Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Green Les


(29/11/2019) Testimonial: Les Green is very grateful after his total auction

PIPA received a very nice testimonial of Les Green after his auction where he sold all his birds. He wants to thank the whole team for the help, advise and support he received.


(25/11/2019) Les Green erzielt 563.000 EURO – Jemals höchster Erlös für eine Totalversteigerung eines Züchters aus Großbritannien

Am Sonntag endete die Totalversteigerung von Les Green mit dem fantastischen Gesamterlös von 563.350 EURO. Noch nie zuvor hatte ein englischer Schlag alle seine Tauben fü solch eine Summe verkauft.


(20/11/2019) Les Green (Irlam, UK) is considering his future in the pigeon sport

It is only quite recently that the fanciers of the UK are beginning to get recognition for being top fanciers with super families of pigeons, for years now it has been widely believed that if you want the best pigeons you have to visit Belgium and Holland. Over the last few years the results of some UK fanciers have made the world of pigeon fanciers stand up and take notice.


(18/11/2019) PIPA TV: Les Green (Irlam, UK) tells how Golden Kittel made him a big fan of the Kittel dynasty

After Les Green purchased with Golden Kittel a direct son of Kittel of Dirk Van Den Bulck, he was immediately very confident in this type of pigeons. Several other children, including Flanders Connection, in turn moved to Irlam.


(02/11/2019) Katalog für die Versteigerung von Les Green

Am Montag, dem 11. November 2019 beginnt die Versteigerung aller Tauben von Les Green! Sie können aber jetzt schon die Online-Version durchforsten. Im Verlauf des Sonntags, dem 24. November endet die Versteigerung.


(14/06/2019) A report on Les Green (Manchester, UK) and the start of his 2019 season

Once again Les Green (Manchester, UK) has had an excellent start to the season in 2019, despite some challenges prior to racing commencing. Here we look at Les' racing and results so far...


(13/10/2018) Ablaufende Versteigerungen: Collector's items, Les Green (UK), Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL) & Devroe-Vandeputte (BE)

Am Montag, dem 14. Oktober, laufen 4 Versteigerungen ab: Collector's items, Les Green (UK), Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL) & Devroe-Vandeputte (BE).


(10/08/2018) Les Green has another successful season with old birds in 2018

Les Green started the 2018 old bird racing season with fifty-six pigeons, of which forty were yearlings. They were equally split between the sexes with twenty-eight hens and twenty-eight cocks. Competing with two organisations he has once again had a fantastic season.


(21/12/2017) Les Green (UK) and Andy Quirke (IR) realise dream with the purchase of Emerald Green

Ever since they started racing pigeons, Les Green (United Kingdom) and Andy Quirke (Ireland) have shared the same dream: owning a national ace bird. They have now finally realised it by purchasing the 1st National Ace Bird WHZB/TBOTB 2017 from Jan van de Pasch (Holland).


(30/10/2017) Les Green (Manchester, UK) one of the best sprint and middle distance lofts in the UK over the past 25 years

Les Green has been a fancier for over thirty-eight years and has enjoyed an unprecedented twenty-five years at the very top of his game. Many pigeons have been housed at this great loft but the quality of birds has never been higher than the current day.


(21/05/2016) Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons have immediate success in the UK

The Stefaan Lambrechts story is just beginning and yet his pigeons are already making a big impression on the continent and in the UK. Les Green of Manchester was one of the first fanciers in the UK to invest in the Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons and he is already reaping the rewards with devastating effect.