Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier


(04/06/2019) Spitzenergebnisse Belgien 01/06/2019 - 02/06/2019

Dies sind die Spitzenergebnisse am Wochenende vom 01/06/2019 und 02/06/2019.


(06/07/2018) International victory on Agen Yearling for Carlos & Xavier Vandemeulebroeck (St-Léger, BE) against 11.444 yearlings!

A big sigh of relief: it was truly the feeling of Carlos Vandemeulebroeck & his son Xavier when their international victory was confirmed on Agen, one of the hardest international race of the last twenty years, mostly for the yearlings.

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(30/06/2018) Agen (int.) 2018 | Internationalsieger Jährige: Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier (Saint-Léger, Belgien)

Der Internationalsieger von Agen in der Kategorie "Jährige" ist Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier (Saint-Léger, Belgien). Die Taube wurde am Samstag um 21:29:14 Uhr nach einem Flug von 777.755 km konstatiert, mit einer durchschnittlichen Geschwindigkeit von 961.1 Meterminuten.


(08/09/2013) Carlos Vandemeulebroeck (St-Léger, Be) owns one of the best pigeons in Belgium with Xavi!

Seeing the different PIPA rankings published on our website, a lot of people probably wanted to know more about this fantastic pigeon. Indeed, this fantastic racer achieved an extraordinary list of performances since his year of birth in 2008!


(29/10/2012) Carlos & Xavier Vandemeulebroeck (St Léger, BE): outstanding 2012 season with three provincial victories

It was a season with incredible achievements in St. Léger! This father and son combination has won three provincial victories in only five weeks’ time!


(26/07/2012) Top performances Belgium 22/07/2012 - National races

Both Souillac and Marseille were delayed until Sunday so the pigeons could fly the race under a clear blue sky, with a soft east northeast wind. Ideal weather for the best pigeons to stand out from the rest!


(07/11/2011) Carlos & Xavier Vandemeulebroeck (St Léger, BE) win the 2nd national Narbonne 7.027 yearlings!

2011 brought a new 'hit', won on the national race for this father and son combination for the area of Tournai. A performance which is a reflection of the last few years !


(16/02/2011) Carlos & Xavier Vandemeulebroeck - St Léger (BE), attendent le futur de pied ferme avec la lignée de ‘Poséidon’.

La colombophilie d’aujourd’hui n’a pas échappé à la tendance actuelle caractérisant notre société : elle est en constante évolution. Il y’a déjà belle lurette que l’amateurisme a progressivement laissé sa place au professionnalisme et à la spécialisation.