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Mijn duiven produceren heel dunne mest, het lijkt wel puur water met enkele ronde mestvormpjes?

I am seeing nervous symptoms in my pigeons?

Is paramyxovirus in pigeons 100% curable? Do previously infected birds breed youngsters with weakened immune systems ?

I have a youngster that was eating good and then I noticed today that it was pulling up and further noticed that it was drinking a lot?

How well does the Newcavac vaccine work (% coverage will it give)? We have had a pmv outbreak and no other european vaccines are allowed.

Can i use the La Sota vaccine by putting a drop in both eyes and nostrils instead of serving the mixture in the drinker?

Australia experienced am outbreak of Paramyxo Virus in the State of Victoria at the end of August last year?

This month I should vaccinate my pigeons for paramixo and paratyphus?

Is vaccination for PMV also therapeutic?

Near enough all my pigeons had very watery droppings, within a week few of them died?

I am having problems with watery droppings in the cocks section?

I live in Victoria, Aust. which has had an outbreak (the first time ever, I believe) of paramyxovirus in the past few months?

A pigeon who is infected with paramyxovirus has entered to my loft and after about 15days later my pigeons started showing symptoms?

Over the last 3 or 4 months i have noticed my pigeons have no appetite, from then on they suffer from different symptoms and death?

Can you please tell me why my pigeons are having white watery droppings and then going light and dying?

A 4 year old stock hen is twisting her neck. She has a full body with no signs of bad droppings or loss of weight and all other birds are healthy?

Hi Sir about one year ago i bought a pigeons from Holland. It's in healthy condition but always has very watery droppings?

Do you think it is a good idea to vaccinate my pigeons against paramyxo during a period when they are sitting on eggs?

Mijn vliegduiven hebben veel waterige maar geen groene mest. Ik heb ook al 10 jonge dood?

My young birds are detoriating, symtoms are losing weight and light green (fresh leave color) watery dropping?

We have had problems with the paramyxovirus. Is it possible to have successful racing careers with these birds?

If a pigeon had the Paramyxovirus, but then months passed and no symptoms are still showing, is it safe to put the bird with other pigeons?

In my country there is no pigeon vaccines available. However, I found pox and newcastle disease challenges, how to deal with these?

Graag had ik van u geweten of de inenting tegen paramixo invloed heeft op het rui-proces?

A pigeon was found a few days back after heavy rain, thunder and lightning. It shows signs of being without balance?