Invitation to the exhibition of the pigeons from the Casaert-Sénéchal loft on Saturday 13th of December

As his auction is coming up, Sébastien Casaert has decided to organize an exhibition so that the potential buyers can have the opportunity to handle his pigeons. It will take place on Saturday 13th of December from 10am until 3pm!

The auction of the Casaert-Sénéchal family of pigeons will be one of the best moments of our auction season 2014-2015! Indeed, the pigeons which made him famous worldwide will be auctioned in December. In order to give an opportunity to the potential buyers to handle the pigeons and also to spend a good time with the pigeon fanciers who will show up, Sébastien took the decision to organize an exhibition.
In addition, the people who will come will have the possibility to talk with some special guests: Vincent Schroeder and Pascal Lanneau, two pigeon vets, as well as Patrick Demuylder, representative of the firm Beyers, who will be present to answer any questions from the visitors. 

To make it even more enjoyable, it will be possible to have a meal. The menu: steak, french fries and salad. Everybody is welcome!

To make the best arrangements possible, we ask you to subscribe by sending an email to tntscbe..siabntseyea e@aersk or anp e.abirpei@d. Please notify if you will be having a meal. See you on the 13th of December!


Très bonne initiative de la part de Sébastien ! Il faut aider nos enfants à surmonter leur maladie, leur détresse, donnons leur espoir et offrons leur longue vie !! Cela nous coute si peu


Pour cette Vente sur PIPA en Décembre, tous les pigeons
seront vendu avec ADN (DNA) ??