Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Hendriks Jo & Florian


(17/07/2019) Jo and Florian Hendriks (Nijswiller, NL) crush the field in national Argenton Sector 1 with a 1-2-3-4-5 etc. of 9,512 pigeons

Jo and Florian Hendriks have demonstrated repeatedly over the years to be one of the top teams in the one day long distance in The Netherlands, with marvellous results and championship prizes to their name. They delivered again in the latest one day long distance race from Argenton, winning the first five prizes of 9,512 pigeons.


(26/07/2013) Jo & Florian Hendriks (Nijswiller, NL) sluiten NPO-seizoen af met goud en brons

Het is dringen om de kopposities op de eendaagse concoursen van de NPO. In het Limburgse land grepen Jo en Florian Hendriks de laatste twee zware concoursen aan om hun kunnen nadrukkelijk te tonen. Met de 1e NPO Châteauroux en 3e NPO La Souterraine slagen ze daar op kenmerkende wijze in.


(29/07/2012) Jo Hendriks & Son (Nijswiller, NL) back at the top with a 1st NPO Poitiers

With their victory in the NPO race from Poitiers Jo and Florian have proved that they are back at the top where they used to be before they sold all their best racers and breeders at PIPA in 2010. Apparently their brand new racing team has all the qualities it takes to win big races.


(30/10/2010) Total auction (minus young birds) Jo & Florian Hendriks ends this weekend! An absolute top quality offer!

The auction which ends this weekends is the total auction (minus young birds) of one of the top lofts of The Netherlands. Jo & Florian Hendriks worked themselves up to the top of The Netherlands on the middle distance / one day long distance. An unseen series of topbreeders and topracers are offered here! Take a look to the auction by clicking 'Pigeons for sale'.


(26/10/2010) Jo & Florian Hendriks - Nijswiller (NL) National 1-day long distance toppers over 2008 - 2009 - 2010

Nijswiller is the place of residence of the most alluring fanciers of the whole of the Netherlands in the one and only real national 1-day long distance races over 2009 & 2010 (Blois 2009, Chateauroux 2009 & Blois 2010).


(26/07/2010) Jo & Florian Hendriks - Nijswiller (NL) excel with outstanding results

While the last smoke after the NPO and Interprovincial victory from La Souterraine has only just disappeared, Jo and Florian Hendriks once again show themselves from a real unique side.


(28/06/2010) Jo & Florian Hendriks (Nijswiller) to Interprovincial win with 7 minutes lead

To strike in the weekend of truth … with a burning sun and slown-down winds blowing directly on the beak … such a quality is only reserved for the very best of classy top racers … and it leads to attractive scenario’s, with leading role for the NL09-1556432 of Jo and Florian Hendriks


(22/06/2009) Jo Hendriks and son Florian - Nijswiller (NL) Fantastic result from national Blois

This father-son-combination lives in Nijswiller (pronounced: "Nieswiller"), a small village near the crossing between the provincial roads N278 and N281 in the hills of the Dutch South-Limburg.


(30/05/2008) Hendriks Jo & Florian Nijswiller - NL

26-4 Reims 26/36 758 duiven. 1-2-3-11-17-21-36-37-39-48-52-63 4-5 Sens 21/34 685 duiven. 1-2-3-4-6-9-10-11-13-16-17-20-32-44-49