Frederik Everaert (Zwijnaarde, BE) where the ‘class' floats to the top!

Near the interchange in Zwijnaarde, Frederik Everaert has grown to become one of the leading colonies in the nationale long distance races, and this with a limited number of pigeons by 'long distance standards'!

In Zwijnaarde, near Ghent lives one of the current toppers in the extreme middle distance in East Flanders, his name… Frederik Everaert. Professionally Frederik runs a very busy butchers, specialising in ‘natural meat’.  Together with his wife he is often busy from the early morning to the late evening, providing his clients with a juicy piece of meat and the desired ‘sandwich fillings’. There is not much free time then to take care of the pigeons optimally, that’s why, by long distance standards, is not very big… with 10 breeding couples and a total of 40 widowers (20 o.b. and 20 yl), in addition to 80 youngsters which are trained well up to the middle distance… darkening and such like, in order to test the youngsters in the nationals… is not for him, mainly due to lack of time.

Frederik originates from West-Flanders, out the region Aarsele. That’s where he took his first steps into the pigeon sport, under the name Duyck-Everaert in Dentergem, where the racing pigeons were housed at the time… the breeders were at home by Frederik in Aarsele. In 1998 the Everaert family moved to the current location in Zwijnaarde where they took over the butchers. Coming from the close neighbourhood of Noël Lippens in Aarsele, the link is soon made as to how the basis of the Everaert colony was built up with direct pigeons from long distance celebrity Noël Lippens, whereby mainly the lines of the ‘Vital’ (1° Nat Acebird Long Distance), the ‘As Turbo’ (father ‘Cancellara’: 3 x 1° Prov) and the ‘Turbo’ play a leading role in Zwijnaarde. These Lippens pigeons bred extremely well with the pigeons from Antoine Van Landuyt from Vinkt…especially the old stock lines Crusson, Maurice Casaert, and a daughter of the ‘nest sister Invincible Montauban’ (1° Nat Montauban by Maurice Casaert, moved later to Sylvere Toye) which originates from the Taveirne-Rigolle colony… which is one of the top breeding hens in the lofts of Antoine Van Landuyt. Frederik also went in search for the necessary reinforcements and found them by Gaby Vandenabeele in Dentergem, Eric Vermander from Oekene, Chris Hebberecht from Evergem, Martin De Smedt from Kruishoutem, and Thierry Heysse from Meigem. With such famous names of ‘national toppers' in the lofts, we can safely assume that there is a great deal of ‘long distance class’ residing in the lofts in Zwijnaarde. The results were not long in coming… because within the shortest space of time Frederik Everaert grew to become a topper in the national long distance races whereby the classics of 600-800 Km held his preference.


Racing system: simple but effective

Whoever has little free time has to search for a system that best fits his possibilities, says Frederik. Many fanciers who belong to the ‘working class’ make the mistake of wanting ‘too much’… and like to mirror themselves with the ‘profs’ in our ranks. Result… half work, performances not up to expectation, and finally… disillusion. According to Frederik it is better to specialise in one element, and to try to excel in it… that’s why his preference is for the game with the old birds in the national long distance races. He goes about it like this:

At the beginning of December the yearling cocks are coupled together with the breeding pigeons so that the eggs from this can be placed under the yearlings which reside in a separate loft. By breeding a round these yearling cocks become attached to their box, and this prevents unnecessary fighting later. The old racing pigeons are not coupled until ‘Candlemas’, and also raise a couple of youngsters. Seeing as how the yearlings are all raced the same weekend they are fed from one big food tray on the floor. The old birds eat separately in their box, this is easier to keep the pigeons eating which will remain home the following weekend, whilst their colleagues who will be basketted are fed more. Every morning there is racing mixture (a mix of 3 sorts sport- or widowhood mixtures), and in the evenings the lighter mixture on the menu… it is a mixture of low protein mixture ‘Gerry Plus’  (Versele-Laga) and ‘Vandenabeele mixture’ (Beyers-Beduco). When the races with 2 nights in the basket start, the racers are given extra ‘red corn’ in the afternoon on the day before basketting.

The racing pigeons in Zwijnaarde have to get up early, because from the middle of May they are let out at 6 o ‘clock in the morning… so that Frederik has finished taking care of the pigeons before the shop opens. In the afternoon he feeds his pigeons around 5 o ‘clock and an hour later they train again, with the windows closed, for an hour. 

