Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Van Gaver Tom & Marnik


(20/12/2019) Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE) continue their winning streak with descendants of Finn and Ricky (VIDEO)

Marnik and his son Tom Van Gaver have been running one of the best performing pigeon lofts in Belgium in recent years. And two bloodlines have played an increasingly important role: Finn and Ricky.


(02/12/2019) OVV-FVOV bracht hulde aan zijn kampioenen 2019

Op vrijdag 29 november werden de kampioenen uit 2019 van het OVV-FVOV gevierd. De broers Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede werden voor het 3e jaar op rij afgevlagd als Algemeen Kampioen FVOV… en Tom en Marnik Van Gaver als Algemeen Kampioen OVV Interprovinciaal 2019!


(23/08/2019) 'Tetske Orléans' wins her 2nd provincial first prize for Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE)

In the wake of her provincial first prize from Orléans on 21st of July, 'Tetske Orléans' now claims her second provincial win of the season, as the fastest of 5,208 young birds in Blois. This is quite a talented bird!


(30/07/2019) A new provincial victory for Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE) on Orléans against 6.154 youngsters

While we are now only a few days away from the Bourges national race for the youngsters, the OVV organized the last weekend a provincial race on Orléans, one of the last preparation race before the start of the national season.


(25/07/2019) Spitzenergebnisse Belgien 20/07/2019 - 21/07/2019

Dies sind die Spitzenergebnisse am Wochenende vom 20/07/2019 und 21/07/2019.


(06/06/2019) Excellent start to the season for Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE): 1st National Zone A2 Bourges 4,277 yearlings

Tom & Marnik Van Gaver were very strong in 2018, and they are having an excellent early 2019 season as well, claiming excellent results over the past few weeks. Their best result so far was a 1st national Zone A2 Bourges yearlings.


(22/05/2019) Spitzenergebnisse Belgien 18/05/2019 - 19/05/2019

Dies sind die Spitzenergebnisse am Wochenende vom 18/05/2019 und 19/05/2019.


(14/03/2019) Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE) end their 2018 season with a balance above their expectations

With a national victory on Brive and the best Belgian long distance yearling with 5 prizes (PIPA Rankings), Tom Van Gaver & his father Marnik just passed their first big annual test with a brilliant note. However, it was not a foregone conclusion. Let's go back to an unforgettable year for this combination of the Gent area.


(29/06/2018) New start for Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE) and already they have won 1st national Brive against 4,412 yearlings!

To take a new start and win a national victory in the first year: what could be better! That's what has just been accomplished by Tom & his father Marnik Van Gaver with winning the first national Brive in the yearlings category.

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(23/06/2018) Brive 2018 | Nationalsieger Belgien Jährige: Van Gaver Tom & Marnik (Moortsele)

Der Nationalsieger Belgien von Brive in der Kategorie "Jährige" ist Van Gaver Tom & Marnik (Moortsele). Die Taube wurde am Samstag um 16:21:01 Uhr nach einem Flug von 665.517 km konstatiert, mit einer durchschnittlichen Geschwindigkeit von 1155.38 Meterminuten.