Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Gordon Brothers


(06/06/2019) Gordon Bros and Sons (NI) scintillating start to the 2019 season!

The Northern Ireland partnership of Gordon Bros and Sons have started to become the focus of attention not only domestically but also on a more global scale thanks to their fantastic racing results. They truly are an exceptional racing partnership; and their form in 2019 has continued where it left off in 2018.


(19/11/2018) Versteigerungswochenende bringt 513.000 EURO – Golden Algarve-Sieger für 60.000 EURO verkauft

Am Sonntag, dem 18. November endeten 10 Versteigerungen, die insgesamt 513.375 EURO für 177 Tauben brachten, was einem Durchschnitt von 2.900 EURO pro Taube entspricht. Unten finden Sie für jede Versteigerung einen Bericht.


(08/11/2018) Gordon Bros & Sons of Northern Ireland

The record-breaking partnership of Gordon Brothers and Sons in Northern Ireland consists of Uncle John (who is now in his 80’s) and his two nephews Gary and Niall. Following the untimely death the lads father Benny it was obviously decided to keep the partnership name of Gordon Bros and Sons intact.