Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Van der Velden Chris & Jaap


(21/03/2014) Ringo is a truly invaluable pigeon in the collection of Chris van der Velden (Zuid-Beijerland, NL)

The pigeons from Molendijk in Zuid-Beijerland have become used to winning national victories. Jaap, who races under the name of his late father Chris Van der Velden, managed to claim a national first prize in 2013 as well, with his pigeon Ringo (NL08-1525228) being the strongest of a total of 2,916 pigeons in The Netherlands.


(31/07/2013) Chris van der Velden (Zuid-Beijerland, NL) wins first national Marseille against 2,916 pigeons with his outstanding Ringo

Jaap van der Velden (Zuid-Beijerland, NL) and his top class pigeon Ringo (NL08-1525228) produced a great performance last weekend in their favourite race from Marseille, winning a first national Marseille 2013 against 2,916 opponents.

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(20/07/2013) Marseille (int.) 2013 | Nationalsieger die Niederlande Alte: Van der Velden Chris & Jaap (Zuid Beijerland)

Der Nationalsieger die Niederlande von Marseille in der Kategorie "Alte" ist Van der Velden Chris & Jaap (Zuid Beijerland).Die Taube wurde am Samstag um 05:57:34 Uhr nach einem Flug von 968.919 km konstatiert, mit einer durchschnittlichen Geschwindigkeit von 987.11 Meterminuten.


(28/02/2013) Marathon star Jaap van der Velden (Zuid-Beijerland, NL): an impressive list of achievements!

A fancier who can win nearly everything in the marathon competition, who manages to overcome difficult times and whose pigeons are doing very well in other lofts all over the world has without doubt a pigeon breed of outstanding quality. Well, this also applies to Chris & Jaap van der Velden!


(22/02/2012) Die besten Internationelen Astauben Perpignan der letzten 2, 3, 4 & 5 Jahre

Die Rangliste der besten Astauben von Perpignan über die letzten 2, 3, 4 und 5 Jahre ist bekannt. Die Gewinner sind alles Niederländer: Jaap Van der Velden (2007-2011 & 2008-2011), Philip Geerdink (2009-2011) und Ad Fortuin (2010-2011).


(20/06/2011) Jaap van der Velden on the way to winning all of the Grand Slam

First it was Barcelona, the race of all the races won. The king’s race of the afternoon liberations, St. Vincent. And now Jaap has won the marvellous classic Pau.


(18/04/2010) Chris van der Velden uit Zuid Beijerland (NL) overleden - UPDATE

Chris van der Velden uit Zuid Beijerland was een zeer gewaardeerd duivenliefhebber die vooral op de fond en grote fond furore maakte.


(03/09/2009) Chris and Jaap Van Der Velden Primus Inter Pares International 2004-2008 and Primus Inter Pares International 2005-2009

The father and son combination Chris and Joop Van Der Velden from South Beijerland (NL) are the proud owners of the best Barcelona racer over the last 6 years. Their cock 1871563/2001 was crowned with the title of International Primus Inter Pares in this Catalan classic.