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Our pigeons appear to swallow or taste abnormally on a regular basis?

Wij hebben wekelijkse sterfte bij duiven die ogenschijnlijk het 'geel' hebben?

I notice that the last 4 days in all of the team of my racing pigeons the skin around the eyes became grey?

Youngsters not developing or growing in the nest, when ringing at 7 days old sometimes find odd youngsters still same size as a 3 day old chick?

Some of my birds are retaining the seed in their crop. The droppings are normal, and the birds are hungry?

My youngsters are growing slowly and a lot of water in the crop?

Nestlings are dying with yellowish swelling of their abdomen?

One of my young pigeon looked a bit unwell. I checked its throat for canker. And i noticed the end of its tongue was pale yellowish green?

Most of the symptoms on most of my pigeons diagnose Salmonella, a few with Coccidiosis and one or two with Canker?

Comment évitez un traitement trico ou autres pendant la saison sportive?

My pigeons are eating well but find it difficult to swollow?

I have recently read that certain well known fanciers treat their birds for canker via the drinking water for five days every month?

Over the last 3 or 4 months i have noticed my pigeons have no appetite, from then on they suffer from different symptoms and death?

kind sir, just want to ask is it ok if i put vinegar in the water for 6 days per week?

Please assist as i dont know what to use to treat yellow spots in the throat of my pigeons?

When I open the beak of a bird, a silverish/white stain is present on the roof of the birds palate. This rash like stain is on both sides of the opening in palate?

My pigeon is about 3 months old and I started training him 2 weeks ago. last week I noticed him vomitting after it ate?

Je suis en colombophil italien, j'aimerai avoire Votre conseil sur un problem que j'ai dans l'elevage?

My pigeons have always sputum in the throat, and I can not eliminate it. I've tried to various forms, but can not?

I think I have Cloacal canker (anal) there is a lump under the skin by there anal passage I have found four babies with this problem?

Once the young pigeons reach 20 days old they vomit , no appetite, lameness and they die?

I have almost the whole flock who suffers from a dark red throat and the larynx is all the time pumping in and out I mean it's never stable?

I raise fantailed pigeons and every year for years I have babies who's crops become filled with this white substance?

Hi! I'm a vet student; I've just necropsied a pigeon and found a green liver with two white plaques. What could be happening?

The birds drink water and the water stays in the crop. The birds crop swells and the bird will die. Could you advise?