Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Sangers Marcel


(05/06/2019) Neue Auktionen: Sangers Pigeons BV, Collectors Items & Big Andy's One Loft Race

Mittwoch 5 Juni beginnen diese neue Auktionen: Marcel Sangers (NL), Collectors Items & Big Andy's One Loft Race (USA).


(16/01/2019) Ablaufende Auktionen: van der Auwera (BE), Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Saudoyez (BE), Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), van Toor (NL), van de Velde (NL), DVV-Pigeons (BE), Florea (RO), Goeteyn (BE) & Palm (BE)

Am Sonntag dem 20. Januar, laufen diese Auktionen ab: Guy van der Auwera (BE), Wojciech Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Kevin Saudoyez (BE), Marcel Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), Dennis van Toor (NL), Sjaak van de Velde (NL), De Vroe- Vandeputte (BE), Sorin Florea (RO), Annick Goeteyn (BE) & Jean-Pierre Palm (BE)


(09/02/2017) Marcel Sangers (Eefde, NL) lays the foundation for new successes

With great attention to detail Marcel Sangers has been trying to create a pigeon breed that could match his most successful generations from the past. Descendants of his own champions were paired to some top pigeons of Van Den Bulck and Lambrechts. His level of performance has been going up significantly, and it will be just a matter of time before he claims an important win.


(31/05/2016) Marcel Sangers & Paul Ung (Eefde, NL) win 1st and 3rd Soissons 1,743 p.

Marcel Sangers and Paul Ung have won a 1st and 3rd prize in the middle distance race from Soissons against 1,700 pigeons, which shows that they are doing very well. This is a promising result, especially with the NPO classics coming up shortly.