Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Van Venrooij Henri


(08/04/2015) Spitzenergebnisse die Niederlande 04/04/2015 - 05/04/2015

Dies sind die Spitzenergebnisse im Wochenende vom 04/04/2015 und 05/04/2015.


(02/03/2015) Henri van Venrooij (Deurne, NL) has had another great season with 20 first prizes in CC Deurne

Henri van Venrooij has been a highly successful fancier in the province of Brabant, and 2014 is perhaps his most successful season so far, winning 20 clear first prizes in CC Deurne.


(14/05/2013) Top performances The Netherlands 11/05/2013 - 12/05/2013

These are the top performances from The Netherlands in the weekend of 11/05/2013 and 12/05/2013.


(29/08/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 25/08/2012 - 28/08/2012

This weekend the pigeons were treated to cloudy weather with a strong wind blowing under their wings. Even with these very high speeds our fanciers achieved nice results!


(21/08/2012) Top performances the Netherlands 18/08/2012 - 21/08/2012

The past weekend in France and Belgium temperatures rose to above 40°C and 36°C respectively. Even in this kind of weather fanciers were able to achieve top performances.


(28/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 22/06/2012 - 27/06/2012

Last weekend gave us many (inter)provincial races like Montluçon, Montrichard and Tours. Thanks to a strong southwest wind there were a lot of nice performances.


(20/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 15/06/2012 - 20/06/2012

Big black clouds filled with rain held France in their grip on Saturday. Postponing the middle distance and great distance races was the only option left for the organizers. On Sunday the tied turned, and the pigeons were able to fly in clear blue skies.


(06/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 01/06/2012 - 05/06/2012

The first Saturday of June 2012 will be known for its terrific flying weather. The sky above France was painted blue, there were only a few clouds hanging high above Belgian soil early that morning, after which Belgium had good weather and lots of sunshine. The wind came blowing from the east-northeast.


(29/06/2008) van Venrooij Henri Durne NL

8-6-2008 chateauroux 596 km 197 duiven 1-3-5-8-9-11 etc 8/10 N.P.O tegen 6495 duiven 22-42-105-202-247 enz 8/10.


(24/05/2008) van Venrooij Henri Deurne NL

Creil 25-05-08 341 km 20 mee 16 prijzen 794 duiven in concours 1-2-16-20-30-34-36-81-87-90-92-98-137-144-145- enz