Daniel Timmers, Hechtel-Eksel win national La Châtre by the 15.827 old birds!

The 2 national winners from La Châtre fell in the same borough, a stone’s throw away from each other! Presumably the two classy birds flew their final sprint towards Hechtel-Eksel together… except the winning bird from Daniel Timmers took two minutes to enter the trap once he was home, hence the difference in speed… but the ‘national victory’ by the old birds remains in his hands!

It was a shock for Daniel Timmers… he knew better than anybody that his ‘Blauwbonte’ had to be a very early pigoen… but he couldn’t get his pigeon inside, due to a stray pigeon. The slight racing weather meant that he possibly had a surplus of energy, as a result of which he didn’t land directly at the trap, but had his eye on a stray pigeon which kept him busy for more than 2 minutes. In the end he was clocked at 12h09’59” from a distance of 564,025 Km, good enough for a velocity of 1880,18 m/min… with which he had a minute’s lead on the pigeon from fellow club member Johan Bleyen, Lommel (1873,88 m) in place 2, and Robert Verheyden from Tielt-Winge (1873,33 m) in place 3. Despite the loss of time by the homecoming, the national victory remained in the hands of Daniel Timmers… who, after a few semi-national victories and close national places of honour, now at last could crown his work! We have listed the exploits of the last few seasons for you :

1° National La Châtre 15.827 p. ’11
1° Semi-Nat Chateauroux 3.253 p. ’08
1°   Semi-Nat Jarnac ’09
1° Prov + 2° Nat Tulle  8.323 YL ’10

You certainly can’t call this national victory coincidence... but rather a victory waiting to happen… and then achieved with an excellent racing pigeon, which had previously displayed that he knew what ‘front racing’ entailed! Here we would like to show you a selection from the full honours list of this winning pigeon :
-Blauw Bont’  BE06-5001089:

1° Nat. La Châtre   15.827 pigeons
13° Gien                135 pigeons
425 Prov Gien         5.950 pigeons
31° Chateauroux         153 pigeons
485 Prov Chateauroux  2.359 pigeons
82° Nat. Bourges      7.176 pigeons
53° Prov. Gien        4.295 pigeons
7° Prov. Argenton       736 pigeons (1° reg 81 p.)
27° Prov. Bourges     3.165 pigeons (3° reg 223 p.)
98° Prov. Chateauroux 2.424 pigeons (9° reg 158 p.)
7° Prov. Argenton +-  1.000 pigeons (1° reg 84 p.)
6° Montluçon            123 pigeons
6° Soissons              89 pigeons
9° Pithiviers           132 pigeons
10° Chateauroux         146 pigeons
8° Ace pigeon Semi-National in 2008! 

In 2001 he also won 11 prizes from 13 baskettings, including 2nd Argenton after 4 days in the basket!
The loft consistency by Daniel Timmers is largely built up with pigeons from Andre Roodhooft from Pulderbos, supplemented with crossing material obtained from Jos & Guido Laevens from Rillaar (Herbots pigeons), Jean Evens from Linde-Peer etc…  this brand new national winner La Châtre also has that noble Roodhooft blood flowing through his veins for 75% . Father is ‘Vader 1° Ace pigeon Fond club’ B03-5169045, a 100% Andre Roodhooft from 2 direct pigoens from Pulderbos (line ‘Blauwe Hengst’ x ‘Goudklompje Wouters’ x line Stier-Raket-Merckx Janssen gebr Arendonk). The mother was a super racing hen and was also given the name ‘Best Racing Hen’ B02-5045596, she won self 2° Prov La Souterraine ’05 and 3° Prov La Souterraine ’04 etc… ( and comes on father’s side out the ‘Clerinxdoffer 490/00’ via Jean Peeters x ‘Duivin Roodhooft 267/00’). 

Daniel Timmers had entered 30 pigeons for this La Châtre, divided over 10 old birds and 20 yearlings. The old birds performed superbly and this gave the following results: 

La Châtre  119 o.b.: 1-5-6-7-10-29-31 (7/10)
     Nat  15.827 o.b.: 1… etc.
La Châtre 164 yl: 18-23-25-32-37-44-54  (7/20 club) 

The racing team (both cocks and hens) had already been basketted every week, except for the very tough Chateauroux 2 weeks ago for which they were firstly given a week’s rest, and that seems to have done them good, with national victory as a result! Two weeks ago they performed as follows: 

Chateauroux  153 o.b.: 2-3-5-9-12-14-15-31 (8/10)
Chateauroux 160 yl: 1-4-6-8-9-12-15-18-26-28-34-36-38-39 (14/22) 

Before leaving, the cocks are never shown their hens, the racing hens however do get to see their partner… but they are not locked inthe same breeding box, that ‘party’ is reserved for the homecoming! No breeding was done prior to the season…just a few days brooding at the beginning of April, after which the classic widowhood (read: with partners remaining home) began!
Over the last few seasons the colony of Daniel Timmers has knocked at the gates of ‘national top’ several times, with a few resounding victories at provincial and semi-national level… and forced the definite breakthrough lst weekend with national victory from La Châtre with the old birds, for which our sincerest congratulations!