Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Martens Bert & Zoon


(25/07/2017) Spitzenergebnisse die Niederlande 21/07/2017 - 23/07/2017

Dies sind die Spitzenergebnisse am Wochenende vom 21/07/2017 und 23/07/2017.


(05/10/2015) B. Martens en Zoon (Elsloo, NL) sluiten op Sézanne een fenomenaal seizoen in stijl af

Bert en Roger Martens sluiten een indrukwekkende slotreeks van het seizoen af met de gehele top drie van de afdeling Limburg op Sézanne.


(23/09/2015) Spitzenergebnisse die Niederlande 19/09/2015 - 20/09/2015

Dies sind die Spitzenergebnisse im Wochenende vom 19/09/2015 und 20/09/2015. Die letzte Veröffentlichung dieser Saison!


(02/04/2014) Spitzenergebnisse die Niederlande 29/03/2014 - 30/03/2014

Dies sind die Spitzenergebnisse in den Niederlanden im Wochenende vom 29.3.14 und 30.3.14.


(16/04/2013) Top performances The Netherlands 13/04/2013 - 14/04/2013

These are the top performances from the Netherlands in the weekend of 13/04/2013 and 14/04/2013.


(29/08/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 25/08/2012 - 28/08/2012

This weekend the pigeons were treated to cloudy weather with a strong wind blowing under their wings. Even with these very high speeds our fanciers achieved nice results!


(21/08/2012) Top performances the Netherlands 18/08/2012 - 21/08/2012

The past weekend in France and Belgium temperatures rose to above 40°C and 36°C respectively. Even in this kind of weather fanciers were able to achieve top performances.


(19/07/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 13/07/2012 - 19/07/2012

Because of the national holiday in France on the 14th of July, all races were scheduled for Sunday. However, rain clouds made most organisers postpone the liberations till Monday. The races which took place on Monday ran a very smooth course, though some pigeons returned home soaking wet.


(05/07/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 29/06/2012 - 03/07/2012

Weather conditions were excellent this weekend, resulting in a pretty smooth race course with velocities of about 1700 m/min. A few fanciers distinguished themselves from others in this weekend’s races.


(20/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 15/06/2012 - 20/06/2012

Big black clouds filled with rain held France in their grip on Saturday. Postponing the middle distance and great distance races was the only option left for the organizers. On Sunday the tied turned, and the pigeons were able to fly in clear blue skies.


(13/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 08/06/2012 - 12/06/2012

The races of Saturday 9th of June were flown at an extremely high pace. The only one responsible for this was the powerful west-southwest wind that helped the pigeons reach speeds of over 1,700 m/min on the shorter distances and middle distances. On Sunday the forecasted rain was delayed, so the speeds were maintained. The racing season has now finally truely started.