele resultaten'
@ Collas = Clubresultaten wordt deze week nog op punt gezet. Uitslagen 2008 zijn perfect te bekijken. Uitslagen 2009 zijn nog niet meegenomen in nieuwe site, maar zal later deze week gebeuren.

Keep up doing this great work...

The changes went in the right direction! Great job!

Sad Like the new look, like your pic Nick, but where is handsome young Thomas? It looks like no one else is contributing to Pipa and I know
you didnt do it all by yourself< Is there some sibling rivalry going on already?

Great job my brother,
Every now and than ,we need a change,and this new change of the website appeared in the perfect moment in time!

Pigeon Sport the Best Sport in the World

Another taste of PiPa,many fanciers in the Philippines always browse your website and Im one of them.
More Power to you and Keep On!Keeping On.

Emerson Cruz
Noah's Ark Loft

Very Happy

Where are the links for the country like Bulgeria, Belgium that were in the old style of pipa ? Whit all pigeon owners for avery country ????????


PiPa doesn't stop from being the BEST. It has reached Milestones and Truly is the Greatest Pigeon Website in the World.

Thanks for all the Information and the Gift of Knowledge you have given us.

Riz Pedoc, Marlon Palis, Marcos Sangalang, and the PPRA Family
Calamba City ,Philippines