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Best long distance birds Belgium 2009-2011

The best Belgian long distance bird 2009-2011 is known: BE07-3054712 from Pierre Bourgeois from Izegem. Second place goes to Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede from Zingem and third is for Norbert Ally from Aarsele.

Click here for the classifications. Any questions can be put to Steve Vanoverstraeten: steve.vanoverstraeten@telenet.be.

With some calculating we have tried to trace the best long distance bird over the last three years. The criteria was strict: minimal a prize per 20 national or zonal had to be achieved (max. coeff of 5) in all the national long distance races from Limoges to Barcelona.

The top racer in this impressive classification of class pigeons is the Nadal from Pierre Bourgeois from Izegem. This pigeon managed to race 10 times prizes per 20 over the last three years. In addition he also raced top three times in the preparatory middle distance race and there was another race in which he just missed racing per 20 (Limoges 2010).

Only the long distance and grand distance interests Pierre and the origins which mainly gave him success are: the old basis built up with pigeons from Marc Pollin (Snellegem) and M. Sonneville (Lauwe). Later these were supplemented with the sorts from Deseyn-Vandemeulebroucke from Vichte, Eric Devlaminck from Hulste and especially G & D Devooght from De Haan.

Nadalis bred out a cock from G & D Devooght, coupled with a hen from the old basis sort. 

In 2010 Nadal also played his part in the conquest of the 5th place in the national long distance championship. 

09/05/10 Tours Prov. 2739 pigeons 28°
04/07/09 Limoges Nat. 11869 pigeons 69°
20/07/09 Souillac Nat. 7597 pigeons 159°
01/08/09 Tulle Nat. 5676 pigeons 8°
15/05/10 Chatauroux Prov. 4093 pigeons 46°
29/05/10 Brive Nat. 16815 pigeons 431°
12/06/10 Cahors Nat. 8651 pigeons 316°
03/07/10 Limoges Nat. 10448 pigeons 613°
17/07/10 Souillac Nat. 7045 pigeons 47°
31/07/10 Tulle 6695 pigeons 121°
21/05/11 Chatearoux 5500 pigeons 485°
04/06/11 Limoges Nat. 19373 pigeons 135°
25/06/11 Montauban 9091 pigeons 399°
23/07/11 Souillac 5667 pigeons 281° 

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