Van Gils Frans & Paul, "The Flying Wonder! Mister Olympic Sander."

Van Gils Frans & Paul from Ravels (BE)


The town Ravels is near Turnhout, not far from the border with The Netherlands. I drive from one church to another and can follow the direction ‘Building Material Van Gils brothers’. The amazing brothers Van Gils do not only have success in racing pigeons but also in the business. Frans and Paul did a special thing in 2005. They race on one of the longest distance possible in Belgium: Barcelona 1137 km, Perpignan 978 km, Narbonne 929 km, Pau 983 km etc. But they managed to win the national KBDB title Very Long Distance against whole Belgium. They won top-prizes like 2nd national Barcelona, 46th national Dax, 43rd national Pau, 162nd international Bordeaux, 42nd national Perpignan, 15th national Biarritz…. Frans and Paul were surprised after the bad racing season 2004 but they have a long list of championships and top-prizes during the years. They are top in very long distance in province Antwerp for more than 20 years. The title of 2005 is mainly the result of investing in birds from The Netherlands: Biemans, JMC Konings, Vertelman, Brinkman and mostly Kurvers-de Weerd. I will tell you more later!
The year 2006 was even better. Frans and Paul won 2nd provincial Barcelona 2005 but won the 1st provincial prize on Barcelona 2006. Frans and Paul are the proud owner of the best bird on very long distance 2005/2006. ‘Mister Olympic Sander’ wins 2nd Olympiade Ostend 2007 Marathon, 3rd Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2006 , 1st European Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2006, 1st International Ace Pigeon Long Distance IFC 4000, 1st Crack Pigeon Long distance Vanrobaeys. I don’t think that one bird won more championships ever in the same year. But some other birds of this loft raced excellent. Van Gils brothers finished 3rd in West European Super Marathon. They finished 2nd in 2005 and became the first fancier of Belgium in 2005 and 2006.

The beginning and the strain
It all began in 1976. Frans switched from canaries to pigeons. He started with his first youngsters. His brother Paul immediately got interested in the new hobby of Frans and helped him with the daily work. This partnership now lasts for almost 30 years! The first birds came from Jan Tuytelaers. A local fancier who raced 300-450 km. Frans and Paul raced on middle distance but tried some birds on Bordeaux also. They discovered a super hen on Bordeaux. This ‘Bordeaux-duivin’ (strain Tuytelaers) won 3 x top 20 on Bordeaux. Frans entered all his old birds on Chateauroux in 1980. The partnership won 1st provincial with the cock ‘Rosse Chateauroux 810/78’. This cock won 3rd provincial Chateauroux in 1981. Another very good bird from the beginning years is ‘Wortel 986/77’. He was matched to ‘Bordeaux-duivin’ and this are the parents of 1st national Marseille 1988 (2nd international). This was not the first national victory! Van Gils won 1st national La Souterraine YL in 1983 with a hen. Van Gils brothers specialized on the very long distance in the beginning of the 90’s. The first birds came via Michiel Michielsen, the loft manager of the famous M. Biemans from The Netherlands (his ‘Invincible Spirit’ won 1st international Barcelona). Some other very long distance birds came from Jef Schellekens (NL Riel). This were excellent birds but very much inbred. Frans and Paul searched for other birds in 1995. They went to the famous Lei Kurvers (Hulsberg NL), now racing with the name Kurvers-de Weerd. Frans and Paul bought some eggs from his famous ‘Kleine Blauwe 531/91’ (father of 1ste international Perpignan 2004). The partnership also got some excellent birds from JMC Konings (NL); the best is ‘Bonte Kweker Barcelona’(son of his ‘Barcelona 845/90)

Very long distance championship KBDB 2005
Barcelona 278ste (1ste ) en 281ste (2de)
Narbonne 327ste (1ste) en 285ste (2de)
Perpignan 268ste (1ste²) en 1041ste (2de)
Total 31,7627 %
You can choose 3 races for this most important championship between Pau, Barcelona, Dax,Marseille, Narbonne, Perpignan with 1+2!

