Informationen über den Taubenzüchter Verhestraeten Sylvain


(07/01/2019) Sylvain Verhestraeten (Herentals, BE) thrives with descendants of Channel nr 1 and her sons Jaguar 004 and Pichanel

Sylvain Verhestraeten won a 1st National Chateauroux of 12,071 pigeons in 2013 with racing hen Channel Nr. 1. This national victory also led to the discovery of an invaluable new bloodline in Herentals, in the form of her sons Jaguar 004 and Pichanel.


(23/01/2018) Sylvain Verhestraeten (Herentals, BE) gets great results with descendants of Chanel Nr. 1 and Jaguar 004 in 2017

Jaguar 004 became 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in Brussels at the very start of 2017. What happened during the rest of the season was a display of strength from the loft in Herentals, mainly thanks to Chanel Nr. 1 and Jaguar 004.