First PIPA auction of the season ends today!

On Monday August 13 PIPA started its new auction season of 2012-2013! Today this first auction ends. Click on 'Auctions' in your menu to to view the auction below.

Total Koopman, Reynaert, Van Dyck collection by Premier Stud (U.K.)

Premier Stud UK sells all of their Koopman, Reynaert & Van Dyck birds and their best children. This includes pigeons that have been very successful at Premier's racing lofts in England and Belgium that produced 2 (inter)national acebirds at one loft races. For sure this auction has some of Premier Stud's most succesful breeds for sale. Sold exclusively: all race birds, all breeders and a super selection of virgin stock from the champions. From exactly these pigeons many many winners have been reported all over the UK, indeed hundreds if not thousands of winning Koopman, Reynaert and Van Dycks have been flown in the UK, since Premier Stud first brought these birds to the UK ten years ago. These are the best of the best selected by and for PIPA.

PIPA handles all the birds before they come into auction. On the photo is Vincent van der Kerk, PIPA agent for The Netherlands, handling one of the Premier Stud birds. If you want specific information about the handling on one of the birds in this or any auction, please e-mail