Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) national winners Tulle 6.341 yearlings, also fastest of 11.465 pigeons

Despite all the adversity, the poor progress of the race resulting once again in the loss of a great number of pigeons… the national Tulle still had a big name for winner in the brothers Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede out Zingem, who clocked the fastest pigeon of the entire participating field of 11.465 pigeons!

The national Tulle last weekend will have left a bitter taste by many fanciers. The comments in the clubs as the clocks were opened spoke volumes! No-one can understand how, with such possible communication methods, weather sites, rain radar, cloud photo’s etc… that such irresponsible liberations can still take place! Everyone can follow the weather almost minute per minute in front of their computer screen… where there is rain or storms, the direction in which they are moving, where the thick clouds are… one then rightly asks oneself: don’t the organisers and others responsible for the liberations make use of these? The days of the ‘wet finger’ in the air, or the skies are brightening here so chuck them out… have long gone. Organisers who still use methods from the prehistoric times… the people within the national KBDB should urgently ask themselves if it is still justified to let such people organise races… especially national races, which are the sign board for our national pigeon sport! But maybe that is the problem… since last year organising 2 national races under own management, the KBDB would now have to reprimand or even fine colleague national organisers… and who knows, sooner or later they the KBDB could also make a mistake, what then? Has the KBDB put itself in a vulnerable position? It’s possible… although this should not stop them calling an end to the current practices! A good 5 or 6 weeks ago we even wrote an opinion article about these problems… relating to the well or not liberation of pigeons in certain conditions, or the possibility of collective postponement of races until the following day, when the local weather is good, when better weather had been forecast! Some responded to this, when the local weather was good (at the place of liberation) they should always liberate… a good 5 or 6 weeks and a few very bad middle distance races and national races later… with this national Tulle as the worst of the lot, and possibly the last drop which makes the cup run over in many places… these people possibly know better! It has to be stopped!

Today we can ask the KBDB just one question… please stop this ‘murder’ of our pigeon sport, do something about it! Such continuous irresponsible liberations bring, in addition to such misery and loss for the fanciers, only dissatisfaction! Eventually people get tired of it… and stop! At the moment we cannot afford to lose more fanciers in the ‘pigeon sport’ through such inappropriate decisions concerning the liberation of the pigeons! Should the outcome of any investigation into this be that it is difficult to make decisions due to the multiplicity of liberation locations and races, then it is possibly now time to make dramatic ‘cuts’ and come to a justified pigeon sport… if necessary under the leadership of a sort of sport commission, headed by a liberation representative for the entire country (anyone electing themselves must also dare take responsibility), and there are definitely experts at that level within the current KBDB… supported by a weatherman, who can follow everything in detail, and give expert advice! That will cost quite a bit… so what? Maybe they could use the proceeds of the 3%-rule in the auctions… because organising races and liberations with a happy ending… is that not the best propaganda for our sport? 


The rain radar last Saturday at noon, left, just outside the picture the rain which later also engulfed  the west 


Tulle catastrophic 

The closing race of the national long distance season with the old birds, was one in a minor key then! Pigeons which were thrown out by the first signs of brightening whilst hardly a few kilometres further it was pouring rain, with a rain and storm zone up to the area of Paris (moving later towards our country) is totally irresponsible! It could after all clearly be seen on the storm radar and cloud photos! The nice national classic that Tulle should have been, degraded to what seemed a large ‘raffle’, in such a way… no-one can understand it! In retrospect, say that the losses are not as bad as expected, thanks to the quite sunny Sunday… then it is still a matter for complaint. Every pigeon lost is 2 too many, also because we have heard that there are many top pigeons amongst them! Races so as Vierzon, Nantes and Bourges which took place on Sunday with marvellous racing weather were hardly open for 35 minutes! That’s how it should be!

When you see that the fastest pigeon in Zingem by the Vandenheede brothers landed at the trap (clocked at 17h 55’ 56” from a distance of 611,986 Km, good enough for a velocity of 1141,75 m/min)… and that these people also had the 3rd yearling in the club 2 hours later, more than 2h40 later the 4th yearling in their club and 2h45 after their national winner the 2nd place by the o.b. in the club in Ghent, in one of the strongest long distance clubs with the best long distance fanciers of our country… it speaks volumes doesn’t it? By that time the clocks should have long been opened, and normally the result would have been hanging on the wall! Now it was a case of many clubs trying hard to divide the prizes per 3 on Sunday at noon!

We do not want to detract from the merits of the two national winners… it is not their fault that it turned out this way… their national victory is more than deserved, after all, their pigeon raced and…  rightly won! Freddy & Jacques had the fastest pigeon, who with this also won national victory in her (as hen) category of yearlings ahead of the combination W-M-J-F Boddaert from Oostkamp who was 2nd, and Jean-Marie Populaire from Bernissart who took 3rd national! 

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede win

The Vandenheede  brothers left with a team of 38 pigeons for Tulle (13 o.b. and 25 yl), wherefrom some hens. Normally almost all the cocks  are entered for the national classics… but because of the strongly unstable weather over the last few weeks, Freddy & Jacques were afraid of losing all their best pigeons in one way or another… that’s why only a portion of the cock ‘toppers’ were entered, supplemented with a small team of hens for the long distance. Looking back… the right decision and correct assessment of the facts. Tuesday afternoon 4 Tulle-racers had still not arrived home in Zingem, so the losses at that level were not too bad.

