Ending auctions: Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive, Team BDS, Klaas & Rik Van Dorp, Bartosz Morel, Extreme Long Distance, Tomasz Wiczling and Bert Van den Berghe

The following seven auctions will end on Sunday 22 January: Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive, Team BDS, Klaas & Rik Van Dorp, Bartosz Morel, Extreme Long Distance, Tomasz Wiczling and Bert Van den Berghe. The first auction will end at 11am.

Jewels of the Sky - Hyper Exclusive

PIPA started a new tradition with its Jewels Of The Sky Hyper Exclusive auction. Each fancier is allowed to sell just one pigeon, which stems from a unique combination, for instance two national ace pigeons paired to one another or to their sire or dam. Only the most special pigeons are offered for sale in this auction. Both buyers and sellers were very enthusiastic about this concept, so PIPA decided to organise another super auction in 2017. All exclusive PIPA partners agreed to join in, and the result is an auction in which we bring you some of the very best pigeons that our sport has to offer.

Team BDS (BE)

Performance birds, some top breeders and children of their best breeders

By combining their forces Team BDS succeeded in racing pigeons successfully, resulting in victories and ace birds at provincial, zonal and even national level. Those results were not only achieved in their own loft but as well by numerous other fanciers who reinforced their family of birds with Team BDS pigeons. The old and excellent bloodlines from the golden age of Cools-Blanc still work wonders. It is especially the success bloodlines of their stock pairs Gaby 184/93 x Francoise 530/95 (grandparents of Rudy (Vandenabeele) and others) and Frans 137/95 x Alfoncine 182/94 which are still priceless. The latter two are the parents of the most important bloodline in the BDS breeding loft, formed by Aske, Fryda andEline. This auction is all about Fryda Bliksem which produced many top references over the past years, both in Belgium and abroad. BDS will offer for example Double 12 (5x 1st, including 1st Nat. Zone), Elias (1st and 3x top 70 Zone), Aske Meets Fryda (2x 1st), Favourite 020 (2x 1st), Saumura (1st Prov. Saumur) along with a few fantastic breeders. The best in Belgian pigeon racing, offered exclusively on PIPA.

Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL)

All birds from 2007 up to 2014

The Dutch father-son combination of Van Dorp rose to great height over the course of the last decade. Klaas created a magnificent pigeon breed that was further enhanced with the introduction of direct Geerinckx pigeons. This breed was very successful at national level. Klaas and Rik are now selling all their birds 2007 till 2014 on PIPA; the very breed that enabled them to achieve so many great results. It includes some of their very best breeders and racing birds, which were able to pass on their talents to future generations.

Bartosz Morel (PL)

Collection of breeders

Bartosz Morel became part of the cream in Polish pigeon racing in giant leaps. He invested in Dutch and Belgian aces and started racing pigeons again in 2015. That almost immediately resulted in top performances. Bartosz will sell a major part of his most valuable breeders in a marvellous auction! The auction includes a child of New Freddy, two children of Champion (Hebberecht), children from Droomkoppel, Nationaal koppel, Sun-koppel and New Lucky 77 (Steveninck), children from Gladiator x Acy, Luc x Danita, Wittekop Sylvester, Fluwelen 18 and the parents of Sweety (Geerinckx), from the parents of Willy Daniels's 1st Nat. Ace Bird 2016, and direct Heremans, Van Oeckel and Ulrich Lemmens pigeons. A superb auction!

Extreme Long Distance Auction

The extreme long distance, also called the marathon, developed into a competition in which pigeons with great perseverance and willpower can stand out from the others. These pigeons have an edge over their opponents, enabling them to achieve brilliant results in national and international races, often in very difficult conditions. Successful extreme long distance racing birds are often valuable breeders as well, simply because a pigeon needs to have a lot of qualities to win a marathon race. The best fanciers in the extreme long distance are now selling their best pigeons in a fantastic PIPA auction.

Tomasz Wiczling (PL): Greek God family

Young birds from the best breeders

PIPA agent for Poland Tomasz Wiczling has an invaluable collection of pigeons, including Greek God, a super class cock of Ludo Claessens bred from the exceptional pair Bont Beauty x Meeuwke '12. Greek God has bred several generations of first prize winners and top 10 finishers. And this shows how valuable this pigeon breed really is. In this auction we have several descendants of Greek God, which have become increasingly popular across the globe.

Bert Vanden Berghe (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

Bert offers twelve gold nuggets including a child of Super Romeo x Miche Nationaal. Other birds are children from Prinses Gloria (1st Nat.), Champ Falco (2nd Nat. Libourne) and the 2nd and 11th Nat. Brive 2016. The stir Bert Vanden Berghe caused in Belgian pigeon racing is far from over. In 2016, he performed another stunt by winning the 2nd and 11th Nat. from Brive in the yearling category with two nestmates, bred from two birds he purchased on PIPA.

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