Entente Belge celebration 2011

Recently British fanciers Mike and Cynthia Mitchell, Kevin and Moira Buddle and Geoff and Catherine Cooper made the journey to Belgium to attend the prize presentation for the Entente Belg at the Hotel Cortina, Wevelgem.

The day started with a reception where guest could mingle and enjoy drinks and canapés.  At 13.00 hours we entered the main room for the banquet and prize giving, where we all enjoyed a six course dinner.

The Entente Belg President Mr Philip Norman and Secretary Yvan Eeckhout welcomed everyone and gave a brief summary of the season.  Mr Philip Norman  welcomed the British guests and thanked them for attending, this was appreciated by all of us.  Every time we have attended a prize presentation in Belgium we have always been overwhelmed by the friendliness and welcome given to us.  It was very enjoyable to mix and chat with some of the top fanciers in Europe who were there to collect their prizes and awards.

During the meal the prizes were presented.  The Entente Belg. organises the Perpignan and Tarbes International races.  We were there to celebrate Mike Mitchell winning the British section from Tarbes.  Mike timed a hen called Minnee GB08N20663, Sire from Dick Baldwin line/Dam from E Cannon/B Kendal lines.  In  2010 she was 14th Open BICC Tarbes National/International and in 2011 1st  Open BICC Tarbes (Agen) National/International,  being the only bird on the day.

The General Champion of the Entente Belg was Etienne Meirlaen who also won the Narbonne International in 2011 and the All Round Champion was Raoul and Xavier Verstraete.  There were many prizes and awards to be presented,  including the trophies for winning Perpignan International to Jan Lases from the Netherlands and the trophies for winning Tarbes ( Agen) International to  Micheal Mascart from France.

After all the awards and prizes had been presented, the disco started and people enjoyed dancing until it was late.  Etiene Meirlaen has won many prizes this season, I think if there had been a prize for disco dancing he would have won that as well!!

All the British guests were staying the night at the Hotel Cortina, so it was a late night chatting, dancing and drinking and then  an early start for the long drive back to the UK.

On behalf of the British fanciers a big “thank you” to Yvan Eeckhout and Philip Norman for making us all so very welcome and for organising a very successful prize presentation