Announcement viewing day Tuesday the 22nd of February by Etienne Meirlaen - Deurle-St.Martens-Latem. (BE)

At the moment we have the auction of 21 late summer youngsters 2010 from the colony of Etienne Meirlaen, bred exclusively from his very best breeding pigeons, and a few of his current top racers.

In order to form a better picture of these pigeons we have organised a ‘viewing day’ for you, which will take place on Tuesday the 22nd of February between 14h00 and 18h00 !

Important information here :

We kindly request you to confirm your presence via email to aspm.btpohi@a e  .
We will then place you on the guest list for this unique viewing day. Only the people who have  registered beforehand will be allowed access during the viewing day .

Location viewing day 
Etienne Meirlaen:
Broekstraat 61
9831 Sint-Martens-Latem


Grandson of 'Luka' clock bird in UK NFC Poiters race ,clocking at 10 pm at night after 16 hours on the wing into Keighley UK, great pigeons.

Een mooi initiatief! maar, voor mensen die gewoon gaan werken is dit spijtig genoeg niet van toepassing. (niet elke duivenmelker is over dag thuis).
Desalniettemin wens ik het initiatief alle succes toe!


Congratulations to Mr Etienne !