This will not have made the taste of their national victory any less sweet. They do it time and again, easy or hard... nothing or no-one seems able to put a stop to their supremacy! Although they probably would have preferred to achieve it in real pigeon weather! Now, to say it was a coincidence… that would be going too far. Especially in their case, as in 2011 they simple continued at the same level as 2010, and went from one victory to the other with the greatest of ease… victories up to provincial and zonal level, and since this weekend with the victory from Tulle for yearlings… just one weekend after they ended up in an honourable 2nd position from the Bourges classic for youngsters.

This is their 4th national victory since they joined forces as a ‘brother team’, and also the 3rd year in a row that they have booked ‘national victory’… with 2 x 1° National Bourges I 2009 (by both o.b. and yl), 1st National Argenton II o.b. in 2010, and now 1st National Tulle yl 2011! Would you like to bet that more will follow? It would not surprise us or many of our sporting opponents.

The national winner Tulle yl is a hen which is raced in classic widowhood (stay-at-home partner). She was, as usual, shown her cock for 10 to 15 minutes before being basketted… the partners are always shown before leaving, and once all the hens which are to be basketted have been given their partner then they begin basketting. According to Freddy it used to be a ritual that the hens were allowed to stay with their partner for a certain length of time before being basketted. A small anecdote explains why they stopped… because it is not necessary, it appears!

When Freddy (a school director) once arrived home later than planned because a school meeting had gone on longer than intended… he quickly threw the cocks into the loft, and started (out of necessity) to basket the hens after 1 minute… this in order to reach the basketting centre on time! Freddy was very unsure about how things would turn out. On the Saturday it was a madhouse… with an almost never seen before performance! Worried about nothing then! Since then they have not taken much notice of the time by the showing of the cocks before the basketting… after all, it is always the condition of the pigeons which is the deciding factor on the performances achieved during the weekend! You can read everything about the racing method with cocks and hens in previous articles… and you will certainly find everything in the double interview from the end of last season, with the Vandenheede brothers on the one side and the duo Verreckt-Ariën on the other… you can also watch the accompanying films!

The national winner Tulle yl was basketted as 12th nominated from their 25 yearlings basketted. She previously raced the following honours list together: 


-The ‘Geschelpt’ B10-4101420

In 2010:
Angerville         942 p. 30
Orleans Prov     4.892 p. 467
In 2011:
Angerville         279 p. 13
Angerville         436 p. 48
Blois Prov       2.755 p. 9    (14 May)
Chateauroux Nat 25.263 p. 3766
La Châtre Zone A 7.487 p. 314
Argenton    Nat 19.782 p. 1234
Montrichard Prov 4.049 p. 345
Blois Prov       1.357 p. 5    (23 July)
Tulle       Nat  6.341 p. 1 


 Her lineage:

Father: ‘Art Nouveau’ B07-4093 189

A son of ‘Gimili 226/01’, who is self a grandson of the super breeder ‘Kanselier 104/94’ (a full brother of super breeder ‘Freddy’…  and so out ‘Antigoon x ’t Krijt’, the titan couple by the Vandenheedes, which lies at the basis of a now innumerable number of 1st prize winners!

Mother:  ‘Jeremy ‘ B07-4093039

Self winner of 5° Dourdan 470 p., 7° Dourdan 259 p… and half-sister of the 1° Nat Gueret YL in 2000. She comes out ‘Kingston 510/97‘ x ‘Blauw Bont 251/06’ which is a granddaughter of stock breeder ‘Jobo’ (also full brother of the super breeder ‘Freddy’) x ‘Aline’ (a daughter ‘Dream Couple’ De Rauw Sablon).

This breeding pigeon couple are also the parents of the national Bourges winner by the yearlings in 2009, so that they can safely take their place in the gallery of ‘exceptional breeding couples’ as parents of 2 national winners with :

’09 Bourges Nat 22.499 YL  1
’11 Tulle   Nat  6.341 YL  1

In Zingem they clocked 6 pigeons on the Saturday before 9 o’clock in the evening with (the place in the club by the telephone reporting is in brackets):

Yl: 17h56 (1st), 19h57 (3rd), 20h36 (4th), 20h55, 20h56… etc

O.b.: 20h40 (2nd)

By the preparation of this article the correct figures on the number of prizes was not yet available!

With Tulle, Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede booked their 4th national victory within 3 years! And the season is not finished yet… maybe another ripe apple will roll out of the cupboard here or there. Whether with the youngsters in the remaining 3 national races, or with the hens in the national Argenton next weekend, where the ladies will carry out their last assignment of the season (in widowhood)!

Last weekend from Narbonne it was Etienne Meirlaen who was one of the most renown and possibly the strongest colony of our land at the moment in the long distance and in particular the ‘grand distance’ who profited… and now the same quote is perfectly appropriate for the colony of Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, which we can describe as the most renown colony of our land in the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘light long distance’ over the last few seasons! Men who stand guarantee for fireworks and spectacles almost every week! For which our warmest congratulations to Freddy & Jacques…  the 2011 sport season was also crowned with national victory !

De vaste letters ten huize Vandenheede