The partnership have 104 widow-cocks but they do not race any hens. The youngsters (about 200) are only tossed but not raced. The breeders will be matched in February 2006. Frans says that the best birds are born later in the year and not in the Winter. The yearling cocks must race one time very long distance.
All the widowers were matched on February 12th in 2005. The old birds could breed for only 7 days (eggs were put underneath the yearlings) but the yearlings can have youngsters. The widowhood starts in April after breeding a second time for 3 days. The yearlings are tossed many times but the old birds go to Qieuvrain (about 140 km) at once. The birds for Barcelona race Chateauroux 147 days before basketing. The widow-hens are not shown before basketings (exception for the yearlings and the Barcelona race). The cocks get the hen the day after the race, when the other cocks are training. All widowers can raise youngsters after racing season . The medical site in the hands of the famous H.J.M. de Weerd. Van Gils visits this vet a few times a year but they use the products of Belgica-de Weerd. Van Gils uses the schedule for racing.

New young blood
The Van Gils brothers have also good young long distance racers:
215/04: Aurillac prov. 555p-51, Bordeaux prov. 407p-22
223/04 : Aurillac prov. 555p-65, Brive prov. 768p-147, Narbonne prov. 586p-53
285/04: Brive prov. 768p-20, Narbonne prov. 586p-32
596/05: St-Vincent 1.196p-4, national 7525p-25

Mister Olympic Sander 6313556/03
Cahors ’05 nat. 9275p-1373
Bordeaux ’05 intern. 5344p-184
Narbonne ’05 nat. 5963p-285 (Championship KBDB 2005)
Pau ’06 international 6.553d-85
Dax ‘06 international 11.517d-40
Perpignan ’06 international 14.812d-201
1ste European Ace pigeon very long distance 2006
3de ace pigeon very long distance KBDB 2006
2de Olympiade Marathon Ostende 2007
1ste International ace pigeon I.F.C. 4000
1ste Crackpigeon very long distance VANROBAEYS 2006
This super bird is 100% Lei Kurvers.
The father is ‘NL1698500/98’ , from ‘NL210/86’ Jan Theelen (son Famous 508 Jantje Theelen ) X ‘NL134/95’ (sister 524 Kurvers from 090 x Bax-hen).
The mother is ‘NL1361878/99’ , from ‘NL570/91 (15th nat. Soustons, 32nd nat. St-Vincent, 18th nat. Dax, 78th nat. Soustons.) x NL505/91 (Theelen x Kurvers).

Some other good birds in 2006
Limoges ’03 3076p-755
Barcelona ’04 nat. 12.245p-954
Perpignan ’04 intern. 17.570-388
Barcelona ’05 nat. 12.998-281 (Championship KBDB 2005)
Perpignan ’05 nat. 7611p-398
Barcelona ’06 nat. 11.802d-8 (1st provincial Barcelona Antwerp)
Perpignan ’06 nat. 6.765d-378
The sire is ‘6129653/96’ direct from Lei Kurvers as an egg. The sire is the famous ‘Kleine Blauwe 531/91’( father of 1ste intern. Perpignan 2004 and bred from a cock P. Boer x hen M. Buijck) X ‘668/91’. The ‘Kleine Blauwe 531/91’ won:
5 x nat. Barcelona :39-154-335-495-565
4 x nat. Marseille : 201-307-579-589
4 x Perpignan : 253-279-312-471
Best ZLU Fond-spiegel-pigeon ‘93-’97
2de Best ZLU Barcelona-pigeon ‘93-’97
Sire 1ste international Perpignan 2004
The mother of ‘157/02’ is ‘6080610/01 Bontje’. She is from ‘Pantani 868/96’ x ‘932/98’. This last one is a sister of ‘479/00 De Bronzen Vleugel’, excellent racer Van Gils.

