PIPA forum is shut down for good on 1st of February

The PIPA forum has long been the place were many fanciers would engage in discussions on a wide range of pigeon related topics. The 1st of February 2017 will see the end of an era, as the online forum will be shut down for good.

A lack of respect and constructive comments

PIPA had to conclude in recent years that, despite introducing new rules on commenting and tighter moderation, an increasing number of online comments showed a lack of respect, causing fanciers with a positive attitude and a constructive opinion to stay away from the forum. PIPA does no longer want to provide a platform for hurtful comments that prevent a constructive dialogue from taking place, and PIPA also believes it is not their job to educate people online. Hence the decision to close down the forum for good on 1st of February 2017.

Thank you for the good times

In 2003 the PIPA forum got off to a flying start, for instance by providing the latest news on the bird flu, which had sparked worldwide concern. The forum continued to be an interesting discussion platform for years, and a breeding ground for many ideas. We would like to say a big thank you to the many fanciers that have contributed to our forum over the years.