Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Roosen Pros


(16/01/2011) Totaler Verkauf Pros Roosens Tauben bringt 1.368.000 Euro ein

An Samstag dem 8. und Sonntag dem 9. Januar 2011 wurde die ganze Kolonie vom neulich gestorbenen Pros Roosen versteigert. Im Lokal "Oad Thoear" in Thorn (den Niederlanden) wurden während dieser zwei Tage 218 Tauben versteigert. Sowohl am Samstag als auch am Sonntag gab es viel Interesse für die Zuchtboxen von "Superkweker Freddy", "Blauwe Prins", "Flits" und "Tarzan".


(10/01/2011) Video: Belgian TV reports about public auction Pros Roosen (with subtitles)

The public television VRT reported on january 10th 2011 about the public auction of the pigeons of Pros Roosen. Behind the mic are Stefan Roosen, Irene Mantels (widow Pros Roosen) and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht and Luna Lai from PIPA. English subtitles are available via the "CC" button on the bottom right of the video.


(07/01/2011) Pros Roosen - Kermt (BE) … performed in champion style all his life! (Part 3 and closure)

With this third part over the history of the colony of the late Pros Roosen we have landed at the last episode in this life’s story… in other words the period 2001 to present.


(05/01/2011) Pros Roosen - Kermt (BE) performed in champion style all his life! (Part 2)

Pros is a living 'encyclopaedia' where the pigeons are concerned. His personal victories and the list of top performances of the Pros Roosen pigeons in other lofts are so immense (see part 1) that in the main we will have to limit ourselves… even though we could talk about this for hours.


(05/01/2011) Watch the Pros Roosen auction two days in a row through our live stream - UPDATE Saterdayevening

Just like the auction of Jos Thoné the auction of Pros Roosen will have its very own live stream. This time we made sure all of you will be able to watch the live stream without suffering any connection problems.


(02/01/2011) Pros Roosen performed in champion style all his life! (Part 1)

The question that many a fancier will have asked is without doubt: How do you become champion, how do you reach the highest top?


(29/12/2010) Pros Roosen, Kermt (BE) showed u show it should be done, how it can! 4 Breeding boxes, 4 Stock breeders: paving the way to ‘international fame’!

Pros Roosen is known worldwide for his phenomenal performances… generally achieved with a ‘small number’ of pigeons, in other words with the ‘small basket’!


(23/08/2010) Bericht i.v.m. overlijden Pros Roosen vanwege de familie

Pros stond gekend als een vrijgevig liefhebber die zijn vrienden, kennissen en zelfs sportieve "concurrenten" met veel plezier van zijn beste duiven uitleende.


(14/08/2010) Ein Video über Pros Roosen aus dem Jahr 2008 - made by PiPa

Ein Video über Pros Roosen aus dem Jahr 2008 - made by PiPa


(11/08/2010) Wir haben erfahren, dass Pros Roosen - Kermt (BE) verstorben ist !

Wir möchten seiner Familie unser Mitleid aussprechen und wünschen Kraft in dieser schwierigen Zeit. Das PiPa-Team und alle Besucher.


(12/04/2010) Pros Roosen - Kermt (BE) Vervins van 11 april 2010

De concurentie is verwittigd, Pros Roosen al op hoog niveau vanaf de eerste vlucht. Begint met de eerste prijs zowel bij de oude als bij de jaarduiven uit Vervins.


(05/01/2010) Is de rage van de duivendiefstallen aan nieuwe opflakkering toe? Pros Roosen - Kermt (BE) … slachtoffer van nieuwe inbraak!

Nadat er in het vorig winterseizoen bijna geen week voorbij ging of er werd ergens ingebroken in een duiventil en meerdere duiven gestolen… bleef het na de arrestatie en aanhouding van een mogelijke verdachte lange tijd stil rond het thema duivendiefstallen.


(18/12/2009) Henri (Rik) Custers - Meeuwen (BE) the noblest ‘branch’ Pros Roosen

A lot of thought went into the building up of his new colony… although he didn’t go looking far from home.


(25/11/2009) Pros Roosen - Kermt (BE) The ‘superstar’ in the ‘Provincial Championships’ KBDB Limburg ‘09

The absolute ‘NR 1’ of Limburg in the Middle Distance! Human life is a collection of beautiful and less beautiful to sad moments, of love and pain … although luckily the heights of the ‘peaks’, and the depths of the ‘valleys’ differ from person to person. Someone who embarked upon a road sown with roses was without doubt Pros Roosen from the Limburgs Kermt, near Hasselt.


(01/11/2008) Jewels Of The Sky 2008 - Roosen Pros

Jewels of the Sky is considered by pigeon fanciers worldwide as the most exclusive pigeon auction in the world! This year all the participants of Jewels of the Sky had the chance to have a film made from a professional film-maker. This is the English version of the movie of Pros Roosen.