Jos Vercammen (Vremde, BE) pulls off an overwhelming win from Vierzon!

Take a look at the results of the interprovincial Vierzon and you know who will be the men to watch in Bourges this upcoming weekend: Jos and Lars Vercammen from Vierzon have been truly outstanding in the past few weeks!

Quite impressive, that is the least you can say about the achievements of the ‘Jos Vercammen’ colony over the last two weeks. We cannot think of any fancier that has ever been dominating our sport in a similar fashion… there are no words. The fanciers from Fremde were bombarding us with amazingly good pigeons for two weeks in a row. Take a look at the following results:

12/05 Melun (310 km) 1,693 old pigeons:
1-2-9-12-13-15-32-36-44-46-54-75-81-90-91-94-120-134-197-232-241-388-389-422-... (24/28p.)
12/05 Melun (310 km) 2,131 yearlings:
501-542-675-685-688-697-... (57/62p.)

19/5 Vierzon Prov. 1,297 yearlings:
With 30 of 39 basketet pigeons winning 324° prize!

19/5 Vierzon Prov 1,892 old pigeons:
With 12 of 14 old birds winning 363° prize!

Equal results can be found at interprovincial level: predictions indicate a 2° prize yearlings and a 7° prize old pigeons. In both categories the colony had an overwhelming advantage. It would be impossible to name favorites or cracks; this is more of a team result.

This is no coincidence. The loft of Jos Vercammen has been at the top of the game from grand to light middle distance in Belgium for years. They are considered one of the top favorites for the national Bourges, especially at provincial level, and maybe national as well, who knows? It is no surprise that Jos and Lars are keen to make their mark in Bourges: there is more than just a few good pigeons; they have an entire colony of excellent racers at their disposal, some of which are probably in the form of their life. There is no doubt that they are up for an outstanding achievement, some of their pigeons will aim for a win. Who knows if they could emulate the amazing performance from 2009 (Bourges II) when the Vercammen colony won the first and second prize national Bourges youngsters! The conditions have to be right of course, but the pigeons are in top form and are of an exceptional quality. You never know what to expect from this colony… Think of the two first middle distance flights of 2012, in which the Vercammen pigeons raced very well despite inadequate training and preparation (due to bad weather).

If one team is ready for the traditional opener Bourges this upcoming weekend, it is the Vercammen colony. We will be closely following the Vercammen colony from Vremde, and many fanciers with us! Many congratulations to Jos and Lars, and good luck on Saturday!