Bordeaux ’03 intern. 1785p-132
Brive ’04 nat. 19.477p-279
Brive II ’04 prov. 757p-165
Cahors ’05 nat. 9275p-285
Dax ’05 nat. 4534p-46
Perpignan ’05 nat. 7611p-268 (Championship KBDB 2005)
Pau ’06 nat. 2.052d-498
Dax ’06 nat. 5.189d-831
Perpignan ’06 nat. 6.765d-185
The sire is ‘6128873/95’, direct from Kurvers-de Weerd as an egg. He was a son of ‘172/90’ (Theelen x Kurvers) x ‘716/94’ (Kurvers x H. Jongen).
The mother is ‘6620608/96’, direct from Lei Kurvers, as egg. She is full sister of ‘873/95’. Did you notice? This is inbred brother x sister!

Cahors 642p-34
Limoges 128p-18
Bordeaux 2676p-455
Pau ’05 230p-61
Biarritz ’05 nat. 1481p-15
Perpignan ’05 nat. 7611p-1041 (Championship KBDB 2005)
Limoges ’06 833p-239
Cahors ’06 605p-124
Carcassonne ’06 401-117
3rd Ace Pigeon Antwerp Flying Club 2006
The sire is ‘6219985/98 De Perpignan’ who won severel prizes:. Bordeaux 11.644p-182, Perpignan 18.426p-69, Dax 12.176p-1320…). His brother ‘Bronzen Vleugel 479/00’ won 44ste international Barcelona 2003 the nestmate ‘984/98’ won Perpignan 20.859p-31. The father is ‘ Bonte Kweker Barcelona NL565/96’ from J. Konings and the mother is ‘NL350/889’, a sister of 1ste international Barcelona of M. Biemans (famous Invincible Spirit).
The mother is another birds with long distance blood from The Netherlands. It is ‘437/00’ from ‘NL855/97’ (son ‘Rooie 50’ T. Vertelman) X ‘NL444/96’(H. Brinkman).

St-Vincent ’04 nat. 10.624p-425
Cahors ’05 nat. 9275p-1411
Bordeaux ’05 intern. 5344p-162
Narbonne ’05 nat. 5963p-327 (Championship KBDB 2005)
Aurillac ’06 555p-88
Bordeaux ’06 407p-61
But came home injured from Carcassonne and is on breeding loft since.
The sire is ‘6641408/95’ (1ste prov. Pau ‘98 en 9de prov. Marseille ’98); grandson of 1ste national La Souterraine 1983 x ‘sister ‘Invicinble Spirit 350/89’. The mother is ‘987/96’ from halfbrother x halfsister H. Brinkman.

Championships 2006
1ste Marathon Champion Fondclub Turnhout
Antwerp Flying Club: 4th Champion Fond
2de Champion Very Long distance
2de Champion Fond + Very long distance
3de Ace Pigeon with ‘480/01’

Some results 2006
17/06 CAHORS Turnhout 3 , 4, 7 , 11 (4/4)
Prov. 43, 71, 124, 191 against 605 p
23/6 PAU Prov . 2, 22, 57, 61 ( 4/5 ) against 200 p.
1/07 ALBI Prov. 17, 39, 48 (3/6) versus 409 p
1/07 Bordeaux Prov 22, 34, 61, 80, 84, 119 (6/7 ) versus 409 p.
7/7 Barcelona Prov 1, 29 , 302 (3/14) against 1.329 p
15/7 DAX Prov 2, 79, 86, 114 (4/4) against 688 p.
29/7 Narbonne Prov 32, 42, 53, 65, 69, (5/7) against 586 p.
5/08 Perpignan Turnhout 2, 4, 5, (3/6) against 45 p
Prov. 8° (1°signed), 22° (3°signed) , 43° (2° signed)
Nat. 84, 185, 378
Internat. 201, 431, 845 14.812 p