Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Den Haese Raf


(27/10/2017) Raf Den Haese (Moortsele, BE) is overleden

Op donderdagavond 26 oktober overleed in Moortsele Raf Den Haese. Daarmee verliest de Belgische duivensport een duivenliefhebber pur sang die al meer dan zestig jaar met veel passie en succes onze hobby bedreef.


(25/02/2014) The hens of Raf Den Haese (Moortsele, BE) continue to perform at the highest level

The excellent hens of Raf are very successful at national level season after season, which goes to show that hens are capable of performing at a top level for multiple seasons.


(03/09/2009) Raf Den Haese, Moortsele (BE) Winner 1° Nat. La Souterraine 4.460 old birds

A good number of old birds were entered for the penultimate classic of the 2009 racing season, no less than 4.460. The old birds and yearlings raced in one and the same race and the same national doubling for the first time this season, in the joint category ‘old birds’. It was excellent racing weather, and there was a very gentle wind that varied between east and south-east above Paris, and ...