Only with the best ingredients do you achieve the best end product

Being a butcher by trade, Frederik knows better than anybody that to get the best end product you have to start with the best base products and ingredients. It is no different in the pigeon sport… whoever aspires the top, should work on making solid foundations …  and that begins with a breeding loft where there is only room for exquisite ‘top class’. In Zwijnaarde there are only 10 breeding couples, but all burly pigeons which have provided conclusive evidence in the national races or are at least a direct son or daughter of such disciples. Pigeons which have proved themselves… are the only guarantee to success according to Frederik… simply because such pigeons have proven that they have it ‘in them’. After all, no-one can give what he hasn’t got…  says Frederik. Very logical really, but also proof that someone like Frederik Everaert has a clear insight into the pigeon happenings in and around his lofts… it no doubt formed the basis to his successes. Time to introduce you to a few of the leading players in the breeding loft at the moment:

-The ‘Blauwe Lippens’ BE03-3026394

A direct Noël Lippens from Aarsele, and grandson of breeding legend ‘Vital’ (1° Nat Acebird Long Distance KBDB 1993), and star breeder by far in the Frederik Everaert colony. He is father of a number of superior long distance cracks, we have selected a few phenomenal 1° prize racers out for you: 

‘Cunego’ BE07-4209217

Chateauroux     375 p. 1
        Prov  3.772 p. 2
Montauban Nat 7.203 p. 71 etc... 

The ‘Wietle’ BE09-4223246

Chateauroux     789 p. 1
        Prov  5.540 p. 21
Limoges         712 p. 3

The ‘Zwever’ BE08-4208531

Montrichard     350 p. 1
Souillac Nat  7.045 p. 64
Limoges  Nat 16.893 p. 57
Souillac Nat  5.657 p. 131

The ‘Chateauroux’ BE10-4215486

Chateauroux     640 p. 1


-The ‘Zwarte Casaert’ BE04-4377296

Excellent breeder and amongst other things father of the national top racer 

‘Dembele’ BE06-4139449

’11 Bordeaux   Nat   4.866 p. 14
’10 Montauban  Nat   6.654 p. 21
’10 Tarbes     Nat   4.576 p. 133

One of the leading players in the successes collected over the last few seasons by the Frederik Everaert colony is without doubt the ‘Mirage’. He was the ‘topper’ by far in the racing lofts, with 

-The ‘Mirage’ BE05-4295838

’07 Brive      Nat  16.007 p. 12
’10 Cahors     Nat   8.651 p. 13
’09 Brive      Nat  17.456 p. 27
’08 Vierzon I.Prov  11.399 p. 30
’09 Narbonne   Nat   7.156 p. 36
’06 Limoges YL Nat  15.507 p. 75
’10 Souillac   Nat   7.045 p. 126
’08 Montauban  Nat   5.438 p. 248
’09 Limoges    Nat  11.869 p. 410
’10 Brive      Nat  16.815 p. 828
’08 Brive      Nat  14.521 p. 1269
’08 Limoges    Nat  11.995 p. 2479 

The jewel of the loft and a real long distance crack then, which now in 2012 resides in the breeding loft for the 2nd season, where he can already present beautiful results… because several grandchildren from him already have 1° prizes to their names, not only in the Everaert-lofts in Zwijnaarde, but also in other lofts!

The newest acquisition in the breeding loft is without doubt top racer ‘Socrates’, which Frederik managed to secure in the total auction of Noël Lippens by PiPa. He is a half-brother of super crack ‘Cancellara’ (self 3 x 1° provincial… 2 x from Montauban, and 1 x from Souillac), as son of super breeder ‘As Turbo’ x ‘Daughter 1° Internat Dax’ Malfait! 

-The ‘Socrates’ BE06-3060147

’10 Tulle             240 p. 1
              Prov  1.081 p. 3
              Nat   6.695 p. 11
’10 Brive     Nat  16.815 p. 180
’10 Montauban Nat   6.654 p. 202
’09 Souillac  Nat   7.597 p. 756
’09 Chateauroux Pro 4.293 p. 380 etc… 

A beautiful athlete of which Frederik has high expectations… at the time of our visit at the end of January he had just been coupled for his 5th nest of the season!

There in Zwijnaarde, with a busy business, it is often a case of having to compromise in order to get everything done… yet Frederik searched for, and found the perfect harmony between job and hobby… which has allowed him to grow to become a ‘topper’ in the national long distance races. No, we are nowhere near finished with this Frederik Everaert! Pigeon sport as an outlet between and after the busy professional life … and with success! Could it be any nicer?